Governing On A Scorched Earth – Republicans Get What They Bargained For!

The Republicans have successfully used the “scorched Earth” strategy to take control of the House of Representatives. We’ve had political party’s do some scorching in years past, but nothing like the all out “burn the damn planet down” tactics that were deployed from the day President Obama was sworn in. Booman gives us his take, giving “credit” where credit is due.

I like Bob Johnson’s take on why we had our asses handed to us last night, but one thing most liberals won’t admit is that the Republicans deserve a lot of credit. I know that it’s hard to give credit to a party that decided to obstruct everything even before Obama was sworn in, and in the midst of an almost unprecedented economic collapse of their own making, no less. It’s hard to credit an underground smear campaign to question the president’s religious faith and U.S. citizenship. It’s hard to credit a near-uniform decision to oppose a stimulus bill to give the economy a heartbeat again. It’s hard to take seriously, let alone credit, their decision to talk about pulling the plug on grandma. Their astroturfing of townhall meetings with shouting loons is hard to credit. Their characterization of the Wall Street reforms as another bailout is hard to credit. Their freakout on ACORN over some doctored film footage is hard to credit. It’s hard to give credit for their refusal to allow up or down votes for weeks on bills that they wound up supporting overwhelmingly. I could go on for quite a while listing the cynical and dilatory and dishonest things the Republicans have done since Obama became president, none of which are easy to credit. But, it worked.They knew the left would get dispirited and frustrated and start fighting amongst themselves. They knew their own base would love it and reward them for it. They knew the media wouldn’t be an honest referee. They knew that in a bad economy, white majority America would respond to their ACORN/Henry Louis Gates Jr./New Black Panther Party/Shirley Sherrod/Health-Care-is-for-minorities/Sharia Law/Ground Zero mosque/illegal immigration themes. And they knew that if they only stuck to the plan, there wouldn’t be a damn thing the Democrats could do about it. And there wasn’t. They went scorched Earth, and if you’re honest, we didn’t have the tools to combat them.

So, before you go blaming this policy or that decision, be honest. The Republicans deserve a lot of the credit for their victory. They can be proud of themselves.

I’m glad I am a Democrat, a party that actually has a moral base and wouldn’t sacrifice the good of the nation for cheap political gains. Yes, I said a moral base…we actually care about people, not corporations and the wealthiest Americans and foreign corporations.

I don’t think the arsonist Republican party thought this all the way through, though. They have made their beds, now they have to “lie’ in them.


14 thoughts on “Governing On A Scorched Earth – Republicans Get What They Bargained For!

  1. I’m glad I am a Democrat, a party actually has a moral base and wouldn’t sacrifice the good of the nation for cheap political gains.

    Obama doesn’t want to appear weak on terror so he sends thousands of soldiers to die and kill thousands more civilians.

  2. Sure, it’s all about “appearances” with Obama, you just keep believing that, don’t let reality bump into you. Show me how “thousands” of civilians have been killed since President Obama took office. There certainly has been some, but not thousands, that’s a gross exaggeration. I personally wish we would never kill another person again, but I’m not so naive to think that we can just abandon a place we fucked up with incompetence in the previous administration. We have some obligation to try to help the people of Afghanistan stabilize their country a little. At least try to get it back to where it was before we invaded them and bombed the shit out of their infrastructure. Abandoning them after what the Bush Administration did would be immoral in my opinion. Trying to blame shift from Bush to Obama is getting old, quark, try something new.

  3. The October “jobs” report just came out (after election day) and 151,000 jobs were added last month (24,000 in the health industry alone). September lost 41,000 jobs, however economists had expected October to be better with more hires (maybe as many as 60,000) as businesses geared up for the holiday season….but not 110,000 more. The Houston Chronicle expects the local energy companies to soon add 30,000 new jobs.

    I’ve been called a “conspiracist” but have said for some time that I wondered if the Republican-dominated Chambers of Commerce have been advising members to sit on their profits, work on the lean and NOT hire, thus giving Democrats a black eye before the elections. So what if tens of thousands suffered each month to put food on the table and make their payments on unemployment benefits…IF they still had them.

  4. I agree with your “conspiracy” theory, those fuckers have made a conscious effort to not give the black president any wins. The Chamber has said as much on various occasions.

  5. So you must have missed this sentence in your totally reliable Wikipedia link…
    “Of these, UNAMA attributed two-thirds, or 1,630, of the deaths to the action of anti-government forces, around a quarter, 596, of the deaths to action by American-led military forces”


  6. And I would add, you think we should just say fuck off to the families of those 1630 who were killed by the anti-government forces? Don’t we have an obligation to fight against those anti government forces….or are you fine with Afghans being killed, as long as they aren’t killed by Americans?

  7. I like how the TROLLS go into a blog and call the site-owners all kinds of names in “their house”!

  8. From the English handbook on my desk…

    Whenever we have to use a question mark or an exclamation point with a sentence that ends in a quotation, we follow the dictates of logic in determining where the question mark or exclamation point goes. If it is part of the quotation itself, we put it inside the quotation marks, and if it governs the sentence as a whole but not the material being quoted, we put it outside the quotation marks.

    So who is the “illiterate fuck” now, TROLL quark?

    Whenever trolls get backed into a corner they try to change the subject and resort to a misspelling or grammar defense.

    Nice for you to come here and call Extreme Liberal a “dipshit” and me….an “illiterate fuck”! Plus, you don’t know the meaning of illiterate.

  9. Glad you deleted the hateful TROLL quark who had just called me “an illiterate fuck” even though he was talking out of his ass and really didn’t know the rules of grammar.

  10. Went to Boner’s website and he feels good about the improved jobs picture after today’s October report…BUT, the Democrats must start doing things his way since the GOP now controls 1/3 of our government.

    Read a tidbit in my newspaper that under Bush, 40,000 manufacturing facilities CLOSED down in the U.S. (many moving to Asia) putting 6 million Americans out of a job. And since Raygun, the average yearly income for most Americans increased a little over $300 in adjusted income, lagging behind inflation for that period. So everyone but the uber-rich have suffered under the GOP since their god Raygun walked the earth

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