Keith Olbermann Suspended From MSNBC For Being Political!

From the Raw Story…

News network MSNBC has suspended host Keith Olbermann indefinitely after a news report stated he donated to the campaigns of three Democratic candidates.

Mediaite quotes MSNBC President Phil Griffin as saying, “I became aware of Keith’s political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay.”


I Feel Great, I’ve Stopped Watching Morning Joe – Please Join Me!

I made the decision this morning to NEVER watch Morning Joe again. I’ve been tuning them out a lot over the last few months, see many previous posts about why they are so bad. I’m now watching American Morning on CNN and I kind of like it. They actually talk about news stories, they have real Democrats on not just Jonathon Capehart and Harold Ford Jr. who smooch Joe’s ass all morning. Or Mike Barnicle who may have a few progressive leanings, but is clearly not a Democrat at all.

I feel fucking great not having watched the propaganda this morning, it’s like a breath of fresh air. I realized that Morning Joe was ruining my attitude for the entire day, it kind of set me off on the wrong track. Just like when I quit smoking 10 years ago, I just made the decision and did it. I will not be turning them on ever again and it feels great. I highly recommend it to you all and I have to give some credit to Roberta in MN for helping me to see the light. Thanks Roberta, I feel like a million bucks. :)

Governing On A Scorched Earth – Republicans Get What They Bargained For!

The Republicans have successfully used the “scorched Earth” strategy to take control of the House of Representatives. We’ve had political party’s do some scorching in years past, but nothing like the all out “burn the damn planet down” tactics that were deployed from the day President Obama was sworn in. Booman gives us his take, giving “credit” where credit is due.

I like Bob Johnson’s take on why we had our asses handed to us last night, but one thing most liberals won’t admit is that the Republicans deserve a lot of credit. I know that it’s hard to give credit to a party that decided to obstruct everything even before Obama was sworn in, and in the midst of an almost unprecedented economic collapse of their own making, no less. It’s hard to credit an underground smear campaign to question the president’s religious faith and U.S. citizenship. It’s hard to credit a near-uniform decision to oppose a stimulus bill to give the economy a heartbeat again. It’s hard to take seriously, let alone credit, their decision to talk about pulling the plug on grandma. Their astroturfing of townhall meetings with shouting loons is hard to credit. Their characterization of the Wall Street reforms as another bailout is hard to credit. Their freakout on ACORN over some doctored film footage is hard to credit. It’s hard to give credit for their refusal to allow up or down votes for weeks on bills that they wound up supporting overwhelmingly. I could go on for quite a while listing the cynical and dilatory and dishonest things the Republicans have done since Obama became president, none of which are easy to credit. But, it worked.They knew the left would get dispirited and frustrated and start fighting amongst themselves. They knew their own base would love it and reward them for it. They knew the media wouldn’t be an honest referee. They knew that in a bad economy, white majority America would respond to their ACORN/Henry Louis Gates Jr./New Black Panther Party/Shirley Sherrod/Health-Care-is-for-minorities/Sharia Law/Ground Zero mosque/illegal immigration themes. And they knew that if they only stuck to the plan, there wouldn’t be a damn thing the Democrats could do about it. And there wasn’t. They went scorched Earth, and if you’re honest, we didn’t have the tools to combat them.

So, before you go blaming this policy or that decision, be honest. The Republicans deserve a lot of the credit for their victory. They can be proud of themselves.

I’m glad I am a Democrat, a party that actually has a moral base and wouldn’t sacrifice the good of the nation for cheap political gains. Yes, I said a moral base…we actually care about people, not corporations and the wealthiest Americans and foreign corporations.

I don’t think the arsonist Republican party thought this all the way through, though. They have made their beds, now they have to “lie’ in them.