What Are Your Predictions For 2012 Candidates?

I’ve been one of the few who doesn’t think Sarah Palin will run in 2012, unless someone just anoints her. I’m curious what others think about the 2012 race. I think Mike Pence is going to be a contender, Mitt Romney of course and I suspect Tim Pawlenty and maybe Bobby Jindal. I heard a rumor this morning that Howard Dean may challenge the president for the nomination in 2012. Does anyone think that President Obama might not run for reelection? What are your thoughts?


11 thoughts on “What Are Your Predictions For 2012 Candidates?

  1. I think Obama will run again for sure and don’t really see what the media is all about. Why are they focusing solely on the GOP and hang onto every word they say? Frankly I am pretty skeptical that even if Obama loses reelection I bet that the republicans will screw up so bad that people will flock to the democrats again. The problem is that they are clinging to conservatives and wont even give actual liberals a chance.

    It’s depressing to be honest.

  2. Heard talk that Russ Feingold might be the progressive choice but he has never really set the nation on fire and losing big in Wisconsin (albeit with big corporate money) takes him out of the picture, IMO. If anything, somebody more conservative like Sen. Evan Bayh might attempt running if he thinks the nation wants more conservative government. Not sure if the restless Hilbots would want to wait until 2016 which I think is a more realistic choice for Clinton.

    Gov. Rick Perry was on Today Show, Fox & Friends, Fox News and is to be on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show tonight. He says “no” but his ego is too big to not make a run for it. I expect a dozen or two to make a run on the Republican ticket.

  3. I really don’t want to see a democrat challenging Obama. That will only help the republican candidate.

  4. If you listen to progressives mostly on Ed Schultz they wanna to replace him because he’s not “angry” damn if we at this point what’s the point showing up in 2012? If we’re going to throw away a man that accomplished a lot in 20 months just because his reaction after election night lost didn’t make a poster on Democratic Underground moist. In short I support President Obama for a second term.

    For the Republicans Sarah Palin has a Shaq O’Neil size ego and her ego might convince her to run and she could win the nomination due to the wing nut vote that largely goes on in Republican primaries.

  5. Yea, I can’t really see Sarah winning….I do agree with you that her ego may push her to do it, but I think she will implode. She doesn’t have the savvy to do it. I know I am probably alone in thinking she isn’t going to run, but I don’t think she wants to work that hard.

    I support Obama for a second term too, I just wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t run again. Hell, he kicked some ass the first two years, expended some capital and got shit done. I think what pisses off all the conventional wisdom folks is that he doesn’t see everything through the veil of the next election, and they don’t understand that. I wish the television and newspaper pundits would take a vow to do 1/2 of their political stories on issues and 1/2 on process. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

  6. I think it would be a wonder if the media would print facts instead of opinions all the time. Its why I don’t watch the stuff anymore. Anyway I hope Obama get’s elected but I don’t know if the American people really deserve it.

  7. The reason I believe Sarah Palin will run and win the Republican nomination are the wing nuts, they love her and when you look at the other Republicans what other Republican draw that kind of blind following? Mitt Romney? They don’t like him while they maybe dumb but they’re smart enough to know when a fake person is pandering to them. Mike Huckabee while he might have the right wing street cred the question is can he really fire up the wing nuts in two years?

    You know what amazes me about Ed Schultz, Michael Moore and those sorts? They are part of the media and they know when it comes to messaging or getting a pro Democratic narrative out there is almost impossible, so why are they surprise when the Democrats positive message get lost in the wasteland of RNC talking points, false equivalency and both sides have equal valid points in the media?

    Take the stimulus for example by independent sources the stimulus has work but instead of talking about how well the stimulus prevent the country from crashing, what do we get?
    If you watch Fox News: stimulus has failed, no proof it just failed.
    On CNN/MSNBC:You have one Democratic/liberal pundit going against another Republican/right wing pundit. While the liberal pundit is telling the truth the host let the right wing pundit lie their ass off, confusing the audience.

    Ed should know I never heard any of his right wing guest tell the truth and for him going after Obama for not being mad at the Republicans when let let Heidi Harris called Harry Reid trash and a roach.

  8. Whats so funny about this is that I remember Ed Sholtz was very pro-Obama… Seems like times change as I stopped watching him at some point. I wonder how he’ll feel about Obama if a republican does get elected in office. Probably cry and no one will listen to him anymore because he just exposed himself to such a liar and fake.

  9. The Reagan “11th Commandment”….”Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” (like so many of his “words of wisdom” he didn’t come up with them but lifted sayings from others!).

    It’s okay to criticize fellow party members but Democrats tend to do it most loudly in public. Democrats should watch what they say as the Republicans will get the video tape and use it against them.

  10. I have no problem with people being critical of President Obama but what I’m hearing from progressive ranges from petty to unrealistic. Thom Hartmann keeps wanting President Obama to be like Thurman, FDR and LBJ I want to call in and say dude those were different eras, those presidents didn’t have one major news network trying to destroy them, there wasn’t 400 plus right wing radio stations trying to destroy them and the media didn’t play which side is telling the truth game.

    To Ed I still like him because he talks up defending the middle class,unions and the unemployed but really if President Obama did get mad at the pres conference Wednesday will it really change the Republicans? Sure his listeners and posters on Democratic Underground might feel tingly but he gives the right the angry black man moment they’re looking for.

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