Let The Finger Pointing Begin!

There are going to be a lot of sprained fingers after today, progressives and liberals will be pushing out those fingers to cast blame on everyone but themselves. I have one finger for some on the left, Hamsher, Marsh, Uygur, Schultz, Greenwald, Susie Madrak and the rest of the firebagger brigade. I’ve been saying it all along, they haven’t been doing themselves any favors by tearing down President Obama, the leader of the Democratic Party. They have been joining in the pig pile that the Republicans and Teabaggers have created, piling right on top, smothering fellow Democrats in the process. Of course some of the self-serving, egotistical, money-grubbing, populist pandering fuckers actually were encouraging Democrats to stay home. Those assholes have no right to complain about anything Republicans do for the next two years, SHUT THE FUCK UP! I don’t want to hear it, and of course I don’t give the assholes clicks and don’t read their bullshit anymore so if they do bitch, I won’t be hearing it anyway. They are dead to me.

That “wave” that swept over us last night was made up of the natural swing back of the pendulum after Democrats had two great election cycles, the last one on the coattails of Barack Obama. So the majority of the wins last night were totally expected, remember all those seats Democrats picked up in traditionally Republican areas….well, they swung back without Barack Obama to help get out the younger vote. 2012 will see some swinging back to the left, I’m sure. The rest of that wave can be accounted for by Republicans getting their mojo back after the last two cycles where they got there ass whipped. Nothing energizes people more than revenge and of course the Republicans and the media did an excellent job of pandering to the Tea Party crowd who’s collective IQ is less than 50. That’s a pretty easy sell. Death panels anyone, birth certificates anyone, socialism anyone, sharia law anyone…..I could go on forever with the dog whistles too.

Onward, President Obama can sharpen up his veto pen, gotta love that pen.


24 thoughts on “Let The Finger Pointing Begin!

  1. I agree with you 99.9% and that one percent is Ed Schultz dude been on fire lately telling people get out the vote and telling people if you don’t like the dems you got hold your nose and vote for them anyway. But regarding everyone else you mention yeah fuck them never really like those people. Over on Democratic Underground there is already a video from Cenk threatening to go after the Democrats ten times harder than the Republicans and surprise, surprise those Cenk/Young Turks fanboys are eating that shit up.

    I was going to comment on the video but changed my mind because those Cenk Uygur/Young Turks fanboys are almost worst as the nuts that post on Free Republic. Right now I’m more mad at our side instead of doing what Ed Schultz did these frauds pour more gas on the fire. Dude go after these bastards like Uygur and crew.

  2. Even though Ed might have been pushing the GOTV effort at the last minute, he gave a platform for Cenk to spew his crap and Ed himself spent a lot of energy hurting the Democratic brand over the last year. I stick by my including him in the bunch.

  3. You left off Rachel Maddow, who spent a lot of time putting gay voters in a funk, taking her shots at Obama too.

    One good thing is that 28 Blue Dogs Democrats, who most often voted LIKE Republicans, lost (including Chet Edwards in Texas). I’d rather have a REAL Republican to blame rather than a Faux Democrat. So by removing the 28 Blue Dogs, was it really the tsunami we keep hearing about from the “talking heads”?


    Totally pissed at Evan Bayh whose Indiana Senate seat went to long-time professional Republican politician Dan Coates…so much for voting against incumbents and Washington insiders, many of whom were elected/re-elected. Maybe Bayh, who was on Obama’s short list for Vice President, still holds sour grapes or MAYBE he will oppose Obama in 2012! There is already talk from progressives that maybe Russ Feingold should oppose Obama. And then will the Hillbots come back to life adding more strife within the Democratic Party?

  4. Honestly. As if today is not bad enough without having to read that racist jumble. No need to go to Jesse’s church — just check out one of your own Prosperity Gospel abominations and let us know how it aligns with the message of Jesus. (and I’m a frickin’ atheist.) I’ve only got about two blogs I can visit any more, for the love of all that’s not holy can you trolls STFU or sell your tired crap to yourselves on your own blogs?

  5. Your point is very well taken, I even stop watching or listening to Ed when he was on that bent because I could watch Fox News if I want to hear that crap. The problems was this 1.Blue dogs thought too much about their ass more than protecting President Obama’s ass by watering down a lot of his legislature goals. 2. Corporate money flood a lot of these congressional races and 3. the base took their ball and went home because we got a lot of these so called progressive media outlets that don’t explain how government really works. Hey I’m a left as they come and I wouldn’t be able to get any of my goals met with these blue dogs trying to protect themselves.

    Now Cenk is trying to blame the President for the base taking their ball and running home. Our side never learn from what in the past after 1994 Clinton has to cut deals with the Republican, the year 2000 progressives thought Al Gore wasn’t too left enough for them and we got stuck with eight years of George W.Bush and now they put President Obama in a similar situation as President Clinton with a foaming at the mouth Republican house.

    Either us on the left take over the debate that’s going on in the progressive movement or we’re going to see a replay of 2000-2008.

  6. You should read the shit on Democratic Underground and listen to few phone calls on Ed’s show…I have to seriously think about moving to Canada before 2012 because it’s not going to be corporations buying the 2012 election it’s going to be progressive lead by Cenk and firebag crew handing the elections over to the Republicans. Ed is whining about a President Obama’s speech because there was no symbolism.

    I just hope I can watch Fox Sports Detroit in Windsor.

  7. I have hardly watched Cenk anymore. For one I don’t trust theyoungturks at all. He hardly has any knowledge on how the political system works. He thinks that their is simple solutions to everything and doesn’t look at things very deeply at all.

    I stopped watching him when he thought it was funny that a guy got drugged and was forced to have sex with a woman. In his own words he thought the guy enjoyed it. Thinking rape is funny is not my cup of tea.

  8. I can purge Ralph for you Regina, just give me the word and he is gone. I’ve had about enough of Ralph’s racism myself. How do others feel…..get rid of Ralph, yes or no?

  9. Ed is on a terror tonight “calling out” Obama. As somebody raised in a family where several were elected to public office (32 years in office total), I have been upset with Democrats ever since I joined their party in 1965, that they don’t act more like Republicans when it comes to campaigns. I haven’t donated money and time only to see Democrats snag defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Rep. Steve King (R-IA) was on Chris Matthews and he surely doesn’t sound like anyone who will work with Obama or the Democrats. It’s still the “Party of NO” and now it sounds like it will be the Republican’s “way or the highway” for Democrats.

  10. Thanks EL — Ralph has been an annoying thorn here for quite some time, but the blatant racism is above the pale even for him. Of course I’ll still be reading you (and enjoying your photography) but if others agree that he’s gone too far I wouldn’t miss him!

  11. duh. I mean “beyond the pale” not above it. Regarding the below, don’t even go to DailyKos to see the young turk’s gloat-diary. blech.


  13. Seems TROLL Atlanta Ralph knows so much about me, maybe even eaves-dropped on my phone calls to the Social Security Administration. Retired from teaching, I have time to surf the Internet all day and with nearly 200 credit hours in undergrad and grad schools, honed my critical thinking skills. Therefore I can discern between “shit and Shinola” so flag the lies out there and unlike the TROLLS, don’t repeat them.

  14. Our newly re-elected Gov. Rick Perry celebrated his victory here yesterday by spending today in New York City where he begins his nation-wide book tour to test the presidential waters for 2012.

    In his 185-page book, Fed Up! Our fight to Save America from Washington, he blasts Democrats, particularly Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson and Barack Obama. Perry accuses them and liberals of expanding the federal government in a “gradual war on the Constitution and the American way of life, with very little effective opposition from conservatives.”


    Perry’s book, highly recommended by Rush Limbaugh, says:

    “We are tired of being told how much salt to put on our food, what kind of cars we can drive, what kinds of guns we can own, what kind of prayers we are allowed to say and where we can say them…”


    Also this week we get George W. Bush’s memoirs where he says he considered dumping the Dick Cheney in 2004 as folks were saying Cheney was really in command of the White House.

  15. I changed majors 4 times. However, I paid for nearly all of my costs working part-time minimum wage jobs…no help from anyone else other than a small loan which I repaid ahead of schedule. So I was a “professional student” by choice and still love learning.

  16. Houstonians had a special proposition on their ballots which won due to campaigning from the “government is bad, too intrusive” teabaggers. It was to ban all of the stop light cameras already installed all over the city. Even the police, firefighters, and first-responders ran ads to keep the cameras up saying they had saved many lives, reduced serious injuries. Now the camera company, that has several more years on their lease of millions of equipment to the city, already says, “See ya, Houston, in court!”

  17. I did my small part of taking on the firebaggers, I posted one of Al Giordano’s pre election post Next “Tuesday’s US Elections in Black and White” while it dives into the racial aspect of the vote I believe the larger point of this when the Democrats lose it’s because liberals took their ball and stayed home. And Mr.Giordano is proven to be right.

  18. Galveston County lost a Democratic majority in local offices for the first time since Reconstruction right after the Civil War. Partly it was due to Hurricane Ike displacing 10,000 voters who never returned home with most being minorities who mostly vote Democratic. The northern half of the county has a burgeoning growth of Houston’s middle class, mostly white and Republican. Statewide, the Texas legislature went from 77 to 73 Republican/Democratic makeup to 100 to 50 come January. And this new legislature gets to decide where the 4 new US congressional districts will be located….let the gerrymandering begin.

    Thought it interesting that Fox News was also a big winner with 7 million viewers Tuesday night compared to CNN at 2.5 and MSNBC at 2 million. In 2008, CNN had 12 million, Fox 9 million and MSNBC at 6 million.

    This seemed like a 1930’s style fascist takeover by a minority except now the Ministry of Propaganda is already up and running.

  19. Even though the Blue Dogs (half of whom lost their house seats even though they kissed up to the conservatives) wanted to remove Speaker Pelosi from a leadership role, she has just announced she will run for the minority leadership position.

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