Let The Finger Pointing Begin!

There are going to be a lot of sprained fingers after today, progressives and liberals will be pushing out those fingers to cast blame on everyone but themselves. I have one finger for some on the left, Hamsher, Marsh, Uygur, Schultz, Greenwald, Susie Madrak and the rest of the firebagger brigade. I’ve been saying it all along, they haven’t been doing themselves any favors by tearing down President Obama, the leader of the Democratic Party. They have been joining in the pig pile that the Republicans and Teabaggers have created, piling right on top, smothering fellow Democrats in the process. Of course some of the self-serving, egotistical, money-grubbing, populist pandering fuckers actually were encouraging Democrats to stay home. Those assholes have no right to complain about anything Republicans do for the next two years, SHUT THE FUCK UP! I don’t want to hear it, and of course I don’t give the assholes clicks and don’t read their bullshit anymore so if they do bitch, I won’t be hearing it anyway. They are dead to me.

That “wave” that swept over us last night was made up of the natural swing back of the pendulum after Democrats had two great election cycles, the last one on the coattails of Barack Obama. So the majority of the wins last night were totally expected, remember all those seats Democrats picked up in traditionally Republican areas….well, they swung back without Barack Obama to help get out the younger vote. 2012 will see some swinging back to the left, I’m sure. The rest of that wave can be accounted for by Republicans getting their mojo back after the last two cycles where they got there ass whipped. Nothing energizes people more than revenge and of course the Republicans and the media did an excellent job of pandering to the Tea Party crowd who’s collective IQ is less than 50. That’s a pretty easy sell. Death panels anyone, birth certificates anyone, socialism anyone, sharia law anyone…..I could go on forever with the dog whistles too.

Onward, President Obama can sharpen up his veto pen, gotta love that pen.