You Win Some, You Lose Some – Maybe Republicans Will Act Like Adults Again!

I’m not too distraught about the results, even though I have to admit I’m not torturing myself watching the dribbling in of results and pundits yapping their yappers about how angry everyone is, blah, blah, blah. I don’t think anyone is any more angry than they were in 2006 and 2008 when the Republicans were beat soundly. The media has been hyping this election since, shit, March of 2009….a couple months after President Obama was sworn in.

The one good thing about Republicans taking the house back is that maybe they will act like adults again. For the last two years, they’ve acted like junior high kids…”I’m taking my ball and going home”.  Now they will actually have to work or maybe they will just continue to do nothing, it seemed to work fine for them this time. The media phoned it in this cycle, didn’t even attempt to fact check any politicians…it’s a free-for-all now, politicians can lie with abandon and no one will call them out on it. Everything is just an opposing opinion, facts shmacts.

I’m glad the damn thing is over too, all the fucking commercials and phone calls. Our phone number must be on the top of the fucking call list. We were getting upwards of 20 to 30 calls per day. That’s ridiculous, there ought to be a law.



4 thoughts on “You Win Some, You Lose Some – Maybe Republicans Will Act Like Adults Again!

  1. what’s so fucking funny is that the polls were wrong about Harry Reid. They were projecting that he’d lose and guess what he won! 5 point margin from what I see thus far. Simply amazing.

  2. Like EL said, you win some you lose some and that was a terrible loss. At least we got rid of the Botox madam.

    I guess we will start seeing ads for the 2012 election next month, gotta start early, the Community Organizer proved that it is never too early to start the campaign and to hell with that leadership experience crap just develop a good slogan.

    I am on a don’t call list but, of course, that list doesn’t apply to charities or politicians.

  3. Again I believe the only benefit from last night is that these bastards have to govern, they can’t sit in the back seat screaming about what President Obama is doing they gotta put up or shut up. And seeing their interviews last night I’m even more confident their victory will be short lived.

  4. I thought it telling that many gloating Republicans on TV last night, when asked how they were going to cut federal spending, would never give ONE example of any program they will cut. Where are their BIG IDEAS? They couldn’t/wouldn’t produce them before the election and they still have no ideas other than “NO”! I don’t see the next Congress getting anything done either other than throw more sand into the gears.

    Most Americans pay more attention to Dancing With The Stars than spend any time researching what is really happening in our government. No wonder they believed the many LIES being thrown around, no wonder many want to defund Education to make the sheeple even less able to do critical thinking.

    BTW, speaking of the dance contest, Teabaggers keep voting Bristol Palin to continue dancing even though she is one of the worst, gets the lowest votes from the professional dance judges. If she wins, maybe she can enter American Idol even if she can’t sing!

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