Morning Joe – Alternate Realities On Your TV!

What in the hell are those idiots on Morning Joe smoking so early in the morning? How can they sit around and blab about how unpopular President Obama is when in fact he is the most popular politician on the scene right now? His approval ratings have climbed to 54% in some polls, that’s about exactly what he got in votes in 2008. How can these boneheads pretend that he is unpopular when in fact he is very popular. I know they want to equate the whole pendulum swing back towards the Republicans as Obama’s fault, when in reality it is the natural course of midterm elections, combined with a bad economy. People are taking out there anger out on incumbents and there happens to be more D incumbents than R’s. Remember how in the last two elections that the Dems sweeped out a bunch of Republicans even in strongly Republican areas. The talking heads on Television, not just the idiots on Morning Joe, have their heads so far up their asses that I imagine it’s pretty dark in their worlds right about now. It probably stinks pretty bad too, thus the nasty looks on their faces.

In a poll conducted in 2009 on the media, 70% of the respondents said the media was out of touch with average Americans. Morning Joe proves that every single morning.  It’s one massive political circle jerk. It should be fun watching the media twist and turn their narrative to fit the results of the elections tonight. I’ll bet that the actual results will be 5 – 7% higher for Dems than the final tracking polls in most elections. The cell phone effect. Whatever happens, in two more years there will be another election with a very popular president running who knows how to run a race. I’m sure glad President Obama did more in his first two years than most presidents do in 4 or 8 years. It must be why his approval rating is exactly where he started, in the low 50’s. Reality….what a concept.

4 thoughts on “Morning Joe – Alternate Realities On Your TV!

  1. Been up much of the night with 4 inches of rain and thunder galore. If I hadn’t voted already might stay at home after listening to Joe “Dead Intern” Scarborough this morning as WHY bother to go out in the rain to vote when the ballots have already been tallied up? Wonder why Joe left politics since he is such an expert?

    Joe dissed the President for scheduling a call-in interview with Ryan Seacrest today saying it was bad enough that Obama went on the Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. Fearful that young people might vote again this time? I guess talking to ALL Americans lacks right-wing decorum.

  2. I had to turn Joe off this morning and C-Span it was so lopsided i just didn’t need myself to go a little nuts this early in the morning. I will be voting a little later this am and and not watching any TV.
    Thanks for your sanity.

  3. I never watched morning joe, I doubt that I ever will due to all the things I’ve been hearing about him from here to MSNBC. I also don’t care for the channel itself, I hate all the media channels but I despise MSNBC perhaps even more at times than Fox News. This may seem overly harsh but I’ve come across way to many partisan crap on MSNBC that actually supports the republicans more often than not. It drives me up the wall.

  4. Joe’s become a shill for his party, KNOWING these people are NOT qualified, yet he promotes them anyway, just so the GOP can have the White House. Truly a stupid position!

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