Vote Democrats – Just To Piss Off The Media Pundits!!!

I heard an asshole on MSNBC this morning say tomorrows election is a “referendum on the Democrat party”.  There is nothing quite like taking a person’s individual vote for an individual candidate and aggregating it into a convenient narrative, one line sentence that simplifies things for the low IQ folks who tend to gravitate towards journalism. I’m not saying all journalists are stupid, there are many who are very bright and intelligent, but in my experience working at a university with a journalism program, the folks who gravitate towards that major tend to be, how shall I say….well, not the brightest bulbs in the bunch. You don’t have to work at a university to know this, simply turn on your favorite cable news channel for about an hour and listen to some of the stupid shit that comes out of people’s mouths. Rick Sanchez used to be the best example of this, the fact that he ever made it as an anchor on a major news outlet like CNN, speaks volumes.

Our friend Grant in Texas gave us this link to a story about how the results tomorrow may not be as the media has been postulating. It’s a great read with a lot of good links. Go check it out.

I’ve always found comfort in the fact that people vote, not “polls”, and the whole bandwagon effect that the media and Republicans love to inject into our politics, only has an effect on a small number of people who are followers. Almost every single person I come in contact with on a daily basis, excluding journalism students :), aren’t swayed by “anger” in the country or at a particular political party. They don’t think as a group or follow trends or are distracted by shiny objects, they have principles they live by, they have well thought out reasons for voting a particular way, and they don’t blow in the breeze like the media and pollsters like to make you think. Most of the variations in polling data that swing back and forth are largely due to sampling errors, methodologies or random luck. When you poll 750 people and try to spread that out to an entire voting population, it is prone to all sorts of problems.

Yes, Democrats will lose seats, that is the norm in a midterm election for the party in power….nothing unusual at all. But how the media tries to wrap that up in their narrative and try to prove they were right all along, pat themselves on the back, high five each other, toast with a nice Chablis….whatever, doesn’t really matter at all to anyone except themselves. They are incredibly insulated from what really happens in America. A few weeks ago, Joe Klein was making the rounds bragging about how he was out in real America, talking to people. Man, you would think it was the first time he had left Washington in 20 years….and it may have been. He was so excited and kept repeating how he talked to real Americans, in the heartland. Jeez, dude, get out a little more often. I live in the midwest….Michigan, and I talk to real people every single day. I wonder if Americans become fake when they move to Washington or do they become fake and then move to Washington?