Call 5 Democrats And Make Sure They Are Voting On Tuesday!

Do it now, we have to make sure that those who care – get out and vote on Tuesday. Vote a straight Democratic ticket, there is not reason to ever vote for a Republican, they vote in lock-step against any kind of progress. It’s Sunday, call some Democrats, make sure they are going to vote.


11 thoughts on “Call 5 Democrats And Make Sure They Are Voting On Tuesday!

  1. I already voted… straight democrat for me. There was one guy who was the only person on that section who was a republican I didn’t vote for him. Next time I think I’ll write in snoopy or something just to make a point.

  2. I early voted (BTW a record turnout of early voters here by registered Democrats!). I voted a straight ticket this time. There were several offices where there was no Democrat on the ballot but instead Libertarian or “Independent” and since I had no idea who they were or if they might not be crazy, I didn’t want to take the chance. There were 3 times more placards near the polls this time with half of them not being for any candidate on the ballot but instead blasting Obama. You’d think it was 2012!

    However, if I lived across the county line would have voted to re-elect Republican U.S. Rep. Pete Olson as his Democratic opponent is a Lyndon LaRouche “Democrat” who is crazier than Christine O’Donnell.

  3. It’s been reported that the money being spent on this Mid-term election has approached $4 BILLION. Compare this to the 2006 midterms, which cost $2.85 billion. It could even eclipse the $4.14 billion spent in the 2004 presidential campaign. Who says the USA isn’t already a fascist state owned by corporations?

  4. It is quite amazing how the media has been pushing that idea since almost the day after President Obama was sworn in. Traditional polling in our current environment is becoming much more sketchy, cell phones being the main reason but also the organizations doing the polling tend to skew questions and methodology to get results that those commissioning the polls want. That is why there are such huge differences between them.

    Democrats will lose seats, it’s the nature of off year elections and considering Dems won a bunch of seats in 2006 and 2008 that were anomolies, it is bound to swing back to some extent. Of course, the media will make ANY results fit with their narrative, however much they have to contort themselves.

  5. I don’t think money is playing as large a roll anymore, it is still large, but I think there is a breaking point. We had Dick Devos spend 41 million to try to buy the governors race and he still lost. I hope that Meg Whitman loses big too, showing that you can’t buy a fucking election.

    But of course, money can have an effect on smaller races and in the margins. We need to change the way campaigns are financed or things will only get worse. Just imagine all that could have been done with that 4 billion dollars.

  6. I called a 40 year old widow in Chicago yesterday who gets many of her political viewpoints from her Pentecostal Church. She said she was voting Republican as she is tired of her taxes going UP. I told her that her taxes have really been coming down, less being withheld from her paychecks. She asked, “Really?” I told her it wasn’t touted like the Bush lump-sum check a few years back but she is paying less income tax. But WHY didn’t she and most Americans not know this??? The Democrats do a bad job of messaging.

  7. Not just that, but the media fights against the democratic narrative for some reason. I think Gibbs has to go, he may be the main reason that it isn’t getting out. I think he has pissed off a lot of the press.

  8. At least by voting straight ticket, you don’t have to get a headache thinking. Hope you wore your yellow dog T-shirt.

  9. Her taxes didn’t go down, her withholding’s did, big difference. Taxes have gone up for everyone, maybe not income tax, but taxes in general.

    You should have known this but aren’t you the one who takes a reduction in SS benefits because you haven’t the time to understand the SS rules.

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