Boycott ABC’s Election Coverage – Andrew Breitbart To Spew His Lies!

I could see Fox News having the propagandist Andrew Breitbart as part of their coverage, but what in the hell is ABC News thinking? And their response to inquiries is even more disturbing in my opinion. The great Steve Benen gives us details on this craziness from the media…

ABC NEWS IS DOING WHAT?…. About three months ago, in the wake of the Shirley Sherrod fiasco, E.J. Dionne Jr. identified activist Andrew Breitbart as a “right-wing hit man.” Dionne added that the incident “ought to be a turning point in American politics,” one in which “the mainstream media” starts appreciating the difference between “news and propaganda.”

It sure “ought to be” a turning point, but alas…not so much. ABC is probably wanting a little of that sensational, news making propaganda to boost their ratings or to try to poach away some of Fox’s rabid viewers. From Media Matters via Benen

As it turns out, it wasn’t a “turning point,” and it’s not hard at all for the media to justify taking Breitbart seriously.

Media Matters has confirmed that noted propagandist Andrew Breitbart will provide analysis for ABC News during their election night coverage.

After Breitbart’s website reported that Breitbart would “be bringing analysis live from Arizona” for ABC, Media Matters confirmed his participation in a town hall meeting anchored by ABC’s David Muir and Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg that will be featured in the network’s coverage.

Asked about Breitbart’s history of unethical behavior and misinformation, ABC News’ David Ford told Media Matters: “He will be one of many voices on our air, including Bill Adair of Politifact. If Andrew Breitbart says something that is incorrect, we have other voices to call him on it.”

The ole’ two sides to every thing including the truth. What a bunch of bullshit, I will not be watching ABC’s coverage, that’s for damn sure. I encourage you all to do the same. In fact, I’m shooting off an email to ABC telling them how I feel about Breitbart’s inclusion, but I’m sure they will choose the sensational path, more ratings, than the journalist standards path. Steve Benen…

ABC’s explanation for this is woefully unpersuasive — if the right-wing hatchet-man starts lying on the air, “we have other voices to call him on it”? Here’s a crazy thought: if ABC News has reason to believe Breitbart might try to deceive the network’s audience, then maybe he shouldn’t be part of the election-night broadcast.

For that matter, this isn’t exactly a recipe for quality journalism — Breitbart will spew propaganda; others on the broadcast will be there to “call him on it.” Viewers will, in other words, hear some falsehoods and some corrections, but won’t necessarily know who’s right.

Go here and tell ABC how you feel about it, I always like to tell them how I will be also contacting their advertisers, money seems to motivate those corporate media people.