Scarborough Gets Challenged By Bernstein – Watch His Head Explode!

I’m watching Morning Joke on MSNBC and loving it for once. Carl Bernstein is bringing a little reality to the show and it’s making Joe Scarborough go nuts. You can see the anger bubbling over because his carefully crafted narrative about the President is coming unraveled. He even made the snarky comment to Carl that went something like “we’ll be back and Carl will tell us why Obama is perfect” or something to that effect. When in reality, Carl was acknowledging the presidents flaws but didn’t allow Joe to propagate his narrative, it drives him nuts. I doubt that Carl will be back real soon after today. The rest of the show should be fun because clearly Carl won’t let Joe paint him into the corner that Joe likes to do to his other supposedly liberal guests like Jonathon Capehart and Harold Ford Jr. who never seem to disagree with Joe, probably for fear of never being asked back.

Go Carl Bernstein, you rock dude. Updates as they happen this morning…if anything good happens.


Why does Scarborough think that Jon Stewart has “turned” on the president, he obviously doesn’t watch the Daily Show very often. Jon certainly makes fun of the president and has been critical of some things, but for the most part, Jon Stewart is pretty darn supportive of him. Some people see things as so polarized, they don’t understand when people might actually not agree with everything someone does, but still support them. I get that all the time in my comments, everything is not black and white, no matter how hard they try to make it that way. Simple minds like to simplify things, it’s easier for their small brains to digest it that way.

Update 2:

Wow, a poll result on Morning Joke that didn’t fit the narrative, but of course they quickly went away from it….ONLY 8% in a New York Times poll blame the Obama administration for the bad economy. 8%… that how the media has been portraying it for the last 2 fucking years? That number speaks volumes about the false narrative that has been being pushed constantly in the media. And yet, ONLY 8% blame the Obama Administration. NEW Narrative, the American people blame Bush for the shitpile we are in, deal with it media.

5 thoughts on “Scarborough Gets Challenged By Bernstein – Watch His Head Explode!

  1. I caught that segment. I thought Joe was going to go nuts. Mika just sat there with her head bobbing. I haven’t been able to watch much of him because I want to throw something at the TV. I have been keeping up at C-Span. There are some really scary and uniformed Americans going to vote. All I can say is I hope and pray the Democrat’s will actually go and vote and not believe the shit that is printed and or on TV.
    I did at post on Facebook to get out the vote and passed it to all of my friends. Good feed back. You are such fun to read I check out your site 3-4 times a day. It’s nice not working.LOL

  2. Thanks Roberta for being so loyal of a reader, I’m sorry I haven’t been writing as much lately. My big break in the film world is taking up a lot of my thoughts these days. I’ve been on a roller coaster ride with it and some days I just can’t get excited about anything but getting the deal nailed down. Today may be the day that we reach the final deal, at least it looks like it.

    Once the dust settles on the project and I get my people working, I should have more time to play politics…I might even take a vacation this Christmas time, first in about 8 years. I’ll be laying around on the beach writing on the blog, I’m sure.

  3. Good luck in your final day of negotiations. I will still check in with your sight every day and sometimes more.

    Love your take.

  4. Actually hearing kudos for Jon’s “Fake News” show for asking better questions than the MSM pundits/anchors. For sure Obama didn’t get softball questions like Faux News asks of their REICH-wing guests. However, the president isn’t afraid to go anywhere and take any question unlike his predecessor and most on the right.

    I quit watching Scarborough long ago and getting ready to deep six Dylan Ratigan who with guest Jane Hamsher today helping to perpetuate the Republican memes. With friends like these??!!! Ratigan blasts Obama supporting Larry Summers telling Stewart that he was doing a “heckuva” job.

    Ratigan cannot get me all depressed as I have already voted! He had guests Mark Tapscott of the very conservative Washington Examiner (owned by a billionaire oil man and Jonathan Capehart. These experts gave Ratigan their opinions about why Republicans will take over at least the House. Capehart said the list of “disillusioned” like women, Roman Catholics, blue collar who supported Obama in 2008 (but who will probably not support Democrats this time around) should also include the GLBT community. I guess Capehart gets his opinions from the gay bar crowd. One third of the GLBT community still votes Republican anyway…probably the rich queens for whom saving a few bucks on their taxes is more important than civil treatment and equality. Anyway, it’s many of the poorer gays who have to stay in the closet, lie about their private lives, in order to not be fired only because of their sexual identity.

  5. Sorry for the double posting. Remove the second one if you wish. Got a message that I had “already said this” and that it was a duplicate. Didn’t see it appear so changed for the first couple of words only to find the first was delayed in posting.

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