Keith’s Special Comment – Powerful, Watch It!


12 thoughts on “Keith’s Special Comment – Powerful, Watch It!

  1. Kind of depressed to see where my nation may be headed. At age 71, I won’t probably have to observe a total fascist takeover, but I have dozens of nephews/nieces, grands, and even a great-grand growing up now who may have to live in a fascist horror. Six billion people in the world can overcome our 300 million eventually. NYC looking like Dresden and Berlin in 1945 will make “Ground Zero” look irrelevant. The Kochs are becoming our Krupps family.

    If corporate control of the state is a pillar of fascism – and it is – it’s hard to imagine what could have pushed us faster in that direction than last January’s decision by the Supreme Court in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission.

  2. This why we gotta vote and vote in large enough numbers to offset the stupid vote,because these dumb easily led racist fucks are going to hand this country off to the corporations because they hate having a black man as president. Honestly outside that segment of stupid that makes up the tea party what makes normal people to view people like Sharron Angle, Ken Buck and Marco Rubio viable to serve?

    Now these freaks want to get rid or privatize social security,medicaid,privatize the VA, get rid of department of education,limit abortions even if the girl is raped by a stranger or a male relative,tax cuts for their corporate sugar daddies that will add 4 trillion to the debt, going back to the health insurance companies dropping people for being sick,more corporate deregulation, from the recent actions of their supporters dissent is not allow, support for outsourcing and if there’s anything I’m missing please let me know.

    Like Keith said if we don’t vote, we have no one to blame but ourselves and to those liberals who want to justify their non-vote protest with the idea “Well once people see how awful Sharron Angle is, they will vote her out”.

    we can no longer say that with Citizens United. Because as long the Sharron Angles of this class do what the corporations want them to do, they can avoid debates, avoid talking to the local media unless it’s their local right wing radio talk show host and they can let their masters beat the shit of the Democrat that’s running against them with their money bags.

    The Atlanta Ralphs in this country got an excuse they’re dumb but we don’t get your ass out there and vote.

  3. Right on, both of you. That Citizens United case was possibly the worst thing that has ever happened to our republic. The amount and intensity of elections has gotten out of control, can you imagine what 2012 will be like? My wife, who is home all day, says the phone rings off the hook and the ads on television are non-stop, wall to wall. I have to kind of agree with Carl Bernstein who said this morning on Morning Joke that he doesn’t think anyone is even listening to it, we are all tuning it out because it’s become white noise. A vast wasteland…

    The problem is that it is heard by some, who probably don’t have the sense to know better and when you combine them with the asshole republicans, that’s how people like Bush get elected, did I say elected…well, close enough to steal the election anyway.

  4. Great article in the Village Voice. Lawrence O’Donnell had a half dozen teabaggers on his “The Last Word” show tonight and even though they were against the perceived “socialism” of Obama couldn’t define what it is nor were much able to come up with what government programs they would do away with. Most were really not very bright.

    Surprising that O’Donnell gets so many right-wing guests. He also had Tom DeLay on as a guest. BTW, the jury has been selected in Austin and DeLay’s big Texas trial begins on Monday. DeLay’s attorney wanted an all-white jury and tried to remove 5 blacks who were eventually seated.

  5. Agree totally with Grant but hopefully Tuesday we can reverse what has been done to America over the last four years. If we don’t vote for change we could end up like Greece, France and other socialist countries who have determined that they cannot all of the “entitlement” programs and people need to contribute and not just take.

    Good for you Grant for finally seeing what the American Dream means and to worry about the future of your nephews and nieces if this country stays on this track and goes broke.

  6. If these sick bastards that make up the Republican tea party candidates win they will do whatever their corporate pimps tell them to do. What these nuts that make everyday tea baggers don’t get the programs they benefit from will be on the chopping block too. What should make everyone that’s normal worry these loons could actually impact social advancement while jerking off the guys that brought their seats.

  7. Two of the most socialist of nations, Denmark and Finland, where everyone pays half of their income in taxes also have the happiest citizens on Earth now according to surveys. The socialist Baltic nations are at the top in education (free from nursery school to a PhD) where the USA has slipped to the mid-20’s rank. They also have “least corrupt government” (where the USA ranks 21st). Germany, also quite socialist compared to the USA, has a strong economy because they don’t outsource much and actually make hard goods like the top-rated automobiles in the World, heavy machinery, medical instruments like X-ray, MRI, CAT equipment, optics, etc.

    The other night I had a can of sliced Fuji apples and reading the calories noticed it was “made in China”. Then going to bed, brushing my teeth, noticed the Johnson & Johnson wood toothpick-like Stimu-dents, and my Crest Glide dental floss were also “made in China”. Can’t we make ANYTHING here anymore?

  8. formula your crystal ball is fatally flawed by beliefs and are a far cry from a reality. In short that’s completely guess work and may or may not happen.

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