NPR Stands Up To Islamophobia – Kudos To NPR For Firing Juan Williams!

If you were watching Morning Joke on MSNBC this morning, you witnessed how the media loves to change the narrative. Juan Williams was fired by NPR for making comments on Fox News that “were inconsistent with our editorial standards and practices, and undermined his credibility as a news analyst with NPR”. Good for NPR. What Mr. Williams said was this…

“I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a bigot,” Williams said on the “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday. “But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

If you watched Morning Joke, you might have noticed that they never mentioned why he actually was fired, they turned it into “he was fired because he works at Fox News”, not that he said an offensive remark about a religion that has 1.57 billion members. Nah, it was all because he works for that respected news organization Fox…spit, cough, puke my guts out. And all these idiots who say his first amendment rights were violated, come on you idiots, do you even know what the first amendment says?

Now on to what he actually said that was not just Islamophobic, but in my opinion pretty stupid too. When I see someone in “Muslim garb”, I usually think the exact opposite of what Juan thinks, that these people are devout Muslims. It is a peaceful religion and those who are devout are just as caring and loving as any other devout religious person. It is the fringes of all religions that bastardize their beliefs, whether Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Buddhist, whatever….all of those religions have had extremists who don’t represent the higher purpose of their religion. Can you imagine Juan being disturbed by a Catholic nun wearing a habit, “catholic garb”….because you know, Timothy McVeigh was a catholic. Many terrorists in Ireland were Catholics, right? So shouldn’t we all be afraid of people wearing “catholic garb”?

I was offended by Morning Joe ignoring exactly what Juan said, because you know it doesn’t matter if people bash Muslims, right? That isn’t a good enough reason to fire someone. But just imagine if it were a statement about “catholic garb”, oh my god, they would hit the fan (they being shit, hitting the fan…get it?). The fact that they completely ignored what he actually said, the basis for his being fired, speaks volumes about how clueless everyone sitting around that table was. Ron Brownstein was the only one who came close to presenting reality, but he clearly didn’t want to go there either with so many people ready to pounce on him. This is just a continuation of the media allowing Muslim bashing, very similar to how they treated the community center two blocks away from “ground zero”.

As a side note, I met and talked to Juan many years ago, in the mid 90’s when he was in town for a speech. I videotaped the speech, which I should dust off and watch for the hell of it but who has time. When I chatted with him for about 5 minutes, it surprised me how conservative he was. I was used to seeing him on Crossfire as the person on the left battling Pat Buchanon but in my conversation with him I was surprised a couple of different times about what came out of his mouth.


5 thoughts on “NPR Stands Up To Islamophobia – Kudos To NPR For Firing Juan Williams!

  1. If Juan Williams used logic instead of reacting to stereo- types and fear he would be comforted by seeing Muslims who are dressed in garb. Just like many individuals stereotype Muslims in garb so do airport authorities who give them extra attention. Humans adapt to changing circumstances and so do extremists so one would obviously not wear full Muslim garb if that person were planning a terrorist activity. They would try to blend in as much as possible. Due to that a Muslim wearing garb would indicate that the individual is not a terrorist and should be a comforting site. As a final point I am in no way saying that suspicion should be cast on Arabs in non Muslim garb because that would be as ridiculous as being suspicious of all Caucasians because of Timothy Mcveigh.

  2. The Christian litmus test is in full force these days. I remember a time when people really didn’t talk about what religion a politicians was. We didn’t care…we were still trying to keep a separation between church and state. I personally love to challenge the right wing Christians to tell me if we are going to have a state religion, which one should it be…Catholic, Pentecostal, Mormon, Judaism, Muslim Buddhist, Protestant…which one?

    But really, the part I don’t understand is what the hell do they want something personal like religion mixed up in their politics for?

  3. Coming from a political Republican family, I once dreamed of entering political life many years ago. Then I came out of the closet which at that time would made me unelectable. That might not be a negative today but being outed as an atheist would!

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