“The American People” Are Not Monolithic

Is it just me or does anyone else cringe when a pundit starts a sentence with “The American People…” believe this, or blah, blah, blah. Whenever I hear those words, I immediately recoil because “The American People” are made up of Tea Partiers, the Professional Left, conservadems, libertarians, green party, minorities, good ole boys and of course a whole lot of people who don’t give a shit about politics at all. In fact, the majority of “The American People” don’t give a flying fuck about politics, hate both parties, don’t vote, don’t watch the news and really would prefer to stay that way. So when some pundit utters those 3 words, what pops up in my head is…who the hell is this person to generalize what the American people want, or care about.

Watching Morning Joe this morning, I heard the “thorn in the side” Jonathon Capehart say it multiple times. He said something like “the American people don’t think this president feels their pain” or something like that. Considering he is enjoying better approval ratings at this point in his term than both Clinton and Reagan, both of whom supposedly felt people’s pain, I’d say President Obama is doing something right. How can the media created narrative that Joe, Pat Buchanon and Capehart were peddling so thick this morning continue to be trumpeted in the face of pretty high approval ratings. We are a divided nation, look at the results of the last 3 presidential elections, garnering anything close to 50% approval with an economy left in shambles by the previous caretakers of our republic is pretty fucking good if you ask me. The narrative should be, how can he be so popular considering all that he has on his plate, all that he took on in the first 20 months….it’s really quite amazing. Why isn’t the supposed liberal media pushing that narrative?


14 thoughts on ““The American People” Are Not Monolithic

  1. The American People are far more monolithic than you believe. The problem is that we have a lot of people – Liberals, Greens, Marxists, unassimilated minorities, etc… – who reside within America but aren’t in any meaningful way American.

    Being American, truly and rightfully American, isn’t about blood or birth; it’s about faith, beliefs, and a love this country, not some disgusting, UN-controlled geographic zone based upon Socialist / Marxist “ideals.”

  2. To think the UN is socialist is hilarious. I loved the latent dog-whistle racism too.

    At least you’re not hiding your ignorance you nationalist bigot.

  3. sounds like jonolan and quark need some medication. They live in a land of make believe with fairies and goblins and everything else the real world isn’t.

  4. Jonlan, you must always remember if you are winning an argument with a liberal, you are racist. That’s in the leftist handbook under, if you don’t have a clue how to respond, call the person a racist.

    There is a large portion of our society who would rather let the government and the community organizer tell them how to live, what to wear, what to drive and his wife tell their kids what to eat. They believe government is everything.

  5. Atlanta ralph,

    It gets it gets even funnier. I was paraphrasing Obama’s own word when I said, “Being American, truly and rightfully American, isn’t about blood or birth; it’s about faith.” He actually said, “Being American isn’t about blood or birth; it’s about faith.”

    Hehe…but, you’re right. Race-baiting is the only play in the filthy Liberals’ playbook. Sadly for them but happily for America, Americans no longer care about the opinions of our domestic enemies.

    We will defeat them – either via elections or through the use of armed force and their and their this misborn crotch-droppings’ extermination.

  6. I can tell what a conservative is whenever they open their mouths and talk about things they know nothing about.

  7. Wow, had no idea you neocons were so full of love, compassion and have persistently called for equality in our country! When did this happen? Our domestic enemy (the GOP) has never been this person, so why now? Is it because there’s a mid-term election coming up? What are you doing to make sure the gays can serve in the military and to marry each other? Do tell!

  8. You hoped I had died? Wow! Reich wing “compassion” knows no bounds! Seriously. *shaking head*

    The reich wing of America weakened our military. They hate the idea of having to pay our soldiers to drop bombs. They would rather have more planes (especially the remote controlled kind!) and bombs to line the pockets of the military industrial complex who they favor over our soldiers. See? Your DENIAL is showing again, Jerkolantern!

  9. How come I couldn’t reply directly to your comment, Jerkolantern? Afraid of the truth again? Bah hahahahahahaha! You’re such a lame-o. You must be an embarrassment to all in your life. I bet you couldn’t punch your way out of a wet paper bag even if I started a hole for ya!

  10. Here’s what JONOLAN said to me on my blog today:


    “Love them Muslims don’t you, traitor? Be careful; you and the filthy creature you squeezed out …of your cunt might just die alongside them.”

    A DEATH THREAT AGAINST ME AND MY SON! Nice, huh? Not surprising. I’m sure when Jonolan woke up in a bad mood this morning he took it out on his daughter by raping her violently and then beating the shit out of his wife!

  11. Jonolan is one of the best and truest members of the quisling fascist hatemongers ever to call down ‘liberals’ as a menace to ‘True Amerikkkans’. If industry counts for anything in the circus of ‘commenters’ from the Loyal Keyboarders Fighting Disloyalty ( Freedom ) she’s Top Kick.
    You can tell we have no Love Match going.

    No, the American people are not monolithic. But they pretty well all speak English and can travel to other parts of the country to explore the nation without too much undue hardship ( except maybe in parts of Texas ).
    Think, though. Weren’t American ‘Indians’ treated as one people when they couldn’t speak each others’ languages ? That’s what’s going on in Afghanistan where a mixup from Hell of fragmentation makes talk of ‘nation Building’ Mission Impossible.
    When all you hear about in ‘media’ is stories about ‘the Troops’ and their sacrifices ( which are real and greater than they even realize themselves : betrayal works that way ). It’s simply part of the way things are done to continue to baffle with bullshit.
    Have a look. I collect articles…much different than writing them. http://opitslinkfest.blogspot.com/2009/07/perception-alteration.html

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