“The American People” Are Not Monolithic

Is it just me or does anyone else cringe when a pundit starts a sentence with “The American People…” believe this, or blah, blah, blah. Whenever I hear those words, I immediately recoil because “The American People” are made up of Tea Partiers, the Professional Left, conservadems, libertarians, green party, minorities, good ole boys and of course a whole lot of people who don’t give a shit about politics at all. In fact, the majority of “The American People” don’t give a flying fuck about politics, hate both parties, don’t vote, don’t watch the news and really would prefer to stay that way. So when some pundit utters those 3 words, what pops up in my head is…who the hell is this person to generalize what the American people want, or care about.

Watching Morning Joe this morning, I heard the “thorn in the side” Jonathon Capehart say it multiple times. He said something like “the American people don’t think this president feels their pain” or something like that. Considering he is enjoying better approval ratings at this point in his term than both Clinton and Reagan, both of whom supposedly felt people’s pain, I’d say President Obama is doing something right. How can the media created narrative that Joe, Pat Buchanon and Capehart were peddling so thick this morning continue to be trumpeted in the face of pretty high approval ratings. We are a divided nation, look at the results of the last 3 presidential elections, garnering anything close to 50% approval with an economy left in shambles by the previous caretakers of our republic is pretty fucking good if you ask me. The narrative should be, how can he be so popular considering all that he has on his plate, all that he took on in the first 20 months….it’s really quite amazing. Why isn’t the supposed liberal media pushing that narrative?