Prove The Media Wrong – Vote Democrats, VOTE!

Spread the word, get all your democratic friends and family to get out and vote. We MUST prove the media narrative wrong and show the pundits they are full of shit. There is no other way to shut them the hell up. We have to turn out and keep the village idiots from taking back control of any part of our government, they really don’t give a shit about people, our economy or anything else but getting elected. Mobilize, talk to people, send emails, make sure people you know who are Democrats, get to the polls. We have the numbers to do it, if people just show up. The reason everyone thinks the Republicans are going to win big is because of turnout, nothing else. So let’s show them fuckers that we can turn out. Do it today, make some calls, send some emails, talk to people….but don’t bother trying to convert any Tea Partiers or Republicans, you are wasting your time. Help deliver fellow democrats to the polls, do it now.



32 thoughts on “Prove The Media Wrong – Vote Democrats, VOTE!

  1. Turning out – but only voting for leftist parties. Not conservative, reactionary parties like Democrats and Republicans.

    Democrat no more!

  2. quark so your you going to help the republicans win? You have only yourself to thank for that sort of stupidity. Voting for people that don’t have a chance in hell to win.

  3. What’s the difference if republicans win or democrats win? i have to tell you, i have more and more trouble telling them apart.

  4. and I have a hard time believe the third party goers whenever they speak because everything that comes out of their mouths is hyperbole.

  5. Quark
    No offensive but you’re full of shit, while the Democrats haven’t been prefect but they’re head and shoulders better than the current crop of Republicans. Saying there is no difference between the two parties is like saying there is no difference between the common cold and AIDS.

    For 30 years the Republicans and their overlords in the ivory towers have declare war on the middle class and if these yahoos manage to get a toe in back into power I can ensure you that there will be no middle class there will be the ultra wealthy, the moderate wealthy and the dirt poor.

    And those social programs will be either run by for profit private corporations or be totally eliminated because Repugs believe in the mantra it sucks to be you until it something happens to them.

  6. well it’s a problem you conservatives will have to deal with.

    I don’t vote in order to put someone into power. American democracy is a farce – you’ll only get what corporate interests dictate no matter if the candidate is D or R.

    I vote to communicate my ideals and to vocalize the position that I can’t be fooled by this charade.

  7. The common cold and AIDS are both viruses. I don’t endorse viruses. But I find it hilarious that you compare your parties to viruses.

    You Democrats got us into Afghanistan and Iraq. You paved a bloody road along with Bush. You’ve made me an indentured servant to the insurance industry. You continue to spy on me.

    Pfft. There is no difference. Death and corporate slavery for all.

  8. Quark it seems you got that virus that is going on among right wingers and it’s called history rewrite-its last time I check both wars were started by a Republican President.

  9. Okay, let’s go with World War I, World War II, The Korean War, Vietnam, etc.

    Those were wars started by Democrats and led to nothing but the slaughter of the poor.

    Party of the people, indeed. Or as Bad Religion would sing, “Let them eat war!”

  10. “Mostly.”

    That does it for you? You sleep well like that?

    So your party is “mostly” not responsible for the hundreds of thousands dead.

    That’s good, sign me up.

  11. Yeah, quark, those ‘leftist parties’ may make you feel all fuzzy and warm inside, but you will have zero influence in political life, which is what you types seem to want, since you thrive on purity and failure. Enjoy your irrelevency.

  12. Oh, and you need to reread your history, because your simplistic account shows a lack of ability on your part.

  13. It always makes me pity people like Quark who openly admit that they don’t participate in our government, they just sit on the sidelines and bitch, throw stones and say they all suck. Instead of getting involved, changing things, actually doing something to help change things. But wait, what was I thinking, that would mean actually exerting energy, working a little, giving of yourself. Nevermind…

  14. Great comments Johnny C and Ebogan63, I’m sure glad that some of us think the future of our country is important enough to get involved with and vote. Giving up is such a cop out. It’s an excuse to be lazy and negative.

  15. Why would I participate in something that I want to see overthrown? Working within the status quo only makes you part of it.

    You must work outside of the status quo in order to make a change possible.

  16. Wonder how you can walk on the ground, given the high horse you have hoisted yourself on. Question: if you are not gonna vote for the aformentioned ‘muderers’, why come on an explicitly Dem blog to pronounce this? Voting for your leftist candidtates may be sending a message, but in my opinion, you are not participating in helping people or your community, just making an empty stance.

  17. In this election you have two choices.

    You can stand up for personal responsibility and vote conservative or you can step to the beat of the community organizer, turn off your brain and vote democratic

  18. Atlanta Ralph

    Personal responsibility? All Sarah Palin does nowadays is speak to her horned up idiot fanboys like yourself and blame everyone for her short comings. Want another example? Ok you got equally dumb Christine O’Donnell blame the media because she look like a fool when she didn’t know what was in the first amendment and George W.Bush blame everyone from the Iraq war and the economy collapsing. And when the Republicans get caught posting racist or offensive on their blog or sites it’s always a over excited staffer fault.

    As for your turn off your brain comment, really Ralph each time a non Fox News whore ask one of your tea party candidate a question either what they’re going to cut to stop spending or what their plans are these freaks look like you just ask how to put a rocket ship together these freaks rumble talking points or give off some vague answer that doesn’t answer the question they were asked.

    Even on Fox News Sunday Carly Fiorina couldn’t tell Chris Wallace what spending she would cut to offset the 4 trillion dollar debt tax cuts for her and her rich buddies would add to the national debt.

    Atlanta Ralph I tell you and the other sick right wing special ed rejected fucks are voting for allowing the corporations to write their own rules and regulations, you’re making sure trust fund babies don’t have to pay taxes, ensuring companies have a supply of cheap labor and a tax break on top of that and letting health care companies to make more money off telling sick people go to hell then actually taking care of their needs.

    Atlanta Ralph you Republicans wouldn’t know personal responsibility if it piss in your mouth.

  19. corporations writing their own rules… you mean like Obama taking the Public Option off the table at the behest of the insurance industry as has been proven. Quark is right, there is no difference between R and D.

  20. Hey formula here’s breaking news nobody gives a damn if you’re voting or not, and no one cares if you’re a former Obama voter. Extreme I hope you don’t mind I go off on a green party or third party rant, The Green Party is nothing but a glorify GOP front group they railed against both parties but yet each election cycle from the past couple of years they’re accepting GOP money I guess the Republicans doesn’t suck that much if they’re accepting money and aid to get their candidates(both sides know have no shot of winning)on the ballot.

    This what pisses me off about dicks like formula and his other screenname Quark they whine about everything and yet do nothing. Third parties voters are like their Republican cousins are jokes.

  21. It was never’ off the table’ the Congress voted it in in their version of HCR, but there was never any votes for it in the Senate. Your entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. People like you moaning about a section of the bill that would only cover 2 million vs. 30 million covered by HCR, while its not perfect, is a significant piece of legislation. And anyone parroting that Nader line ain’t serious about politics.

  22. If the fascists take over both the House & Senate in November, I have some extra jackboots left over from when Bushitler was in office for you! Let me know if any of you need a pair because our rights as we know them will be no longer AGAIN.

  23. With the threat of being fined if one is not insured, this will get us to the public option very quickly. Many companies would rather pay the fine in NOT INSURING their employees because the fine will be way cheaper than insuring. Without insurance, some employees will qualify for Medicaid and the others will demand an affordable option from the insurance companies. When the ins. companies refuse to lower their prices, that’s when the public option will look pretty darn good to a portion of the American people!

    Be patient.

  24. The reich wingers turned their brains off because why do you think they’re blaming Obama for everything George Bush started? Because they can’t blame themselves and they have convenient amnesia as usual!

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