Prove The Media Wrong – Vote Democrats, VOTE!

Spread the word, get all your democratic friends and family to get out and vote. We MUST prove the media narrative wrong and show the pundits they are full of shit. There is no other way to shut them the hell up. We have to turn out and keep the village idiots from taking back control of any part of our government, they really don’t give a shit about people, our economy or anything else but getting elected. Mobilize, talk to people, send emails, make sure people you know who are Democrats, get to the polls. We have the numbers to do it, if people just show up. The reason everyone thinks the Republicans are going to win big is because of turnout, nothing else. So let’s show them fuckers that we can turn out. Do it today, make some calls, send some emails, talk to people….but don’t bother trying to convert any Tea Partiers or Republicans, you are wasting your time. Help deliver fellow democrats to the polls, do it now.