59% Say President Obama Is The Man For The Job – Suck It Media!

Continuing with my theme of the media narrative not matching what is really happening in our country. I’m watching Morning Joe, which helps to get my blood flowing in the morning and as usual, they constantly pound into the airwaves how President Obama just isn’t connecting with the American people, he lacks leadership…blah, blah, blah. The other day I heard Savannah Guthrie completely dismiss President Obama’s high approval ratings in comparison to Clinton and Reagan. She dismissed the whole issue by saying, but that it is a drop from 70%. He only garnered 53% of the vote, shouldn’t that be the benchmark instead of the 70% approval immediately after the inauguration, when a lot of people rally around their president, no matter who it is. Why would the media want to set that mark so high and use it to dismiss the fact that President Obama is extremely popular…oh, that’s right, it doesn’t fit with their manufactured narrative. Give it up already, apparently it isn’t working because his popularity is on the rise. Here is the poll that has that 59% number in it…notice how they even turn that number into a negative with their big “but”.

Washington (CNN) – Hours before President Barack Obama holds a town hall to try and energize Democratic voters, a new poll indicates that he remains personally popular but a majority of Americans disagree with his positions on issues that matter to them.

According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation national survey released Tuesday, 59 percent of the public says Obama has the personality and leadership qualities a president should have, with four in ten disagreeing.

“That may be good news for Obama, but it’s not a plus for Democratic candidates in this year’s midterm elections,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “Without Obama’s name on the ballot, the effects of his personal popularity are limited.”

Shouldn’t the story really be what a great leader he is if he can have such high personal approval while making tough choices and ignoring the political winds that blow in all directions. That is leadership, taking on issues that are tough like health care reform, but still garnering support from the country. It is truly amazing how popular President Obama is considering how much he inherited from the previous administration, on the brink of a depression, the stock market plummeting, 2 wars, a stupid ass policy passed by Clinton that has fallen completely at the feet of President Obama, DADT and of course all the other bullshit that he was handed on day one of his presidency. When you add on top of that, the media trying to tell the people how awful he is day in and day out, the constant drumbeat of negative, the sky is falling, people are angry, where are the jobs…But 59% think he is the right person for the job. Suck it Morning Joe, suck it CNN, suck it Jane Hamsher, suck it Arianna Huffington.


11 thoughts on “59% Say President Obama Is The Man For The Job – Suck It Media!

  1. It seems our friend on the right miss the point of this story(granted most conservatives aren’t that bright to start with)the Republicans created a narrative and the corporate media for the most part has echo this narrative for months and this poll prove otherwise.

  2. quark: That’s a pretty dumb thing to say. I don’t trust polls myself much but I do pay attention to them nonetheless at times. I don’t even trust the poll above completely either because it only tells a small story. Plus the media can’t do anything but post polls. That’s all they do nowadays so its kinda hard to get away from when it comes to the news.

  3. And this comes from the very independent thinking and unbiased CNN who was part of the media campaign to elect the community organizer. Obama may have the personalty for the job, he just has no qualifications or clue how to do the job.

    That’s what you get when you let the media elect a community organizer as president.

  4. Atlanta Ralph

    You’re the person who watches Fox News and listens to right wing talk radio which has little to no opposing view on any given political subject. Fox News have two points of view right wing and insanely right wing.

    This pisses me off about dumb ass cousin raping fucks like yourself Ralph you talk about President Obama qualifications yet you supported George W.Bush who as a businessman ran every business he had into the ground, as governor of Texas the only thing that state came first in were teen pregnancies and high school drop out rate and as president almost guide this country into another great depression.

    I hate you guys on the right truly and deeply you support a political party that fucks you over because you think they’re going to push this country into a era that never existed where a woman only job should be cook, baby maker and sex toy, where white guys can get a job just by winking at the boss and harassing minorities is the national past time.

    If I had any kind of power I would send every right winger in this country on a island occupied with flesh eating zombies. Notice I didn’t say brain because the zombies were starved back to death if they had to depend on eating on conservatives brains.

  5. Great rant Johnny C but your facts are not correct. Texas did not lead in teen pregnancies as a percentage of population nor did they lead in HS drop out rates.

    Your idea of sending all right wingers to an island has a big fault. Who would support all of the leftist losers who can only live off the government and have no clue how to take responsibility.

  6. “Your idea of sending all right wingers to an island has a big fault. Who would support all of the leftist losers who can only live off the government and have no clue how to take responsibility.”

    Prey tell, how do you know the political leanings of these aformetioned ‘loosers’, Ralph?

  7. http://www.thenationalcampaign.org/state-data/state-profile.aspx?state=texas

    “Texas did not lead in teen pregnancies as a percentage of population.”

    Teen Birth Rate
    Statistic Texas 42.5 United States 64.2
    Teen Birth Rate Among Girls Age 15-19, 2007

    Those stats are from the CDC, Ralph, which would make the teen pregnancies twice the national average. But, you will dismiss these numbers cause they are from a gov’t agency, and therefore, doesn’t meet your criteria of something from your favorite right wing sites.

  8. Way to go Eric, I hate to inform you but Bush was not Governor of Texas in 2007. The honor seems to always go to DC, home to the federal government, with New Mexico and Arkansas running close behind. Nice try but you are as incorrect as Johnny.

    BTW your statistic was written incorrectly. It should have been Texas 64.2 US 42.5.

  9. Atlanta Ralph

    I guess you fellow the great right wing plan lie and lie often, all you have to do is check Bush record as governor and you will see Texas was a small third world country when Bush and Rove ran it into the ground.

    As for your people living off the government comment,I guessing you’re talking about people who depend on government aid dude the majority of people who you say are living off the government reside in red states and most likely those people are Republican voters. Red states are the poorest states in the country yet election cycle after election cycle these people vote for a political party that wants to take the little they already got and give it to the already wealthy.

    As for the island I stand by the comment, I would go nerdy gamer and say if I had my way I would send all of you right wingers to Raccoon City where every right wing American would be eaten by zombies but I have to explain the Resident Evil universe.

  10. I’ll take the CDC stats from 2007 over ones from 1998 any day of the week, Ralph, and no, I did not put those stats incorrectly, you have a comprehension problem. Furthermore, I was not referring to Bush as govenor, your just trying to change the tenor of my post. My question stands, Ralph, how do you know the political leanings of your aformentioned loosers, which all of you right wingers seem to be so obsessed with, cuz there has to be ‘winners and loosers’ in your Darwinesque view of the world.

    BTW, good job of hijacking the original point of the post and turn it into an anti-Obama screed. Got to hand it to you.

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