Our Media Is At A Low Point In History!

How low can our media go? There really seems to be no bottom to it. We’ve all accepted certain outlets as biased, propaganda machines but when even supposed main stream media outlets join the fray, the destruction of legitimate media is at hand. You all remember the whackery of Dinesh D’Souza’s piece in Forbe’s magazine that painted our duly elected president as a dangerous anti-colonialist tribesman, you know, not one of us. Remember how it was thoroughly ripped apart and Forbe’s hid their head in shame….yea right. Well now that liberal bastion (cough, spit), The Washington Post, has given him more ink to print his lies and paranoid rantings. Steve Benen weighs in on it here, an excerpt…

That’s’ a good question. The op-ed, like the article it came from, is garbage. Worse, it’s lazy garbage, espousing cheap attacks that were exposed as nonsense weeks ago. Indeed, the lede of D’Souza’s op-ed makes sweeping arguments about the president’s psyche based on the title of Obama’s first book — arguments that appear ridiculous if one actually gets past the title to read the book itself.

Asked what on earth he was thinking, Fred Hiatt, the Washington Post‘s editorial page editor, said:

I approved publication of this Op-Eed. D’Souza’s theory has sparked a great deal of commentary, from potential presidential candidates as well as from commentators on our own pages.


But the Washington Post is giving the writer yet another platform, on purpose and probably for compensation, because people are talking about just how ridiculous D’Souza’s argument really is? Offensive, discredited ideas deserve coveted media real estate, regardless of merit, based solely on their ability to generate political buzz?


It’s also a reminder that, a little too often, it’s not altogether clear why some op-ed pages even exist. Ideally, opinion columns are intended to add context, analysis, and a larger vision to current events. But when a paper decides op-eds don’t have to be true, and publishes items that are clearly false regardless of merit, there’s a more systemic problem about journalistic standards to consider.

This is a perfect example of what our media has become. It’s not necessarily an ideological thing, but really points to how the “corporatization” of the media has come full circle. When a publication basically reprints something that has been completely debunked and actually says they did it because of the media circus it created, well, what more can you really say. You have to give Hiatt credit for being honest about it. Someday, I plan to have a media empire that will counter this kind of trash and I’m going to call it “The Truth, Bitches”.


7 thoughts on “Our Media Is At A Low Point In History!

  1. So you attack the media by… quoting a media outlet you agree with? Didn’t you just talk about Rolling Stone?

    Inconsistencies like this make the joke more obvious, dude. I know the site is a joke on liberals but you’re making it obvious.

  2. What the hell are you talking about? I’m sitting here laughing out loud because your comment is so fucking stupid. So you can’t criticize the media by quoting other media. Some sort of rule you have made up in your head? I don’t know what you are talking about as far as Rolling Stone, I quoted President Obama’s interview from it, but as far as “talk”ing about Rolling Stone…
    Your second line there is just about as fucking stupid.
    “Inconsistencies like this”…you mean quoting the media about the media, that’s some big fucking inconsistency dude. LOL…..
    “a joke on liberals”…what the fuck does that even mean?
    “you’re making it obvious”…once again, what the fuck does that even mean.
    Funny shit Trolly Troll….thanks for the laugh.

  3. formula: Clearly you don’t know what your talking about so and are ranting like a five year old. How do you know someone is a dead brain republitard? Once they start ranting about liberals and trying to use words that they know nothing about like inconsistencies and liberal.

  4. You mean like Lawrence O’Donnell beginning his first show with the statement that Obama had called all his supporters irresponsible when anybody that heard Obama’s speech knew that was clearly Larry O changing around the words in a couple different sentences to come to that conclusion and then stating it as fact? Combined with my general everyday malaise from being unemployed, the “media” sometimes just gets to be too much for my psyche.

  5. The media reached a low point a little over two years ago when they elected someone who’s only experience was as a community organizer. It does seem that the media is trying to make amends for their error.

    Why is it that the community organizer says he wants the same healthcare for all yet, McDonalds are exempt, Teachers Union is exempt, UAW is exempt and legislators are exempt. A huge boondoggle that most don’t want, we can’t afford and the only people benefiting had medicaid.

    Where are the jobs that we spent 850 billion for, you really have to hand it to the community organizer, he has a bunch of folks fooled.

  6. I remember more folks than the media electing the president, Ralph, and they’ve been working for your team for the past 30+ years.

    And as I recall, Bush didn’t exactly create many jobs during his watch, and the stimulus was 787 billion, not 850,, but keep repeating your talking points masquerading as thoughtful analysis.

  7. Eric,

    The job market was in good shape until January 2007 when the democrats took control. There are jobs available just not the jobs a lot of people want. As long as we continue to extend unemployment benefits the jobless rate will remain high.

    It echos one poster who said she couldn’t find a job but was too good to work at Walmart or McDonalds. Some people would rather live off handouts than work. 787 billion or 800 billion, it is never enough for our our politicians. The problem with the stimulus money is it did not accomplish much. It was suppose to create jobs but we know that didn’t happen and now the lie is “create or save” which cannot be validated by the CO.

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