What He Said – The Midterm Elections

Booman says it all in this post, keep it around for election night.

I’m not optimistic about the midterms, but I do think there’s a good chance that they will be less catastrophic than we fear. I have two basic reasons for feeling a bit of optimism. The first is that I believe that Democrats will show more and more interest in voting as election day approaches. It’s only natural for the minority to be more fired up and outraged, but election day is when people really focus on politics. Most of the polling data is premised on a huge disparity in voter turnout. I suspect that disparity will be less than expected. The second reason is that I can go down the list of Senate races and not find a single instance where I think the Republicans have the stronger candidate or the stronger campaigner. We have some real mismatches, too.Obviously, Chris Coons completely outclasses Christine O’Donnell. But O’Donnell isn’t the only candidate who is hiding from the media. Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, and Carly Fiorina are hiding, too. I think Roy Blunt, and the whole Blunt family, are exactly the opposite of what the Tea Party wants, and I don’t see him getting out the vote. Rob Miller, Ron Johnson, and Ken Buck are basically nuts. I think Kelly Ayotte is totally out of her league. Mark Kirk is a serial liar. Linda McMahon is a freak-show. Mario Rubio has legal and ethical problems. Dan Coats is a retread. David Vitter likes to pay women to dress him in a diaper. We’re definitely going to lose the seats in North Dakota and Arkansas, but after that, nothing is certain.


12 thoughts on “What He Said – The Midterm Elections

  1. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter. Look what they did in 2008 and now regret it. The biggest difference in 2008 and 2010 is the media elected the community organizer and many of them have seen some of the errors of their ways.

    I’m not at all optimistic about the midterms because of the apathy of the voter who believes all politicians are crooks, which is spot on. I just hope they will decide that in order for this country to survive, it must cut spending, eliminate earmarks, increase jobs and improve education. The conservatives have a better chance of turning the country in a positive direction than the community organizer and his band of liars. The democrats have proven that with almost four years of control in congress, they have no clue.

  2. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter

    Truer words have never been spoken by Atlanta Ralph. Hell, GWB had two terms in office – we need no further proof.

    Ralph, instead of saying non-starter bullshit like cut spending, why don’t you say what specifically needs to be cut. The biggest costs are in Defense, Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security. Where do the cuts begin? What’s your plan to increase jobs in a market that has moved away from manufacturing to a more skill-based workforce. Tell me what Obama (or anyone else for that matter) can do with the 55 year old laid off steel worker who has worked the mills for the last 30 years and can’t even turn on a computer much less be able to use one? The “conservatives” and their ideas had a chance for the last ten years. Let’s see – two unfunded wars at the same time you cut taxes (sheer genius with that one, conservatives), tax cuts that were not paid for, a prescription drug bill (that again, was not paid for) that cost billions of bucks, billions of dollars also “disappearing” in Iraq, a bailout plan from the last administration that was all of three pages giving them authorization to distribute $700 billion to their pals with no accountability and no questions asked. These are your “conservatives”. Job losses around 8 million; retirement funds obliterated in the fall of the markets; the only people doing better now than they were ten years ago are the wealthy, and you want to preach to us about how good they would be for America. And now, they have the audacity to come back to the American people with the exact same plans and want to be in charge again? You’re a bigger idiot than I thought if this is what you’re selling.

  3. Good shot Staci,

    The republicans have had control for six of the last 10 years and they didn’t do a very good job, 4% unemployment, good returns on the stock market. The liberals took over four years ago and they have done a much better job, 10% unemployment, flat market, housing bust (stand up and cheer).

    There is a lot of blame from everyone for the exit of jobs overseas. The companies trying to stay competitive, unions with non-competitive demands, the consumer wanting better value.

    You are correct, where is a 55 year old steel worker going to find employment with no skills. Help him out and retrain him would be a great start.

    Where to cut costs.
    How about the entitlement masses who can work but refuse to because they get paid to not work.
    Maybe not fund teaching African men how to wash their penis or feed cocaine to monkeys to see the effects. The “stimulus” package was nothing but a huge, vote buying, pork barrel for our politicians.

  4. And who are the “entitlement masses” that you’re speaking of, Ralph. Would this be the Wall Street bankers, the top 2% with their banked tax cuts who have been pampered and protected these past ten years, the oil companies, the lobbyists? How about John Boehner, the paymaster for Big Oil. All of these are the biggest welfare queens one can imagine. So, before I jump the gun, tell me which of these entitlements we’re going to drop. And, lastly, which particular politician are you accusing of getting the pork? Be specific, Ralph, because I’ve been paying attention and I KNOW that for the most part what you consider pork was either never included or stripped out at the beginning. As for the feeding cocaine to the monkeys and your other assertions – I have only heard the pundits repeating this crap. Do you have proof – say pointing out the portion of the stimulus bill that funded this, or are you talking out your ass here?

    The liberals took over four years ago and they have done a much better job, 10% unemployment, flat market, housing bust

    This is such crap I’m not even going to address it. YOU know better, and if you don’t shame on you for blindly buying barrels of bullshit.

    BTW, where are we going to get the training dollars for that worker? There are millions of folks in that very same position, so to institute a training program would come at significant cost to somebody. Who is going to pay, Ralph?

  5. Atlanta Ralph are you kidding me?

    You half wits would given George W.Bush and Ronald Reagan third terms if they were allow to run for another term, the republicans have nose dive the economy and trying to place blame on the black guy.

    For six of the eight years Bush had a rubber stamp Republican majority and the Dems didn’t take control until 2007, again I have to explain to the thinking challenge on the right because the dems won elections in 2006 doesn’t mean Democrats automatically take over the day after.. Notice when then Senator Barack Obama soundly kick the ass of STILL senator John McCain, Obama didn’t moved in the White House the day after the election.

    Republicans lost their majority in January of 2007 not 2006 because you still had a lame duck congress with a Republican majority. And those Democrats still had to deal with a Republican president for another full year.

    As for this midterm my only fear is that not enough of us are fired up and wanting to kick more Republican ass while dim witted ditto chimps like yourself are fired and willingly to give power back to a political party that spent the last 30 years pissing on you.

    Think about this, you got the Republicans on and off the record saying they want to privatize social security and get rid of medicare and the ironic part of that is a vast majority of these tea baggers are on those programs or a year away to use these programs but are willingly to cut their own nose off just to get the black guy in the White House.

    Atlanta Ralph what is the Republican idea for healthcare?
    Don’t worry to answer that Ralph Alan Grayson already cover it by explaining it by saying don’t get sick and if you do get sick die quickly.
    What’s the Republicans want to do with the debt? Oh yeah they want to add 4 trillion to it by making sure millionaires and billionaires don’t have to pay their fair share in taxes.
    The Republicans say they want to balance the budget but yet haven’t say what they want to cut.

    The Republicans told those who lost their job by no fault of their own tough titties we’re not extending your unemployment benefits.

    The Republicans have sided with companies that send jobs over seas for cheap labor.

    The Republicans idea of a small business is Microsoft.

    Anybody thinking voting Republican is a good idea probably thinks smoking and pumping gas is safe.

  6. Staci, I am glad you have been paying attention but you missed a few facts.


    U.S. January 2009 Unemployment Rate 7.6% –
    Unemployment 9.6% for August 2010

    The 2006 United States midterm elections were held on Tuesday, November 7, 2006. The election resulted in a sweeping victory for the Democratic Party which captured the House of Representatives, the Senate, and a majority of governorships and state legislatures from the Republican Party.

    Facts seem to disagree with you statements but who believes facts.

  7. Why cant you call ‘the community organizer’ the President? Why do you feel confertable insulting him, while I never voted for him, I always called Bush, the president outta respect.

  8. Ralph

    I give you credit when you are confronted with reality you double down on the GOP talking points along with cutting and pasting right wing blogs or opinions. This comes from a group of people that still Bill Clinton for Bush tanking the economy despite Bill Clinton leaving him a surplus and you guys even blamed Clinton for 9.11. When Bush left office the economy were bleeding over 700k jobs a month that trend flip in the first year of President Obama.

    Again the Republicans have no solutions other then making sure Paris Hilton doesn’t have to pay taxes.

  9. but who believes facts.

    Certainly not you. Johnny C gave you plenty of facts, and yet you come back with that? And, considering the source of your “facts”, I think I’ll pass. These groups you’re citing tend to manipulate the facts to fit their opinions.

  10. I just found this blog when I started to notice a lot of my post on Huffington Post were not being posted which I thought were good ideas to get Democrats to the polls instead of blaming Obama for the current low polls. My main point I was trying to make was that nobody’s poll numbers could survive an attack from two sides that Obama faced during the summer of 2009. I blamed Ms. Huffinton, Ms Maddows, and Mr Obermann as much for these low poll numbers as I blamed the teabaggers, but these opinions were never posted. During my research on Ms. Huffinton I found this blog entry: https://extremeliberal.wordpress.com/2010/02/04/arianna-huffington-is-a-republican-folks/

    I intent to now follow this blog and although I haven’t yet concluded that Ms. Huffinton is a Republican plant I have to agree with you that it is certainly possible.

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