Keith Olbermann and Michael Moore Distance Themselves From The Democratic Party!

I saw some of Keith Olbermann’s show last night and Michael Moore and Keith talked as if they have never even met a Democrat. They’ve done this bit before, where they spend time berating the Democratic party, the Obama administration and stroke each other like they are boyfriends under the bleachers. I wish I could talk directly to those two pompous assholes and say, what the fuck is wrong with you, do you miss the days of Republican rule? What good are you doing for your own supposed principles by helping to tear down the ONLY party that gives a shit about people. What do you think you are accomplishing by feeding into the media created meme that Democrats are incompetent? Are you two so fucking stupid and self serving that you actually don’t understand what effect this bullshit ranting is doing to liberal prospects in November, or do you just not care? The whole poutrage gang of Olbermann, Hamsher, Huffington, Uygur, Marsh and all their minions seem to only give a shit about their own pet projects. Actually, I think they are taking advantage of the anger in the country to make a quick buck. Arianna’s new book, from what I can tell, is a massive appeal to the Tea Party. She is blatantly trying to make money off our economic crisis, she is a fucking con artist pure and simple. I hope to find time to finish a post about Arianna and her new book soon. And really, I don’t think they really care about anything anymore except getting on their fucking soapboxes and spewing their ignorant, selfish, attention grabbing bullshit that doesn’t serve the progressive movement at all. Do they really think that by sending a signal to whoever…the president, Rahm, Pelosi, Reid….that it is going to help their cause? These “signals” they are sending are being received by moderate voters and independents and will only turn them away from the Democratic party. Is that really what you assholes want? I’m beginning to believe that is exactly what you want. Hell, they did rather well with W. to beat up on, made entire careers out of it….maybe they long for someone to beat up on so they can get ratings or clicks. Wake up you dumbshits or come right out and admit that you really don’t give a flying fuck about liberal ideas.

Oh, and in our cable news society, YOU ASSHOLES ARE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY in the minds of the right wing. Just like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are the symbols of the Republican party, Olbermann and Moore are the symbols of the Democratic party….so why would you want to make yourself look bad, oh yeah, that’s right……MONEY! Thankfully Rachel hasn’t gone completely off the deep end yet, but she is close. Is it any wonder the party of Palin, Angle, Rand Paul, Christine O’Donnell and the rest of the wackos look like they have a chance? With friends like Olbermann and Moore, who needs enemies.

[end rant]


16 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann and Michael Moore Distance Themselves From The Democratic Party!

  1. This has been something I’ve been trying to tell everyone! Yet no one seems to listen to me. As much as I liked Olbermann and Moore in the past I absolutely loath them now. I don’t watch his show anymore and have only occasionally hit Moore’s site but even than I browse but hardly read his ranting articles. None of them have any substance and whats more people buy into this crap and are mystified why the republicans are getting such an edge in our political system.

    Sad to say I’m afraid that the republicans really might take out a victory on the democrats and we have the mainstream media along with Olberman and Moore to thank. I have hardly found anything to like about MSNBC so I don’t watch it anymore. If I want to read the news I go to CNN, its the closest thing we have to actual reporting and thats real sad.

  2. Olberman is talking to the 2 percenters that imo probably make up the bulk of his show. Rank and file democrats (95% of Obama’s base ) don’t have a clue as to who he is or Hamsher, Huffington, Uygur and Marsh for that matter. At last count that group gave Obama an approval rating in the mid to high 80’s. Even at the netroots whinefest he scored 84%.

    The only thing these people are doing is trying to depress the blogosphere. They’ve done a pretty good job so far but that’s not where the election is. As Al Giordano said

    The portrait they paint is that President Obama isn’t satisfying “the base” enough, not being “progressive” enough, and that therefore ideological voters on the left will stay home and Republicans will conquer the upcoming midterm elections. It is often said as a threat: Do what I say or you will lose because “we” will sit on our hands.

    It’s tiresome not merely because it is boorish and an act of aspiring bullydom, but also because those who shout it don’t really have enough of a “we” behind them to make good on those threats, and most of that “we” doesn’t knock on doors or volunteer on phone banks or organize communities.

    They are aspiring generals with blogosphere accounts, but without armies.

  3. He’s talking to the 2 percenters. If he weren’t Olberman’s show would reflect that 95 percent of Obama’s actual base gives him approval ratings in the mid 80’s. That’s where the election is. The rank and file don’t have a clue as to who Olbermann, Huffington, Hamsher and the others are.

    There job is to depress the turnout among the blogosphere because they sure don’t have any power to do it anywhere else.

  4. It’s gets really tiring. Maybe it’s just us because we’re paying attention. I’ve said to my mom, I don’t know which is worse – to ignore everything going on or to stay immersed in this shit daily. I quit my loyalty to Olbermann months ago when it progressed to every show having a Special Comment. For a guy that says he doesn’t vote, he sure is critical of the system.

  5. That is true, the cable news bubble only has so much reach, the same is true of the Sunday morning bobbleheads. But I’m afraid Rush and Beck have a pretty large reach.

    I have to keep reminding myself of your point, so I don’t spend too much time being angry at those asswipes.

  6. Nice joke about gays, dude! Men agreeing with each other must be gay!

    I swear each of your posts becomes more bigoted.

  7. Good post.I watched Ed Schultz the other night when he had the 99’ers on and was not happy that some of them have decided to stay home this election because they weren’t able to get their unemployment extended again. Well, I remember Ed going on a rant about it and stating, he wasn’t going to vote because the congress didn’t pass additional benefits. So you have Olberman and Ed going nuts on the congress and the President, it’s a wonder there are still people out their that are going to vote at all. Wisconsin Repubs are already starting the caging to depress the vote in Wisconsin. If you don’t vote people, you better STFU.

  8. How fucking stupid is that statement, “men agreeing with each other must be gay”…if you saw the piece, you would know that they are in the Mutual Admiration Society and stroked each others egos. The “under the bleachers” was a play on words, a joke son. I have a lot of gay friends and you know what, they like to laugh too and they make fun of themselves and heterosexuals. They aren’t quite as uptight as you would paint them. You must not know any gays, eh?

  9. Love, Love, Love, this rant and agree 100%! I couldn’t find my remote fast enough when I found myself watching Moore and Olbermann start that routine. What they are doing is truly disgusting and clearly they don’t give a shit about the rest of us. They are helping the republicans with this shit and I won’t forget it.

  10. I have found it difficult to watch videos (don’t have tv so I watch videos on line)of the so-called progressive shows because of the trend to bash the President, no matter what. I had started to listen to Maddow, Olbermann and Scultz on Sirus radio, but this is almost just as bad.

    This is an e-mail I sent to Maddow after the last time I watched a video of her show when the President announced the end of combat operations in Iraq. She claims to read all e-mails but I doubt that she cares outside of her own agenda.

    Rachel: Almost reflexively, you can find something or someway to attack President Obama.

    Why don’t you try attaching ankle weights to you ankles that will make it slightly more difficult for you to go on the attack.

    One expects the right-wing nut jobs to attack but why is it necessary for so-called liberals and progressives to attack. You could barely waited for the man to complete his speech before you start amping up for an attack. Is this to prove to the right-wingers that you are not as liberal as they think you are? What is it? What is the point?

    Attacking President Obama for what amounts to nothing is really getting old. Why don’t you give it a rest.

  11. I completely disagree. Although, I agree with nearly all of your political views (in fact, I think I fell in love after I read “about you”).
    You say “big deal” and I say “yes, it is a big deal”. I am and always have been a very modest person even though I have always had a pretty nice bod and an otherwise loud mouth. I live in Germany and the porno scanners don’t come close on the ‘uncomfortable’ scale, imo. I don’t care that they don’t know me- I *know* that ‘someone’ is looking at ME- all of me. You talk about freedom, but I don’t have the “freedom” to choose to fly on an airline that doesn’t use them. I’d take my chances any day rather than be subjected to the porno scanner. I’d also take the pat down any day, as well. So, if the “enhanced” pat down is as effective as the porno scanner, why waste all that money- that we don’t have, that was supposed to go to “pay” people to work- on those ridiculous pieces of technology? How did ‘they’ get away with being able to use stimulus money to ‘buy’ them and thus put more of ‘our’ money into the pockets of that wealthy tech corporation? Respectfully, SoCal Girl in Germany

  12. whoops…my reply was to your TSA post…I don’t know what happened…but as long as I’m here…I have to say that I think it’s okay to criticize EVERYBODY. I LOVE Obama and will defend him till the cows come home, but he is being a wimp. At some point, you gotta say “come on!” and realize you can’t get blood from a stone and you can’t compromise with “the party of no”. I blame it all on the GOP, FAUX news, conservative talk radio, and the dems “meowing” to those who have no interest in anyone/anything but themselves. I’m mad. I’ll always have O’s back, but he better start standing up to those corporate fascists and greedy mo-fos or else. I’ll still vote for him because I believe in him, but I wish he’d do what he was elected to do which is to lead and congress would do what they were elected to do which is to pass shit.

  13. I tried to delete and repost but I didn’t see a way to do that. If you can, please feel free to put the above on the correct page. Regards, Jen in Germany

  14. One last thing, I think Rachel and Co. are just ‘trying’ to criticize where criticism is due, if only so FOX and friends can’t say we *never* criticize our own. I think it gives them more cred in the area of what I see as real journalism. Being “libs and progressives” aren’t you the least bit pissed/tired of dems cowering to the GOP? I sure am. IF so, we need ‘our’ guys in DC to hear us and hear us loud and clear. :)

  15. I do agree with those pundits who criticize President Obama for going back to the trough again and again to compromise with those who want to destroy him. As my Houston blogger friend writes….(BTW watch the Fiore cartoon embedded)…

    Republicans have mastered the art of Not Compromising on anything and then making the other-side appear “unreasonable” for not giving in to their demands. Worst of all, Democrats actually HELP them do it. My only hope is that Democrats learned a valuable lesson in “politicking” from the Republicans and aren’t shy about being “obstructionists” when Republicans try (to quote them) “to shove their agenda down America’s throat.”

    I have been upset with uber-lesbian Rachel Maddow discouraging her gay audience, defusing any enthusiasm before the elections. She likes to shame Obama into taking action (but nobody reacts well into being shoved into a corner). Being out of the closet since 1965, I had hoped that Obama would not even tackle the gay agenda until he won re-election in 2012 and push for DADT and “marriage” all in a second term since it is a wedge issue the GOP have and would use. I have seen a sea change improvement for gays in America since Stonewall and I am patient enough to wait four more years. Look how long it took to give women the right-to-vote and still Republicans still don’t want to grant them equality in the workplace but eventually, I believe women, blacks, gays will finally be given equality. Patience usually pays off. I am pinning my hopes on the younger generation so probably won’t live long enough to see it, however. But change most often comes painfully slow, NOT OVERNIGHT unless there is an armed revolution (like some teabaggers hope for their causes).

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