Apologies To My Readers!

This week I am busy preparing for a big meeting, a career changing meeting…so I have to focus on that and some other pressing issues. I’m sure I will find something that will outrage me and I’ll just have to post about it, but for the most part, I will be posting lightly this week. I hope to be back in the swing politically next week. Hopefully our awesome guest blogger, Staci, will have a few things on her mind….hint, hint, Staci. :) I’m heading to the Big Apple again this week, thus the picture below.


6 thoughts on “Apologies To My Readers!

  1. What has me fired up lately is how the media has focused on a town hall with Obama and cut him half way through when when he was explaining what his administration was doing. Its almost like the media only wanted people to hear what this woman was saying and not what Obama was saying. Surely they wouldn’t do that though that would be biased.

  2. What he said was it is all Bush’s fault because he inherited a much bigger mess than my experts expected an we need to pour money into vote buying.

    I was delighted to hear the recession ended a year ago, funny how we had to be told when it ended because things have gotten worse since then.

    January 3, 2007 was the day the economy started to fall apart.
    The DOW was 12,621
    GDP was 3.5%
    Unemployment was 4.6%

    Now it appears that July 2009 was the time everything turned around. 800 billion dollars later, unemployment up, GDP down. I guess the experts view the recovery different than those millions still unemployed.

    Forgot to point out that January 3, 2007 was the day the democrats became the majority party. Dodd in charge of banking, Frank oversees fannie and freddy. Nice job the democrats did running the economy into the ground and blaming the minority party. They do have good PR people and of course the media.

  3. I had the same reaction looking at Morning Joe today. They repeatedly showed the clips of the two people that voiced their disappointment with the administration, but strategically cut the clip to parse Obama’s answer. I saw the town hall. My impression, especially with the black lady, was that she was looking for immediate stuff that would effect her personally, but really hadn’t put much thought into how legislation would help her in the long term. I’m guessing after Obama’s answer, she had a bit of a different viewpoint.

  4. That’s how it looked to me at the time. Of course I don’t watch morning Joe. The guy looks like an idiot and plus he seems to spout a lot of non-sense and doesn’t look like he knows what he’s talking about.

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