Watch The Republicans Run David Brooks Out On A Rail!

Steve Benen has a post up about a David Brooks column that will probably cause David all sorts of trouble on the right, but I guess he has burned a lot of those bridges already. My observation of David Brooks is that he really blows in the wind with his opinions. He is the definition of hypocrisy in many ways and often traps himself in his own logic. But I find myself agreeing with him sometimes in between his contortions. Here is a piece from Steve Benen’s post…

In his speech in Ohio last week, President Obama tried to explain that the underlying cause of American progress can be entirely non-partisan. Democrats made Social Security, the minimum wage, the GI Bill, Medicare, civil rights, workers’ rights, and women’s rights a reality, but “we also recognize that throughout our history, there has been a noble Republican vision … of what this country can be.”The president noted that it was Lincoln who used the power of the federal government to set up the first land-grant colleges and launch the transcontinental railroad; it was Teddy Roosevelt who broke up monopolies; it was Dwight Eisenhower who built the Interstate Highway System; and it was Ronald Reagan who worked with Democrats to help save Social Security for future generations.

Apparently the President’s speech prompted David Brooks to write this next bit that will surely piss off most of the people leading the Republican Party these days, you know, “The Party of No”…

Throughout American history, in other words, there have been leaders who regarded government like fire — a useful tool when used judiciously and a dangerous menace when it gets out of control. They didn’t build their political philosophy on whether government was big or not. Government is a means, not an end. They built their philosophy on making America virtuous, dynamic and great. They supported government action when it furthered those ends and opposed it when it didn’t.

If the current Republican Party regards every new bit of government action as a step on the road to serfdom, then the party will be taking this long, mainstream American tradition and exiling it from the G.O.P.

That is Republican blasphemy. Elections have consequences and the ascension of the Tea Party and the rest of the crazies within the GOP is causing a lot of rifts within the Grand Ole’ Party. It is up to us Democrats to help drive that wedge between the two factions. Rub salt in those wounds. Kick them while they are down. Give them that little shove they need to go over the cliff. Isn’t politics fun?