Wake Up Democrats, We Can Win!

For years, Republicans have used the media to create new realities. They do it by using repetition and by spreading the message far and wide. They of course have set up many venues for spreading their talking points and alternate realities, Rush Limbaugh and countless other right-wing radio hosts, Fox News’ entire programming, CNN is played like a cheap violin because they bend over backwards to give two sides to every issue, including facts and MSNBC has an obsession with polls even more than the rest of the cable news networks.  They don’t seem to care much who commissioned the poll and whether the methodology was sound or not. New polls get them all excited and they love them some lower thirds graphics that scream the latest poll results.

From my perspective, I’ve watched as the Republicans went from being completely marginalized, losing control of both branches of government and having no real leaders, which continues to this day – to somehow being ahead in generic polls and now the pundits are saying they are going to take control of the House of Representatives in November. How did they do it? By forming a unified front and setting out to block every single thing that the Obama administration attempts, by feeding misinformation into the psyche of the American electorate, by throwing red meat to the uninformed masses with all sorts of subtle and not so subtle appeals to racism, by outright lying with the help of the idiot media and the hired right-wing media, by forcing the administration to the middle with their unified front which has caused the White House to negotiate with the conservadems and moderate Republicans in order to pass ANYTHING, which has caused the “firebaggers” like Jane Hamser, Cenk Uygur, Ed Schultz, Taylor Marsh and Arianna Huffington to start attacking him from the left flank. This has served to demoralize the base with some of those turncoats actually encouraging their readers to not turn out to vote in November, as if that will somehow teach the White House a lesson. The “professional left” completely fell for the Republican’s tactic, swallowed it hook, line and sinker. The Republicans counted on the politically naive Hamsher, Huffington and others to not understand how Washington works, you can read it almost daily on their blogs – this sense that if the president really wanted to pass it, he would just do it. How fucking naive is that thinking, haven’t they ever watched C-Span for more than 5 minutes? I heard Arianna Huffington “GlennBecking” her book last night with full-throated populism and Tom Ashbrook asked how she proposes we change these things and her response was that we have to “insist” that they do it. A perfect example of her naiveté.

The fight over the health care bill is a perfect example of how the Republicans manipulated the process to get back in a position to “possibly” win back the House of Representatives in 2010. We all remember how popular the idea of passing health care reform was right after the election in 2008. This is where the pollsters started their role in helping the Republicans. They all asked very general questions like “Do you support reforming health care?” or something to that effect and of course that general question is going to get a yes answer from many different people, those who want universal health care to those who really don’t know what they want, but just know that what we have now isn’t working. So the pollsters set the high water mark on the popularity of health care reform in its generic form. This helps to set up false expectations of people, especially the media who are lazy motherfuckers and instead of doing some original reporting, they just get the latest PDF from Gallup and recycle the same clichés that they all spew forth. With these high expectations it becomes the media’s job to chip away at it. They love them some dramatic teases or scrolling text which screams “The President’s Support For Health Care Plummets” or some crap like that.

Of course the Republican lie machine kicked into gear and started scaring senior citizens with the “death panels”  and injected the terms “government run health care” into the lexicon, even though none of the proposals had government running anything except possibly a public option for buying insurance. But of course the Rebubs, with the help of the media AND the idiot firebaggers, began their campaigns to misinform the public by distorting the bills being floated. The right did it by making people believe that the government was going to decide what procedures would or wouldn’t be covered and the firebaggers did it by attacking the mandate, which by most accounts is necessary, if we are really going to bring costs down…think emergency room visits for uninsured. Of course, the firebaggers claimed it was going to be a big gain for insurance companies, which may or may not be true when you consider all the other provisions that put restrictions on them and stop them from kicking people off for pre-existing conditions, etc., I’m not so sure the insurance companies will benefit as much as the haters think.  It is probably true that the more people who have health insurance, the more the insurance industry stands to gain from it. So when you step back, the firebaggers would rather the health insurance industry not make money, even if it means poor people suffer. Where are the priorities here, supposed “left”? And really, having observed how things really work in Washington, the congress can revisit a lot of these issues in the future and as long as Democrats stay in control, much of that can be fixed. But here is the rub. The firebaggers who should be supporting the president and helping to fix the problems with the bill are actively trying to bring this president down. Do they really care about progressive issues or have their emotions (hate and jealousy) overcome their ability to reason and show compassion for their fellow citizens? Bastards.

If we look at the other big lie that Republicans have successfully perpetuated with the help of the media and again, the firebaggers, is the idea that the stimulus didn’t work…all based on one measure, the unemployment rate. I’ve posted about this before so I won’t rehash it…go look at it if you haven’t already. Almost immediately after President Obama was elected, before he was even sworn in, someone in the Obama gang made a prediction about the unemployment rate based on the numbers Bush and Co. were giving them. Remember how everyone was demanding that Obama come up with a solution to the economic mess and solve the looming “depression” that was surely around the corner…even before he was sworn in. So bowing to that intense pressure, a big mistake, the incoming administration made some rosy statements based on the information available. These predictions were modified very soon after the real numbers were discovered, after the Bush folks walked away laughing that they fell for it. But the Republicans, the media and the haters on the left (firebaggers) apparently didn’t like those new numbers so they just stayed with the Bush inspired ones, it served their purposes much better. So here we are 20 months later, no depression, the stock market back near the 10,000 mark, massive profits in the pockets of business and new private sector jobs being created for the last 8 months…not enough for sure, but a lot better than the legacy Bush left us and of course all that positive news is overshadowed by the unemployment rate. No one seems to grasp that it could very well be 18 – 20% had the stimulus not been passed. How many times have you heard someone in the media brush that off because damnit, there are still a lot of unemployed people. No shit Sherlock, and it does matter that it could be much worse….it does matter. Especially for all those people who still have their jobs and can pay their bills, it really fucking matters. Oh, but let’s ignore them because someone made a prediction back in December of 2008 that was wrong. Let’s just focus on that one number as the measure, fucking idiots.

But having said all that, it doesn’t mean that Democrats have to lose in November. With such a large percentage of the population not paying attention to politics at all until about 2 weeks out from an election, with the right tactics, we can minimize those loses and retain control of both houses of congress. I’m encouraged that David Plouffe is on our team and actively organizing and pushing for the GOTV efforts. I’m also glad to see the President out delivering the message that no one else seems to have the balls to do, including the firebaggers and the so-called “professional left” who in my opinion, hasn’t done shit for progressive causes since President Obama took office. They’ve been whining and bitching about the president not fulfilling some fantasy they created in their pea-sized brains or they are out to prove that we all should have voted for Hillary by joining with the right to damage this progressive president. Fucking sore losers……well, losers period.

So it is up to the rest of us to help the Democrats save our country from the catastrophe that will surely happen if John Boehner and Mitch McConnell get control. Go out and do your part to elect Democrats, start today. It isn’t that hard, talk to your liberal friends and make sure they are going to vote this year. If you have the time, volunteer for your local democrats and post comments on blogs encouraging people to get out and vote. We can win this thing if we all do our part.


10 thoughts on “Wake Up Democrats, We Can Win!

  1. Sure, Democrats and President Obama have made some mistakes…and have been obstructed by not only the right but also some fools in their own party (yes, I’m talking about you Ben Nelson!). However, what did people really expect to happen in less than 2 years? Did you really think that one man was going to change the whole world and heal the wounds inflicted on us by GW Bush in less than two years? If so you’re either crazy or delusional. This is a big nation with big problems…they are not going to be solved in 2 years. Sure, I would have liked to see single-payer healthcare…but this is American and the reality is that we’re just not going to get that. So, instead of standing by the President some liberals want to “sit out” the election or “vote for the other party” to teach him a lesson. They act like spoiled little children who take their toys and go home when they don’t their way. Babies! Grow up and get a clue! By voting against the President’s party in this election you are only cutting your own throats! Do you really think that the right-wing fascist republican party is going to do your bidding? Do you think they are going to eliminate “Don’t Ask” or get your single-payer insurance? These hate-mongers want to take this country back to 1920 when there were no labor laws, minorities were “in their place” and robber-barons ruled business. Wake up you fools and get your head out of the clouds…in the real world something is a hell of a lot better than nothing and believe me…when you vote for a Republican you will get just that…NOTHING!

  2. Thanks Jim, you are right on again. This insanity has got to stop. When the Democratic Party wins again in November, we can only hope the Media actually acknowledges the win and the mandate to correct the crap the Republications are spewing. I suppose I better not hold by breath. Sometimes my head just wants to explode. Thanks for the sanity.

  3. We can only hope voters remember the last four years since the democrats gained the majority. With the passage of the healthcare fraud premiums have increased by 4-12%, even though the community organizer said they would go down.
    The democrats have proposed taking over retirement accounts and starting a guaranteed retirement account so everyone can get retirement instead of just people who worked for it http://imkane.wordpress.com/2010/05/18/democrats-plan-to-seize-your-401ks-and-iras/.

    The democrats only idea is to demonize the “rich” and raise their taxes to give it to people who do not want to provide for themselves and are “victims”. The “rich” pay a very disproportional amount in taxes so if anyone should get a break it should be the “rich”

    I never doubt the stupidity of the American voter because I remember what they did in 2008 and how they are letting the community organizer bankrupt their grandchildren.

    If the democrats had not have gained majority in 2006 unemployment today would be in the 4% range and the housing market would never have crashed. That statement has just as much validity as you statement “unemployment rate. No one seems to grasp that it could very well be 18 – 20% had the stimulus not been passed.” No way to substantiate that statement.

  4. Blah, blah, blah…Ralph, we’ve heard it all before. Your oversimplification and selective memory is growing tiring. I don’t have the time to respond, anyone else want to correct Ralph for us?

  5. I’m not sure it’s wroth wasting my time responding because I’m sure old “ralph” has already drank so much Limbaugh/Beck cool-aid that there is no saving him…but here is an example of how the rich man is so taking advantage of in our nation…


    Joe Schmoe has a pretty good job as a software developer. He makes about $80,000 a year. So his taxes look like this:

    $4960 for Social Security
    $2320 for Medicare
    $755 for the first $7550 of his income
    $3465 for the next $23,100 of his income
    $10,887 for the next $43,550 of his income
    $1624 for the last $5800 of his income

    Grand total: $24,011 in taxes, or 30% of his income.

    Now, let’s consider somebody like Warren Buffet (only less wealthy) who made most of his money by investing in the stock market. Let’s assume that Richie Rich made $1 million in the same tax period. We’ll even be generous and assume that a good chunk of that came from a high paying day job: say, $150,000 a year. Let’s assume that another $300,000 came from short term capital gains (which, again, is taxed like earned income). The remaining $550,000 came from long term capital gains – he bought stock or real estate, held onto it for 12 months or more, then sold it.

    On his earned income and short term gains, his tax bill would look like this:

    $5840.4 for Social Security (remember, only the first $94,200 is taxable here)
    $2731.8 for Medicare (again, only the first $94,200 is taxable here)
    $755 for the first $7550 of his income
    $3465 for the next $23,100 of his income
    $10,887 for the next $43,550 of his income
    $22,568 for the next $80,600 of his income
    $59,977.50 for the next $181,750 of his income
    $39,707.50 for the last $113,450 of this income type

    Total Earned Income/Short Term Gains taxes (the first $450,000 of income): $145,932.20

    However, the last $550,000 of his income is long term capital gains, so it’s only taxed at 15%, for a total of $82,500.

    Stop right there before I even compute the total. The first $450,000 of his income cost him almost $150,000 in taxes. The last $550,000 cost him less than $85,000 in taxes. The second group was 22% more income, yet cost him 43% less in taxes.

    Add the totals together and you get $228,432.20 in total taxes – a hefty tax bill, to be sure. But it’s only 22.8% of his total income – dramatically less than poor Joe Schmoe above.

    Sorry there “ralph”…not drinking your cool-aid today!

  6. Sorry but you even started off wrong. SS contributions are the first $106,800 for $6,621.60 and Medicare is from dollar one with no maximum so based on your $450,000 income for another $6,525 in Medicare tax. I guess paying $230,000 in taxes is just not enough for some people. Is that person going to benefit more from the taxes he paid than Joe who paid $24K.

    Why not support the fair tax so even the drug trade and prostitutes pay their taxes. Their can be adjustments for the victims of our society so they don’t pay taxes.

    The biggest problem with the fair tax is it takes away the power of the politicians because the main focus of a politician is to spend our money and come up with additional ways to get more. This applies to republicans as well as leftists.

    Even 2012 presidential candidate Hillary said the national debt is a threat to national security. Castro is laying off 500K government workers because his form of government no longer works. Some day the leftists will realize you can’t give everything to everybody without them doing something for it.

    But this is written by someone who is a racist because I think Obama was a better community organizer than a leader and I do feel everything that has happened in the last four years since the democrats gained the majority is all Bush’s fault.

  7. I would just ignore Ralph. He’s a troll and like all trolls doesn’t know what he’s talking about just spewing emotion out of his little pea sized brain. Honestly he only posts on here to get a rise out of you. I doubt he even believes half the crap that he spews from his toxic mouth. He just spouts off to get a rise out of you and everyone else that reads your blogs.

  8. A racist is a conservative winning an argument with a liberal so that won’t fly.

    Guess you agree my figures.

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