Remembering Days of Old – Barry Sanders, The Greatest Running Back EVER!

Having been a Detroit Lions fan since I was born, we may not have been to the Super Bowl, but we had the greatest running back ever for 9 years. He was so fun to watch. I dare anyone who doesn’t think he’s the best to produce a link to a better highlight reel. :)

And introducing BARRY SANDERS JR.


10 thoughts on “Remembering Days of Old – Barry Sanders, The Greatest Running Back EVER!

  1. Walter was good, but he wasn’t quite Barry in my opinion. He’s probably my second favorite and they had similar styles. Barry was unreal….I stayed up till 1 o’clock last night looking at Youtube highlight reels.

  2. He was truly great. It is too bad he didn’t play for a team that had a chance of utilizing his talents.

  3. It was really a waste having him in Detroit…the owners have never been interested in paying the price to put together a good team. It sure was fun watching him run, though. I saw a Youtube clip where he talked about how it wasn’t fun anymore and he didn’t think continuing to do it just to break the records – was a good enough reason.

  4. The amazing thing about him is he played without injuries and with marginal support from his team. To bad they didn’t trade him and he could have broken every record there is. Doesn’t he have a son coming up that looks very good?

  5. The last youtube clip is Barry Jr. in high school. His acceleration is just like his dad’s. In watching all the clips I did the other night, what stood out….and commentators used to always say it too, was his balance. He was rock solid, defenders couldn’t just push him or grab his jersey to bring him down. I laugh out loud when I see him just run by blockers and defenders, sometimes in between them. And those defensive backs, which are always the fastest guys on a team can’t keep up with him, he is much like the Road Runner. :)

  6. Oh and of course, the most classy thing about him was how he always just handed or tossed the ball to the ref in the endzone. I’ll have to look for his quote, but when asked about not spiking the ball or dancing in the endzone he replied (paraphrasing) “I acted as if it wasn’t the last time I was going to be in the endzone”.

    From an interview with him on staying healthy.
    Question: Running backs typically absorb a lot of punishment, but you always seemed to avoid huge hits. Was that really the case, or did you take some nasty licks that those of us watching at home couldn’t see?

    Barry Sanders Answer: Ummm … well, it’s natural to get hit hard. And some shots are tougher than others. But because of the type of runner I was, most guys were concerned with just getting me to the ground rather than get that good shot on me. It’s generally more difficult to hit a smaller guy, and when you’re not sure what a guy is going to do or which way he’s going to run, approach with caution.

  7. Barry was and is still the greatest ever. Not a Lions fan but my all time favorite sportsman. Nothing as exciting in sport as watching Barry take the handoff and waiting for the impossible to happen in front of your eyes.

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