No One To Blame But Themselves

Guest Blogger – Staci

If Democrats lose control of Congress, it’s their own damn fault. I’ve read the pundits that are predicting doom and gloom for the D’s.  I have heard all of the reasons that it is Obama’s fault and if he had just done this or that or the other, then all would be well.  Well, let me tell you who will be at fault if the Democrats lose – each and every single candidate that actually loses.  They spent the entire month of August “on vacation”.  Maybe that time would have been best spent for every Democrat to have as many flippin’ town halls as they could fit in a month’s time.  Hell, three a day all over their districts, and when they’ve covered the entire district, start over again because somebody didn’t hear you the first time.  The Democrats have passed some huge bills in the past 20 months and they should be out there shouting from the rooftops why they took those votes, not running away from them.  Healthcare, I would be beating my constituency over the head with what is available right now.  Credit card reform, hell, that law alone will probably affect at least one person in every household in the district.  The reforms to student loans, the extensions to unemployment, the fucking stimulus!  I am convinced if people really understood, and if each Democrat took it upon themselves to make sure their districts understood, the Democrats would have unprecedented numbers in both Houses.  My gosh, they are running against a party without a plan.

So Democrats, don’t blame Obama or the media or use historical references to justify losing your seat.  If you lose, you have only yourself to blame.

2 thoughts on “No One To Blame But Themselves

  1. There still is time for Democrats to get the enthusiasm up of our voters. Turnout is going to be the key and that is why all the polls show such skewed results, that whole likely voter model. I’m glad the President is back out with new energy and it sounds like he is done playing the bipartisan game.

  2. There are a lot of voters who now realize what the democrats have done to this country since they gained control almost four years ago. The majority don’t like the idea of burdening their grandchildren with massive debt to appease some greedy politicians.

    I hope you are not serious about bipartisan politics on either side because it does not and has not existed for many years. It is whats in it for me and screw the American people.

    Even Hilary said the massive debt is becoming a security issue for the country, Castro is laying off government workers and has admitted his and Obama’s form of government doesn’t work. With all this said you still back the party of increase the debt and let your grandchildren pay for it.

    Lets raise taxes on the higher earners, even though they pay a totally disproportionate percentage of their income to taxes, and just show them who is boss. The “rich” cannot pay for all of the giveaways this administration is trying to pass he is just trying to make points with his stand against the “rich” and creating more class envy. He needs to go back to community organizing because he sure isn’t a leader.

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