Declare Martial Law On The Media!

If you were watching Morning Joke this morning you were witness to Pat Buchanon and Donny Deutsch getting all worked up about the “pastor” in Florida who is getting all sorts of media attention about his Koran burning stunt. They want President Obama to send federal marshals down there to stop this guy from having his little bonfire. I, on the other hand, think President Obama ought to send marshals to the studios of the 3 major cable networks and stop the asswipes from giving idiots a platform to spout there bullshit. That includes Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and all the rest of the village idiots who have risen to prominence with the help of the brain dead cable media. I am not really serious about sending marshals anywhere, but if anyone is to blame for this fucking mess, it falls squarely on the media who created this guy. The media’s MO is to pump up a story to national prominence by beating it like a dead and buried horse, which then causes the leaders in Washington to address it (think press conferences where they ask the same fucking question over and over about stupid shit), so those leaders respond reluctantly and then the media turns it on the politician and accuses them of raising it to national prominence, thus ducking their own blame for starting the whole fucking thing. How many examples of this have we had in the last year? Too damn many. And the boneheads on Morning Joke are the worst at it. At least this morning Jon Meacham and Dan Senor (of all people) tried to inject some sanity into the room, but Deutsch and Buchanon were given way too much time to spew their populist, nationalist outrage.

2 thoughts on “Declare Martial Law On The Media!

  1. Well said, well said. Why MSNBC still trots out this Nixsonian rememnant of the 70’s is beyond me. Other then the hugs Joe gets from him in thier mutual love fest. Remember when we watched the news? It was “reported”, not “opinion of news”. There is no real media, just the magical witch saving women from Wasilla, Beck and the entire FOX morons club.

  2. Thanks Paul. I cringe everytime Buchanon gets the opportunity to spread his propaganda. The odd things is that once in a while, he is actually the sane voice on the show. It shows how bad the others are. It’s a crazy panel of people they cobble together most days.

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