President Obama Making The Case For Democrats In 2010!

I wouldn’t underestimate the Prez if I were you, it’s too bad he has a day job cleaning up after the village idiots who came before him. I guess keeping the village idiots out is kind of important too.


19 thoughts on “President Obama Making The Case For Democrats In 2010!

  1. I watched his speech today and I was very impressed. The MSM not so much and no so much the left blogs. I just don’t get it. My mind is tired. Have a good evening and thanks for posting his speech. I hope you had a good weeken.

  2. It’s easy to get. He has a huge majority in congress but can’t get anything done because of the republicans, what a joke that is. I must say he doesn’t change his tune no matter what happens. Spend money, make the “rich” the bad guy, even though your party has been in control for almost 4 years, unemployment keeps rising and the GDP keeps sagging, it is all the republicans fault and everything bad blame Bush.
    Good thing is, fewer people are believing the lies put out by this administration.

  3. We’ll see Ralph, you underestimate him at your peril. And once again you prove that Republican reality is based on lies and propaganda and you just keep believing it, don’t you?

  4. Not to worry, Jim. I want the Atlanta Ralphs of the country to keep talking. I want the Republicans so confident that this thing is already in the bag they don’t show up on November 2nd.

    On Obama: He’s baaaaaack!

  5. You point to lies and propaganda.
    Do democrats have a majority in congress—– Yes —
    Does this administration demonize the “rich”—- Yes —
    Does unemploymenkeep rising — Yes —
    Is GDP sagging — Yes —
    Does the administration blame the republicans and Bush for all that is bad — Yes —
    Have the democrats controlled congress for almost 4 years — Yes but it is actually 44 months not 48 but that is almost.

    Now he is pushing for a small business tax break. Somehow the community organizer doesn’t understand how small business taxes work. All profit is a pass through to personal, but I wouldn’t expect him to understand that because he has never worked in the private sector and considers profit evil.

    As long as Obama goes Baaaak to Illinois soon, the country can recover.

  6. Quick response to you Ralph,
    Democrats in congress….it is kind of funny how you want to blame congress when you have a Republican president 2006 – 2008, but it’s the president’s fault when it’s a democrat 2008 – 2010. Funny…
    No this administration doesn’t demonize the rich, that’s a Republican talking point you have embedded in your head, all those tax cuts in the stimulus plan sure are demonizing, aren’t they. Selective memory, eh Ralph?
    GDP was negative under Bush, it is positive under Obama. The best you can do is say it is sagging….it was sunk under Bushie.
    Blaming Bush is another talking point embedded into your head, you have probably typed it on this blog a dozen times or more….I guess in your reality ONLY Democratic presidents are to blame for what they do, as soon as they take office, they are responsible for everything that has come before them….ah, the simple minded like simple concepts.
    And you are clearly unable to understand the economy, so I won’t even go there. Your selective memory is par for the course for Republicans…..Obama included $275 billion in tax cuts in the Stimulus plan. Suck it!

  7. Do the Democrats have a majority in Congress? Yes, but the Ds don’t vote in bloc like the Rs. Landrieu, Nelson, Lieberman, Bayh and at least four to five more senators should all have a small r by their names.
    Does this administration demonize the rich? What’s your definition of demonize – letting the Bush tax cuts expire as was written into law to pass this piece of shit?
    Does unemployment keep rising? It did rise a tenth in August, but in July it stayed even and in June it dropped a tenth. Also, you have to factor in that as more people re-enter the job market (maybe because they think things are getting better?), that unemployment number will fluctuate. Believe me, Ralph, I’m one of those people looking for a job. I would love to blame Obama, but it’s just not the reality. Obama can’t create demand and nobody is going to hire more workforce without that demand. In addition to that, eight million jobs were lost in the last two years. That’s a pretty big hole there, buddy. Tell me YOUR plan to fix that disaster in two years.
    Is GDP sagging? Uh, yeah, but it was going the other way.
    Have the Democrats controlled Congress for almost four years? That meant jackshit in Bush’s administration and little more during Obama’s administration. How else do you explain those tax cuts and the prescription drug bill passing. Can you say reconciliation? How do you explain no public option? With all the tricks available in the Senate, from using the filibuster to obstruct a Democratic president to using reconciliation to push through an agenda for a Republican president, the “majority” is just an illusion.

    You know this isn’t Obama’s first attempt to help small business. Hasn’t the House passed at least two small business bills that are languishing in the Senate?

    With all the bullshit this administration has had to fight through, it’s amazing to me that anything has been done, yet their accomplishments are many. Imagine, if the other side had put country before politics.

  8. If Raising taxes on people making over 250k is not demonizing them, what is. You make 250k and pay 33% which is 82,500 in taxes yet according to the leftists that is just not enough. How much is enough? Why not tax everyone 27% of their spend and that would be fair. Make 50k pay 13500 make 250k pay $67500 but I guess that would not be fair either.

    When the community organizer blames his problems on what he inherited, isn’t that blaming Bush. The other leftists say Bush by name but the CO just says inherited. It is not all the CO fault, he has a democrat majority to help out.

    Staci, Sorry you are unemployed but there are jobs available, maybe not what you want but jobs are still available

  9. Jeez, Ralph, you’re a recruiter? Help a girl out, here. Where am I, Ralph, and what is the unemployment rate in my state? What are my qualifications, Ralph? Is it possible that I’m either over or under qualified for the over 600 resumes that I have submitted this year? It’s gotta be something – maybe I should have sent 1,000 resumes. These jobs, Ralph, I know lots of people that are unemployed and none of us can find them. They must be masters at Hide & Seek, huh? I’ll just keep looking though, Ralph, just cuz you said they were there.

  10. And, Obama is letting the bogus tax rate expire which was the deal by law when all of those folks got the breaks. Were you crying then, Ralph, about the unfairness of it all? Maybe, just maybe, they can use some of that cash they saved in the previous ten years to make themselves feel better now. BTW, I hear more crying from you folks that most likely would not be effected than from the people who will feel the change. What’s up with that?

  11. Staci,
    There are jobs available even if they are not what you want and 600 resumes sent seems excessive or just blanket sending, a waste of time.
    I don’t know where you live or what you are looking for but have you considered moving?

    You bet I was upset about the “tax cuts” because it still left a lot of people paying 33%+. I support the fair tax and have everyone contribute to the government waste, that way everyone will have skin in the game and realize how much government waste there is.

  12. I’m going to rant for a bit first Atlanta Ralph you guys must not pay attention in civic classes, the Republicans are abusing the filibuster anything that comes up the Republicans say no. If I was Harry Reid I would make the sorry bastards stand up and tell people why they’re against affordable health care or tax breaks for small business. Back to debunking Ralph here Democrats took over in January of 2007 and still had a Republican president to deal with for another whole year.

    Again I don’t get why the so called blue collar conservative defend the well being of those who could give a rat ass about their existence.. If anything the Reagan and Bush eras proved giving rich people more money do not help the economy in matter of fact it harms it.

    This part of my rant is aimed at the progressives, I support this president while I wished the health care bill had a public option and banking reform was little more tougher at least it’s a start.. I wonder do these progressives think President McCain and his George W.Bush with a vagina vice president would done any of these things if they got elected? I never see a political movement response to things they don’t like is sitting at home and let the people who have none of their interest in their heart to win.
    What pisses me off the same people who are on Democratic Underground or any of these liberal blogs claiming they won’t vote because the dems “sold them out” will be the same son of a bitch sending me a email telling me about the evils of the GOP controlled house.

    The Republicans told us what they wanna do if they get the power back that alone should fired up any liberal or Democrat about the upcoming elections.

  13. The President does not make legislation the congress does, didn’t you pay attention in civic class. That being said, the democrats have been in power for almost 4 years and were in great part, responsible for the meltdown. The democrats controlled fannie and freddie and allowed them to overextend even though the republicans sais they need to be reigned in.

    Where are the affordable healthcare since rates have gone up 5 to 14%. Smaller insurance companies are getting out of offering healthcare insurance because they cannot afford it.
    Financial reform, you meant that as a joke right?

  14. Ralph, not only did I consider moving, I actually DID move. Unfortunately, my mother was diagnosed with a tumor in her head, and I had to return to Chicago. I’m not sure of the last time you looked for a job, but in the environment, there are many people in the same boat I am – flooding the market with resumes. Let’s add in that I’m also registered with no fewer than ten temporary agencies, too.

    Do you suggest I go work at McDonald’s or WalMart? Yeah, with my resume I’m sure they’ll be jumping to grab a person with my qualifications. (can you hear the snark here)

    So, tell me Recruiter Ralph, just where are all these jobs you’re speaking about?

    If I had one hope, it would be that the Ralph’s of this country would be forced into the exact same predicament that many of the unemployed find themselves in today.

    And, Raaaalph, how is it “fair” for the person making $20,000 to be paying the same tax rate as the person making $250,000? You really do want to keep the majority of the country as haves vs have nots.

  15. By your statement working at McDonalds and Walmart is below your station in life but unemployment is not, I understand now. There are people who consider working at McDonalds and Walmart an honest job and are happy to have it.

    I have been unemployed before and I can sympathize with your predicament. I sent out blind resumes for a couple of weeks and decided hitting the streets was a better way. Landed on my feet in two weeks than started my own business a few years after and haven’t looked back since.

    Why isn’t it fair for a person making 20k to pay the same RATE as someone making 250k. Why should someone making 250k pay more than $82500 in taxes while someone making 20k pay nothing. Lower income do not pay taxes and the fair tax keeps it that way.

    Why shouldn’t someone who owns their own business, risks everything daily, be able to keep more of what they earn. I have everything I own invested in my business, as most small businesses do, and I could lose it tomorrow but I am not being “Fair” by not being happy having more of my income taken away to provide for those who do not want to work but to live off the efforts of other. Explain to me how that is “fair”

  16. Ralph, you pompous fuck, if you took one minute to look at the world through a lens not your own, you may realize that you spout off a bunch of half-baked bullshit as if you know what you’re talking about. Where in all hell did I even imply there was anything wrong with working anywhere? If you had one ounce of a thought process, you could have maybe come to the conclusion that I’m overqualified for those jobs as they generally employed people low education or low skill levels or both. I haven’t had a job in 15 years where I earned less than $40,000 per year, yet I’m applying right now for jobs in the $10 – $12 range. Is that good enough for you, you know-it-all asshole?

    How about answering my questions regarding all the jobs you’re so sure are out there? How about realizing that your two weeks out of work were the norm once upon a time, and now that norm TODAY, in this economic environment, is more like six months to a year?

    As to your tax question, yeah, why don’t we keep a permanent underclass so that Ralph can feel equal. Go fuck yourself Ralph, and leave out the KY jelly.

  17. “Do you suggest I go work at McDonald’s or WalMart?”
    Thats where I got the notion you were too good to work at McDonalds or Walmart. I will admit I am not in you league because I did work at McDonalds.

    What has taxes to do with “a permanent underclass”. That make little sense even to someone who worked at McDonalds and was proud of it. I don’t look down at anyone’s job because they are contributing.

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