And I Repeat, The Stimulus Worked Very Well – But We Need More NOW!

Wow, I just came across some really cool tools at Here is one and here is another, go check them out. The chart is interactive, simply drag your mouse over a line on the chart and it pops up information about that program. Where have they been all my life. For example, I just found out that my county in Michigan has received $88,359,838 of stimulus money. I commute about 35 miles one way to my day job and in that trek I see countless men and women working at repairing roads, overpasses and bridges. There are streets in my town that haven’t seen fresh pavement in over 20 years. That stimulus money is helping my community in a lot of ways. Prior to the stimulus, it was estimated that the unemployment rate in my town was 38%. I know that those stimulus dollars are helping to keep our community together and viable. I see it everyday, you can’t spin or poo poo that away, it’s real. And yes, for those on the left who scream that it should have been bigger, I agree completely. But simply saying the phrase “should have” doesn’t diminish the effects of what is happening. And saying “should have” is pretty fucking easy for all the arm-chair quarterbacks on the left but actually making it happen is a bit harder with “conservadems” acting like Republicans. WE NEED MORE and we need everyone who claims to be liberal or progressive to help us get it done. That might mean putting aside petty arguments with the administration and actually helping the people of America. There are signs that the Obama administration is working on more stimulus. Here is a piece from a Wall Street Journal article…

The Obama administration is considering a range of new measures to boost economic growth, including tax cuts and a new nationwide infrastructure program, according to people familiar with the discussions.

The president’s economic team has met frequently in recent days to list ways to bolster the struggling recovery, according to government officials.

Of course, with November looming on the horizon, the prospects of getting something done are pretty slim. But of course no one ever thought we would pass Health Care Reform and POW, we did it, bitches. It is really sad that in America, politics are more important than people’s lives, jobs and homes. The asshats in the Senate and the House are more concerned about getting re-elected than the long term stability of our country or the people who are losing their homes. I miss the days when at least some of the politicians in Washington stood up for principles and did what was right for the country instead of their own selfish, short term interests. I guess in the poll-driven media culture we find ourselves in, we are pretty much fucked. That is why I like President Obama so much, he isn’t afraid to take on big issues even when some in his own party turn on him because of it. And it doesn’t help that the blogosphere is loaded with so many politically immature blowhards who really don’t have a clue how Washington works and think a president can just make people do things. And when you try to clue them in, they simply cover their ears and go nah, nah, nah, nah like a bunch of junior high school kids. Pathetic.

We all have to do our part to help push for more stimulus, for the long term health of our country. Write your congresspeople, comment on blogs….we need your help.


10 thoughts on “And I Repeat, The Stimulus Worked Very Well – But We Need More NOW!

  1. Not all stimulus money has gone to create jobs. The federalists need to cut spending not create another massive fund to waste. The healthcare takeover is doing nothing except providing additional coverage for the 15% who needed it but didn’t want to pay for healthcare and raising costs to the 85% who take responsibility for their lives.

    $465,000,000 for the alternate engine for the Joint Strike Fighter;
    $5,000,000 for the Presidio Heritage Center in California;
    $1,000,000 for Portsmouth Music Hall in New Hampshire;
    $400,000 for the USA Swimming Foundation in New Jersey;
    $300,000 for Carnegie Hall in New York City;
    $250,000 for the Monroe County Farmer’s Market in Kentucky;
    $200,000 for the Washington National Opera in the District of Columbia
    $71,623 To Study How Monkeys Are Affected By Cocaine
    $1 Million On A Grant To Study Ants In The Indian Ocean Islands And East Africa

  2. Welcome to Washington Ralph. And sure, on the surface most of those things you listed seem outrageous…on the surface. But a lot of them do employ people and maybe add to our culture, not everyone thinks Glenn Beck’s show is culture. The Presidio Heritage Center, the Portsmouth Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, Washington National Opera….culture, which is good for our society. Research on Monkeys and Cocaine….might be good information about how it affects humans, that’s a good thing. All that research funding is important, we have to continue to learn and expand our understanding of our world.

    Go look at those links in the post, you might have to revise your Republican party talking points Ralph….or continue to do like a good Republican and LIE!

  3. You are so fucking cold Ralph. I’m sorry, you don’t give a shit about anyone but yourself, do you? All those fucking unemployed people with no health care are just people who “didn’t want to pay for healthcare” and those who have it are “taking responsibility for their own lives”. Give me a fucking break, you are one cold motherfucker. Sorry, but it pisses me off when you and your kind diminish people who are struggling and act like it was their choice. It is sick.

  4. But this was touted as a job creation bill not a lets study the affects of cocaine on monkeys bill. This “stimulus” bill was nothing more than a huge pork bill that was disguised as to create jobs.

    I would support a true jobs bill but this is a travesty that some have bought into.

    As to your comment on the takeover of healthcare. 85% of Americans were covered and satisfied with their benefits. The non-private 15% have medicaid so don’t get on your soap box about no healthcare. Now rates for those who pay go up, care goes down and they steal from medicare to help pay for it. BTW you and I pay for medicare so it is not a handout but a paid in advance policy.

  5. 2.7 to 3.3 million jobs were created. Deal with it. Stop your lying, Ralph. You will go to hell for it. Reality exists and no amount of your bullshit will overcome it. Sorry dude.

  6. On the monkeys, Ralph. You could pick apart every scientific research project in the country and make it look useless, but that is how science works. People study the effects of all sorts of stuff, and often they discover new things, new drugs, it’s what we call science. It was 71 thousand dollars, that doesn’t buy much cocaine. :)

  7. The stimulus package did create jobs, mostly in the public sector. The problem with this is that those public sector jobs depend upon the tax revenue generated in the private sector in the medium and long run. No private sector growth means that those public sector jobs funded by the Recovery Act go away soon enough. If a 3rd stimulus (the 1st one was passed by G.W. Bush) has the same funding formula as the first two, then we will get the same results–a quick sugar high and then a drop. Note that GDP is currently in a downward trend after a brief bump:

    1st quarter of 2009: -4.90%
    2nd quarter of 2009: -.70%
    3rd quarter of 2009: 1.6%
    4th quarter of 2009: 5%
    1st quarter of 2010: 3.7%
    2nd quarter of 2010: 1.6% (revised downward from 2.4%)

  8. Jeez, I’m really disillusioned. I thought I was an American, but since I don’t fit into either of the categories Ralph had placed 100% of folks, who am I? I’ve been unemployed since November of 2009, so no current health insurance. I do get unemployment benefits, but, amazingly, they put me above the poverty level so I don’t qualify for Medicaid (whose rolls include adults WITH CHILDREN primarily) – not every uninsured person. Get the facts, Ralph.

  9. Even the CBO says the number of full time jobs created by Oporkulus is 740,000 or a whopping million dollars per job, seems to be a marginal investment at best.

    The way to create jobs is to create an business atmosphere that will reward performance, or profits. Be specific about taxes, eliminate this absurd healthcare bill, eliminate this ridicules 1099 for anyone over $600 and quite making the successful the enemy. Until this administration makes businesses feel comfortable with the results of employment growth, there will not be private employment growth.

    It is far easier to blame Bush and the small minority party than to do what it takes.

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