Shameless Begging!

I’ve resisted doing this since I started the blog because I’m not in this blogging thing for the money. But it would be cool to upgrade my account and add some cool features, so I am asking anyone who has extra money to throw a little in the pot, BUT ONLY IF YOU CAN REALLY AFFORD TO DO IT! I won’t beg very often but I will keep the donate tab on the right side of the screen until I no longer need donations…I’m still waiting for a rather large project to come through and if it does, the donate tab will disappear. You can click below or on the side bar, every little bit helps.


5 thoughts on “Shameless Begging!

  1. Wouldn’t ya know, I actually found a wallet today – with cash in it (75 bucks). I’ve tried to return it all day, but the owner no longer lives at the address on the driver’s license. I couldn’t think of a better way to invest a bit of it. It actually makes me feel a bit better about spending the money. One third to you, the rest to buy my daughter this little blazer I saw on sale at Macy’s yesterday.

    I’m a happy girl for being able to contribute. Don’t try to take my sunshine. :-)

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