A False Equivalency Kind Of Morning Joe!

So far today, Joe (dead intern) Scarborough has trotted out two false equivalencies and in my book, he is the king of them. The first was his attempt to say that there is “hate speech” from both the left and the right when talking about the Mosque issue and the taxi driver being stabbed. He repeated it several times about hate speech from the left and the right. I’d like to see some examples of it from the left. I’m sure there are a few out there because there are crazies of all political persuasion, but really the Republican Party has adopted it as a tactic and is running with it. See Bob Cesca’s awesome column which is unfortunately on the Fuckington Post. Maybe Joe S. was referring to people who mention his dead intern as hate speech, oh that would be me. :)

The second false equivalency he brought up, that no one else seemed to latch on to including Ron Brownstein, is the idea that when President Obama was yelled a question on a rope line about the Iraq war he said something like “We’re getting shrimp, guys, come on”. Joe attempted to compare the George Bush comment on the golf course when he answered a serious question “I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Thank you, now watch this drive”. These are two very different instances which I won’t spend too much time spelling out. President Obama was on a rope line, smiling and shaking hands and on his way to get lunch. He didn’t answer a serious question and then get flippant like ole W did. He dodged the question completely which is exactly what he should have done in that situation. Bush’s response is a perfect example of how clueless he was by going from a serious statement to a flippant one in a split second. No equivalency at all, but that doesn’t stop Joe S. from trying to tie the two together. The man is a pro at it.


6 thoughts on “A False Equivalency Kind Of Morning Joe!

  1. I watched that clip and was wondering what the hell he was talking about, (scar). Joe always tries to make it like Dems and Liberals do the same and President Obama in particular is just like GWB. There is always false equivalency on the MSM.

  2. He drives me nuts, he’s a very good propagandist for the Right wing, very subtle. Did you hear him re-writing history this morning saying that Barack Obama was a “Rock Star” candidate like Sarah Palin….cough, spit, vomit…just because he is charismatic doesn’t mean he isn’t also smart and effective. He won after all.

  3. No I didn’t catch that one. I must have been watching C-Span at the time. I can only take so much of Joe in the Morning, it ruins my breakfast. I listen to some of these people and I wonder “where are they coming from” reality is not in their vocabulary.

  4. I think I’ll have to switch over to C-SPAN in the mornings too, I’ve been going over to CNN when Morning Joe pisses me off. I used to watch C-Span with my mom back in the day, she was an addict. I learned a lot watching that network.

  5. b-but morning Joe is the best news person ever! He’s even better than my good ole buddy Bill’o The Clown! (sarcasm)

    Anyway I feel that people take these guys too seriously. They are opinion talking heads that have some delusions that they are about reporting the news. Their are a few opinion talking heads that I like and even than I still have some problems with. One that remains a fav of mine is Rachel Maddow. Yeah she criticizes Obama but it seems light hearted criticism when she does compared to some of the other jerks I’ve witnessed.

    I have no problems when it comes to Obama getting criticized, (we all make mistakes and there has never been a perfect president or leader no matter what anyone says), however my gripe is the stupid shit that the talking heads cry about. It seems like they love to bring up petty shit and no matter what Obama does its wrong even when they agree with him in actuality. Perfect example is Cenk on the youngturks.

  6. Did you see morning Joe this morning when Mark Halperin within about 20 minutes contradicted himself…he criticized Obama for elevating the Mosque story by speaking about it at the Iftar dinner and then a little while laters, says the president needs to talk about it some more. Craziness right in front of my eyes.

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