Get A Job Robert Reich!

Is Robert Reich bitter about not getting a job in the Obama administration? Why doesn’t he get a real job and get the hell off my television. Both him and Howard Dean seem to have nothing better to do than to sell their own brands on cable news. They are the fallback critics of everything the Democrats have been doing since Obama took office. They are shameless self promoters who like to shift blame from wherever it belongs….congress, Republicans, media…to the Obama administration. That’s not to say that the administration doesn’t deserve some blame occasionally, but these guys clearly have issues with the current administration. They love to say “they should do this or they should have done that”. Arm chair Monday morning quarterbacks who love the sound of their own voices and the cable networks just love bringing them on to blather their egotistical blather. For supposed Democrats, they sure spend a lot of time bashing Democrats when they should be helping their own party and attacking the real problem, the party of no.


I read a piece from Reich the other day on the Fuckington Post and of course saw him on the television saying “It’s nonsense to think of the economy heading downward again into a double-dip recession when most Americans never emerged from the first dip.” What is nonsense is that someone who is supposed to be an economist is helping to spread misinformation about the economy for his own egotistical gain…or monetary, who knows? The definition of a recession is very clear, it is defined as a decline in GDP for two or more consecutive quarters. GDP has been growing…we are in a recovery. Yes, the last couple of quarters have been pretty anemic, but growth is better than contraction. Reich and others have been mixing up jobs growth with GDP growth and trying to change the definition of what a recession is. Why would they do that? To keep themselves in the limelight, to get clicks (I’m looking at you Arianna) and to make a little money on spreading the misinformation.  We have enough ignorance in this country, we don’t need supposed liberal economists spreading more misinformation to the idiot masses.


6 thoughts on “Get A Job Robert Reich!

  1. It always amazes me when these people get on the MSM and spout this stuff. I hardly ever go on Arianna’s site anymore. She is a MSM w*ore*. Did you watch Ed Schultz last night.He talked over Alter because Alter was correcting him and calling him out on his crap out not supporting the Dems and the President this fall and always criticizing instead of doing some good reporting on stuff. He doesn’t research his own talking points. He has turned out disappointment. Thank you for your reasoned blogs.

  2. You may be able to add Lawrence O’Donnell to this list too. I liked him so much at first – a few years ago. I thought he spoke “truth to power”. Once Obama got healthcare, it seems like he’s been a bit mad ever since.

  3. Thanks for the tip on the Ed Schultz bit with Alter, I’ll have to look for it. I don’t watch Ed mostly because of the time slot he is in, it doesn’t work with my work schedule. I know him and Cenk Uygur are buddies these days and that can’t be good. I like Jonathan Alter but don’t see him enough, is he a CNN guy? I’ve been watching more CNN lately, but actually I’ve gone back to watching PBS’s Newshour at 7 pm.

    Lawrence is an odd one, he clearly has some issues with someone in the Whitehouse, probably Rahm…he seems to piss everyone off…but Lawrence can also be good on some issues too, I think he just likes arguing with people.

  4. Lawrence and Chris Matthews are so out of it sometimes. The can;t seem to get past the fact they are no longer in the White House or work for Congress (Joe Scar too). Every chance they get they remind people they once worked in Government and know how things should be. Give me a break. I used to work in manufacturing too, but that doesn’t mean I know all about it and pontificate. LOL..

  5. Yea, I think you probably saw the post I did where I remind everyone of his 2 whole years as a staffer on a Senate committee. If I had a dollar for everytime he’s mentioned that….thanks for reading Roberta, how is Minnesota treating you? Still glad to be back up in the great north?

  6. Wait a minute here about Ed Shultz… I thought he was a big supporter of Obama’s are you tell me that he flip flopped and changed his position all the sudden? I guess I will have to watch him some time again because now I am very confused… and disappointed. :(

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