Did I Mention Huffington Post Sucks Ass And Should Be Boycotted?

I periodically go over to Huffington Post just to see what sort of bullshit they are pushing on any given day and to get stuff for my two widgets on the right of the main page. I saw this stupid ass post by Dan Collins which I won’t link to, because I don’t want to give those assholes any more clicks than they already get. But here is a bit from his post…

Obama Does New York No Favors

People who don’t know New York City often make the mistake of assuming that because we’re so wildly diverse, we’re wildly tolerant.

Add Barack Obama to the list.

Last week, the president made a stupendously unhelpful entry into the controversy over the so-called Ground Zero mosque.

So by giving a speech where he talks about being tolerant of other religions and spelling out very eloquently what our founding fathers had in mind when it comes to religious freedom, he is being “stupendously unhelpful”. And backing up a little on that quote, he says that New Yorkers aren’t tolerant, they are diverse, but not tolerant? Really? It’s a New York thing, man, you wouldn’t understand. It’s amazing the extent to which people will contort themselves to try and blame every goddamn little thing on President Obama. This has to be one of the worst examples of the type of horseshit that shows up on Huffington Post and “Fire”bag”lake” multiple times in a day. He goes on with more…

But the issue had been decided legally in favor of the Muslim cultural center. The roar was dying down until the president put it front in center in the national political debate. At a dinner commemorating the Muslim Ramadan, Obama spoke out for freedom of religion and the right “to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in Lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances.”

The issue wasn’t dying down, if anything it was ramping up and someone had to step up and defend the principles our country was founded on, you putz. And almost everyone with a brain was able to realize that if he hadn’t said anything at the Iftar dinner, people would have said he was dodging the issue. I’m sure the author of the bullshit, Dan Collins, would have wrote a slimy piece about the president not stepping up to the plate.  Even more of his crap…

Then he backtracked. “I was not commenting and I will not comment on the wisdom of making the decision to put a mosque there,” Obama said after he had turned the issue into a national, radioactive debate.

“After he turned the issue into a national, radioactive debate”, give me a break. Newt comparing it to Nazi symbols or Peter King going on any cable news show that would put him on….that didn’t have anything to do with this “radioactive” debate? Nah, the president talking about tolerance and then clarifying that it is a local issue, but in America, people have religious freedom….that is what made it radioactive? What in the hell is wrong with some people? Like I said before, this is a perfect example of how normally thinking people can twist and contort their own beliefs when they hate someone enough. President Obama didn’t backtrack at all, he was asked a question at a rope line that was very specific and he answered it. His speech at the Iftar dinner was perfect, go read it here if you haven’t already. Nothing he said on the rope line backtracked from anything he said at the dinner. Backtracking would entail taking something back or changing something he said, he didn’t do that and thus, there was no “backtracking”. He actually reiterated what he had said at the dinner right after the comment that Collins quoted, he kind of did a Breitbart and conveniently didn’t print the whole quote because that would interfere with his real motive, to bash the President.