Ouch, Mark Halperin Shuts Sam (Huffpo) Stein Up!

I’m not usually a fan of Mark Halperin, too much of an insider for my tastes and one of the editors of the conventional wisdom in Washington DC, but this morning he had a line that was classic. Asking Sam Stein (one of the big shots at Huffington Post) who wrote about Robert Gibbs statement clarifying his shot at some on the left. I’m paraphrasing but I think I’m pretty accurate with it….

“Do you read the Huffington Post?”

Fucking classic. He then went on to point out the constant negative stories on that rag and the utter lack of credit to President Obama for anything he does. Sam Stein, to be fair, is one of the more fair columnists at Huffpost…Bob Cesca being the absolute best, but still tainted by the rag he writes for in my opinion. Sorry Bob, but Arianna and Roy are not doing progressives any good by bringing down the whole party. So Sam is much more tempered with his opinions and snarkiness than some of the others on that site, but Halperin’s comments were freakin awesome in my opinion. I hope someone posts it on Youtube.


3 thoughts on “Ouch, Mark Halperin Shuts Sam (Huffpo) Stein Up!

  1. OT Has anybody heard or know what is going on with Al at the Field. He hasn’t posted since July 8th.

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