Michigan Thanks You President Obama For Saving The Auto Industry!

I remember very clearly how Republicans were screaming about President Obama’s plan to help save the auto industry over a year ago. Many of them had no sympathy for these workers and basically said, let them lose their jobs. As someone who lives in Michigan and knows how many suppliers serve the auto industry, it was maddening to listen to these people who were willing to just let the American auto industry die. As our president said at the time, the ripple effect would have meant millions of jobs lost across the country. Just like with the stimulus, the number of jobs that were saved are dismissed. Once again, all those real people who are able to pay their mortgages, feed their family and pay their taxes are just ignored. I see the effect of the stimulus and the auto bailout every day. From the Wall Street Journal…

The collapse of the companies would have been a “brutal, inevitable shot” to the nation’s already struggling economy, Mr. Obama said in a speech at a Chrysler truck factory in Detroit. “Today, the industry is growing stronger, it’s creating new jobs.”


“If we had done nothing, not only were your jobs gone, but supplier jobs were gone and dealership jobs were gone, and the communities that depend on them would have been wiped out,” Mr. Obama said at the Chrysler plant.

Now only Republicans would be cool with an entire industry going under, people really don’t matter to those folks. It’s all about the bottom line. As long as they have their cushy jobs and can collect money from the “bottom liners”, they are cool with it. I often wonder how these people rationalize their lack of concern for their fellow-man.

Chrysler worker Harold Gilbert said he knows many Americans oppose the bailout that saved his job at the Chrysler Detroit factory. “We are proving the point that we are worth saving,” said Mr. Gilbert, who waited seven hours to see Mr. Obama speak.

The other thing that really pisses of Republicans about this bailout is the fact that most of the workers are unionized. I guess because most unions support Democrats, that makes them the enemy of the right so they cease being people and become “union members”, which is always said with disdain by these folks. Those hard-working middle class folks that drive our country’s manufacturing base are belittled by the uncaring, money-grubbing right-wing.

I’d like to thank President Obama for helping to save Michigan, thank you, thank you, thank you.


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