Luke Russert Does Not Respect His Elders!

I’m all for hard-hitting journalism, tough questions and holding people’s feet to the fire but my opinion about this exchange between Luke Russert (son of the late Tim Russert) is kind of mixed. For one thing, there used to be a time when a reporter had to work his or her way up through the ranks, paying dues, getting coffee, chasing down background for stories etc. It’s quite different today, especially if you are the son of an icon in the news business. I think Charlie Rangel’s response to young Luke was a throwback to the old days which I miss in some ways. And I guess being in my late 40’s and having been taught to respect my elders, I had some issues with the way Luke posed the questions and then argued with him. But like I said, I have mixed feelings about this exchange.

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One thought on “Luke Russert Does Not Respect His Elders!

  1. Rangel is a tax fraud. He can’t even follow the rules that he authors. And it’s nice to see that the apple still doesn’t fall from the tree.

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