The Bush Tax Cuts And Reality!


3 thoughts on “The Bush Tax Cuts And Reality!

  1. Thanks for publishing this graph because it really points out how decent income earners are getting screwed. A couple earning 50k has a negative and someone who earns 150k pays 19K while earning twice that you pay three times the taxes, doesn’t seem fair does it.

    Why not just have everyone pay 25% or enact the Fair Tax and that way the higher earners pay more, which appeases the non productive society, and everyone has a stake in the government acting responsibly with their money.. One of the problems not being held accountable is there are to few Americans who pay into the system and to many who take out. If all you do is drain the system, you will always support bigger government waste because you have no investment.

  2. The more I hear about the VAT, the more I think that is the way the US has to go. It’s complicated though, so dumb Americans aren’t going to be able to grasp it and the media will poll, poll, poll and then obsess over them, not explain it, buy into the Republican lies and nothing will happen. America, what a country.

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