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Stephen Biko Writes for Andrew Breitbart? Whaaa?

The story is here, thanks to Steve Benen. Now, let’s cut to the video of Peter Gabriel honoring Stephen Biko who was murdered by the apartheid government of South Africa.

July 27, 2010 Posted by | Music, Politics | | 2 Comments

Mika “Joe McCarthy” Brzezinski Wants Names!

Kenneth Feinberg was on Morning Joe this morning and Mika was her usual moralistic self and kept hounding Kenneth Feinberg to “name names”. She had a certain blood lust in her eyes and voice, she really wants to vilify every one of those damn employees who received those bonuses. Thankfully Mike Barnicle finally said what I was thinking, (paraphrasing) do you really want to print these people’s names and on a Monday morning come in here and talk about how someone’s house was burned down. Think about it for a minute, if you worked for a big financial company and were given a bonus, would you give it back? Is the problem the person receiving the bonus or the ones at the top giving them out? Last time I checked, we lived in a capitalist country. Let’s have the argument on whether it works or not, but until then we better get used to seeing huge salaries and bonuses.

July 27, 2010 Posted by | Morning Joe, Politics | | 2 Comments



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