Wikileaks Exposes More Bush Incompetence!

It ought to be interesting to watch as the Obama haters try to spin the Wikileaks post of 90,000 pages of raw intelligence and put all the blame for the last 10 years of the Afgan war on the current administration. It began even before the post was up and surely will continue for weeks to come. The media which is made up of a bunch of journalism and physical education majors will become intelligence experts and start spewing out their uninformed opinions, tainted by their desire to get ratings. It should be fun.

My take on it so far is that this isn’t new, if anyone had been listening to critics of the Bush administration for 8 fucking years, they would say to themselves “tell me something I don’t know”. Seymour Hersh has been telling us about this stuff all along, but apparently since the potential to hurt the Obama administration is wrapped up in this one, they are going to all of a sudden get all righteous on us. If you look at the Huffington Post headlines, assholes that they are, you will see the haters in full throated bullshit spin mode. Here are just a few of their headlines with my critique of how each is misleading….


The report goes through December of 2009 when President Obama changed policy in Afghanistan. So phrasing it in the present tense is just a bit misleading. We could have the argument whether it is still failing after a year and a half since Obama has changed course, but characterizing the Wikileaks stuff as current it misleading. I highly recommend you go check out Rachel Maddow’s reporting from Afghanistan which thankfully was honest and thorough and she is no hawk, brother.


No shit, your kidding me. The White House NEVER tries to spin reporters. What a stupid ass headline that simply tries to make the current White House the scapegoat. I’m sure Huffington Post would prefer the White House just say nothing, let the media spin it – after all, they are the real experts on the military and intelligence, right?

One thought I had almost immediately is that the information in these documents justifies the Obama Administration’s deliberations leading up to the policy change in Afghanistan. If anyone was wondering why it took so long, now you have your answer. The military under the Bush Administration fucked up both the Afghan War and the Iraqi War, many in the military finally said it after Obama took over. I’ve heard and read many accounts from military people who praise the current administration for changing course after the disastrous course Bush had us on. Remember how Rumsfeld, Feith, Cheney, Armitage and the rest of the neo-cons thought they knew how to run a war better than the generals? When Bush finally axed those idiots and brought in Robert Gates and implemented the “surge” strategy, that’s when things in Iraq finally turned around.

My last thought for now was prompted by Zbigniew Brzezinski who was on Morning Joe this morning. He pointed out the obvious, which ALWAYS eludes the Morning Joe panel that WAR SUCKS! When you put young men and women in situations where their lives are at stake and they are asked to kill people for no good reason, shit is going to happen. These people who are getting all verklempt about the atrocities that have happened in Afghanistan, I ask them to name one war in the history of mankind that was clean. I didn’t have to read any Wikileaks documents to know that war sucks, I’ve known that since I was a kid watching the Vietnam War on television and wondering if my oldest brother was ever coming home.