The Funniest Man Who Ever Lived – Richard Pryor

I had a lot of fun searching around Youtube for Richard Pryor clips. I think I’ve seen every stand up video he ever made but I came across some TV appearances that were new to me. Below are some of my favorite clips (that were on Youtube, I couldn’t find some of my all time favorites), I hope you laugh as hard as I did.


3 thoughts on “The Funniest Man Who Ever Lived – Richard Pryor

  1. The BEST fuckin’ comedian EVER! I can remember growing up in the early 70s and buying Pryor’s albums. “Is It Something I Said” had me and my friends on the floor and every one of us could repeat the entire album line for line. Not too much of a Mudbone fan, but I loved Ms. Rudolph.

    We are truly kindred spirits, Jim.

  2. “Is it something I said” is my all time favorite comedy album too. I can recite the album word for word too.

    Funny story, when we were shooting the documentary “Up From the Bottoms”, one of the gentleman had a bird in a cage that was pretty loud and I asked if we could do something about the bird and his response was “The bird live here” and we all busted up laughing, knowing exactly the reference he was making. The bird stayed and talked through most of the interview. Funny.

    Not only was Richard the best comedian ever, but he was an incredible actor too.

  3. You could have bought me for a nickel if I had been there I would have laughed so hard. That is flippin’ hilarious!

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