The Republican Party – Lobbyists For The Rich!

Timothy Geithner reinforced the Obama administrations pledge to let the tax cuts for the wealthiest in our country expire, but continue them for the middle and lower income earners, you know, over 95% of us. Everyone get prepared to hear the same tired old “supply side” economics argument from the lobbyists for the rich, the Republican Party. Remember how those tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 were going to bring prosperity and good times to everyone? And where were we in 2007 when the economy started to tank or in late 2008 when the sky was falling, the next great depression was just around the corner, doom and gloom was everywhere….and President Obama hadn’t even been sworn in yet. I remember hearing idiots on the right trying to blame Obama for the crash even before he took office. Some claimed that it was because Wall Street was afraid of a Democratic president…blah, blah, blah. If Wall Street is so fearful maybe they ought to find another line of work. The corporate welfare they’ve always received from Republicans has made them a bunch of whiny, scared, overpaid babies. They often verge on holding a gun to the American people’s heads, “give us tax cuts or we won’t create any jobs.” Here is a bit from The Wall Street Journal…

“We believe it is appropriate to let those tax cuts that go to the most fortunate expire,” Mr. Geithner said at a breakfast with reporters.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California appeared to back Mr. Geithner in ruling out a compromise. “Our position has been that we support middle-income tax cuts,” she said at a press briefing. “The tax cuts at the high end have increased the deficit enormously and…have not created jobs in the eight years of the Bush administration.”

These same people like to rail against government handing out money to poor people, but when it comes to handing it to them, the rich, they are all about that. And they say with a straight face that they are the job creators. Really, with record profits last year in all sorts of industries……prove you are the job creators, create some fucking jobs then and quit your goddamn whining. I have a bachelors degree in business and never in any of my classes did they teach me that the way to have a successful business is to rely on the government for handouts. They never taught us that to be profitable, you had to skirt tax laws, set up shop overseas, outsource our labor to impoverished nations for cheap labor and expect the government to not tax you in order to make a profit. Unless I missed that lecture, I was in my early 20’s after all. We did certainly get a lot of supply-side pimping from economics professors, however. I remember arguing with professors about it and would love to have a sit down with one of them now and say, how did that work out for you?

SIDE NOTE: I am nearing a milestone of 1000 comments on this new blog. Two more and I hit the grand mark. Who will it be…..there is no prize, sorry. :)


7 thoughts on “The Republican Party – Lobbyists For The Rich!

  1. Taxes raise = jobs lost
    That is a fact.
    My friend is getting ready to layoff when the taxes roll back but at least he was smart about how to do it. He located Obama supporters and they will be the first ones getting laid off. Reason for lay off – Obama didn’t maintain the tax cuts and a business needs money to grow so I need to make cuts to maintain the business.
    The economy works on logic and the liberal crap is lacking in that department. You are going to see a lot of jobs lost when those takes get rolled back and I hope other companies target the whack jobs that voter our failure in chief into office for the first to be laid off.

  2. “These same people like to rail against government handing out money to poor people, but when it comes to handing it to them, the rich”

    Ther seems to be an error in this statement. Chances are if you are rich you earned it so I don’t see how the government “handed it to the rich” The tax cuts for the high income have not increased the deficit, government waste and unbridled spending has increased the deficit. Unions and taxes created the need for shipping jobs overseas.

    Pelosi also said that increasing unemployment benefits will create jobs, which business class was that taught in. Increasing unemployment benefits and welfare have done more to increase unemployment than making the “rich” pay more taxes.

  3. You went into the spam catcher, Ralph, you have a way of doing that for some reason. And you are the 1000th commenter.

    The tax breaks Bushie-boy handed to the richest in our country amounted to a hand out. Bush squandered a surplus left by Clinton and gave it away to mostly the rich. That welfare for the rich is what I speak about.

    And Ralph, if you ever impugn my character again like you did with a comment yesterday, I will ban your ass. I’m not a poser and I don’t inflate my resume or lie about my resume. And I certainly don’t need some guy sitting around in his underwear questioning my truthfulness.

  4. Funny how Clinton raised taxes and created many millions of jobs. Also funny how Bush cut taxes and we lost millions of jobs. So reality is much different than your Republican talking points.

    And if you really do have a friend that is treating some employees differently because of their politics, it just proves what an asshole he is. I guess being an asshole is something to be proud of in your neck of the woods, huh?

  5. Much of what I’m seeing, all the anti-Obama rhetoric, etc is very little different from what Clinton had to go through yet if you notice the media does not observe this and if they do much of it is in passing. The sad fact is that when new presidents get in especially when it comes to hard economic times they become scapegoats for the media to kick around.

    Carter had to go through it, Reagan (as much as I hated the man), and also Clinton. Much of it takes time in realizing that the media is trying to distort the picture and cast blame. They can’t blame Bush anymore after all he’s out of power so he couldn’t possibly have NOTHING to do with it.

    People like Lou Dobbs are classical examples of people that were pretending to cater to the liberal/progressive branch while slamming Bush. When Obama a democrat got in office people still catered to Dobbs and thus they listened to him slamming Obama and saying he doesn’t have his birth certificate. Kind of suspicious if you ask me, after this I found myself questioning the validity of media punditry.

    What purpose does it really serve? It seems to cater to those who can’t think for themselves. Many of the guest speakers on these talking heads shows like O’Reilly, even Chris Mathews, etc. Are themselves either lobbyists or working for some news paper like Newsweek, Wall St. Journal, etc. They are bought and paid for by corporations.

    So when they go and say things like the healthcare bill is a bad thing or that the financial reform is weak and terrible. Know that that they have ulterior motives and aren’t really looking out for you the people.

  6. No fair having a contest today. I had a wedding to attend. Rats and double rats – I wanted to win. :-)

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