Why Can Dylan Ratigan Call The President A Little Boy And Get Away With It?

Yesterday I posted about Dylan Ratigan’s rant on Morning Joe where he referred to President Obama as a “little boy” and made a reference to him bending over for Wall Street. I commented on many “progressive” blogs about what I had heard and put up a post on this blog. I googled it shortly after I posted and found my post right there at the top of Google’s results. I thought to myself, woe…no one else caught that or if they did, they didn’t think anything of it? W.E.E. See You picked it up and did a post with the video of it. All day long I kept checking the big blogs and nothing, no mention of what I think were incredibly offensive comments towards our president. Not just the “boy” reference, a code word from days gone by, but the lack of respect for the office of the president itself. What a huge insult to the leader of the free world and what it stands for. I wondered if I was the only one who had seen it, are Morning Joe’s ratings so low now that no one is actually watching it? It is the lowest rated morning show on TV, you know?

Now imagine if Rush Limbaugh had said that. What do you think Media Matters would have all over their front page? Daily Kos? Huffington Post? TPM? Why has Dylan Ratigan been given a pass? Is it because he works for MSNBC, the Fox News of the left (according to some, not me)? I certainly had a lot of hits yesterday because of my post, I think it is because so many people saw it and were wondering where the outrage was and Jonathon Capehart linked to my blog as an example of Dylan “getting smacked around”, poor poor Dylan.

Now don’t get me wrong, I support my fellow leftie bloggers for the most part, a few exceptions, but I can’t believe they are ignoring this and letting Ratigan get away with it. His form of populist ranting is the worst kind, you might notice how he keeps reminding us throughout his rants that he is just representing the masses. It’s very subtle, but if you look at a transcript of what he says, he constantly drops in those populist cues. It’s very much a brainwashing technique, ala the Republican spin-meisters. Notice how he makes a general statement that most everyone can agree with, then he sprinkles in his supply-side economics propoganda and then returns to a populist statement. Since the bullshit is couched between two reasonable statements, well then the bullshit must be true too.

I’m not done with Ratigan either, stay tuned for more analysis of this wolf in sheep’s clothing.


9 thoughts on “Why Can Dylan Ratigan Call The President A Little Boy And Get Away With It?

  1. I think its about time most of these talking heads including Chris Mathews get properly analyzed. I’ve always felt that Ratigan has an agenda but I never listened to his show closely enough to want to pay attention. I’ve heard that his show ratings are fairly poor but I’m unsure of how they compare to other shows like Hardball.

    Another shrill is as I mentioned Chris Mathews. Earlier last month he was talking about how ‘real’ Sarah Palin and him with his talking head pals were talking about her and pumping her up saying how she’s running. Than when it came to Pretriaus (cant spell the guys name) he complimented the republican party for working bipartisan when they haven’t done anything close to bipartisanship besides this little tidbit. I found it disgusting that he gets away with this sort of thing and have posted it on other blogs.

  2. btw the financial reform bill passed the senate. Wonder how pundits will spin it to turn it into a bad thing yet again. Oh wait they already were doing that from the get go.

  3. We live in a strange media universe, don’t we? We can’t let the village idiots win anymore, Bush empowered them and they’ve taken over most of the media along with the Republican party. :)

  4. I remember when Dylan was making the rounds on MSNBC to promote his show when it was starting after the holidays I caught his appearance on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” I listen to him talk and my impression of him wasn’t that very good.

    He was saying things that conservatives were saying when they could no longer defend Bush and the toxic environment they helped created.

    As for the left blog-sphere by passing it I know when I saw your story I link it to my blog,but I think a reason Dylan is getting a passed from the other liberal blogs is because of his little guy rhetoric and he has Cenk Uygur on board. On top of that the Young Turks are big on sites like Democratic Underground.

  5. @Jeff, I was watching his show today and of course he had jonathon on there. When Financial reform was passed, he had some white man to do the Obama bashing after the POTUS gave his press conference.
    dylan was very flustered and after Obama’s press conference you could tell he wanted to go hard on him but got scared. He even made the curious comment, “it’s not worth it,” and that was when his white guest went off on Obama.

    @extreme, your posting is having an effect on the one that matters, dylan. Unfortunately because the big fauxgressive blogs (they’re Obama bashers too)are sitting this one out, he will not be apologizing.

  6. Dylan Ratigan is a bully that gets away with being an asshole because he’s MSNBC’s asshole. He has actually taken the crown away from Chris Matthews for pretending to be a populist while browbeating everybody into submission.

  7. Great commentary everyone, Ratigan won’t be long for the airwaves, the hit piece he did on Debbie Wasserman Schultz was just plain bullying and he’s going to keep crossing the line. He doesn’t seem to have control over himself sometimes. But to honest, I don’t watch him much because I don’t like his schtick. I torture myself by watching Morning Joe, it helps get the blood pumping in this 48 year old body. That’s usually when I get Ratigan and thankfully he isn’t on there very often anymore.

    I’m going to take one of his rants and break it down one of these days, expose his “Beckian” techniques.

  8. I found this blog yesterday wondering if Ratigans remarks would raise an outcry. There were alot of conservative sites that were trying to pin him as a racist. Listening to his rant though he was clearly imitating a greedy 80 year old billionaire and he was portraying them as racists with big enough egos to call the president “boy”. After seeing Regan tell Reagan to hurry it up during a public speech I would say he is right. This says more about how little Ratigan thinks of someone who would pressure the president for his own greed then it says about Ratigan.
    What is really troubling is no one gets upset or argues that Ratigan is wrong when he is calling the president of the free world a stooge to money men when this is far worse than calling him “boy”. Is it just taken for granted he is in the pocket of Wall street so no one even questions that part of the rant?
    Then you say the watered down financial reform is good enough but Ratigan, one of the only guys to really point out the major problems in this country, is not good because according to you he has subliminal supply side ideas in his show even though, on more than one occasion, I have heard him talking about 90% tax rates on the rich (definitely not a supply side idea). It is weird to see a self proclaimed liberal want to knock down one of the most uncompromising liberal reporters on TV for insulting a president who does nothing but compromise.

  9. I have to say I’m utterly shocked to see a Liberal blogger calling out the ONE person who actually has a rational and informed viewpoint of what is happening to this country and it’s supposed “Free Market”. I am a solid Liberal when it comes to most politics but the topics Ratigan is discussing don’t really seem terribly Liberal or Conservative. They seem like informed common sense. The more independent research I do on topics like “Glass-Steagal” and various other financial legislation, the more I realize how corrupt we have become. Dylan Ratigan seems to be the only pundit currently asking the questions we NEED to be asking. I like Mathews and Madow and Olberman but they seem too wrapped up in defending the Democrats and vilifying the Repubs instead of attacking both sides of the spin machine. There is very little T.V news worth watching anymore on any of the big channels but Dylan Ratigan has a show worth looking at. I’d rather see his show replace Ed Schultz since his show has become a 180 degree version of FOX.

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