Did Dylan Ratigan Just Call President Obama A “Little Boy”?

On Morning Joe, Dylan Ratigan just went on a rant, like he is prone to do, and he was reenacting a conversation between the president and “Wall Street” and he called the president a little boy. He ended his little rant by saying the president bends over for them, or something to that effect. I have a feeling he is going to catch some flack for that little tirade. Of course his solution to all things economic, give some more tax breaks to rich people. I’m sure that will create a job for my nephew real quick.


17 thoughts on “Did Dylan Ratigan Just Call President Obama A “Little Boy”?

  1. Yes he did, and he should catch flack about it. And I like Dylan Ratigan, but he went to far.If you are going to make the big bucks being a talking head you are going to have to be able to rant and think at the same time. He could have made his point a different way.

  2. You and I must be the only people who seen this because I haven’t heard anything about it yet. Your’re the first one to even mention, and the fact Joe and Meeka didn’t make him apoligize was also concerning. MSNBC, needs to issue a statement on this really quick.

  3. I hope someone has the tape, because Ratigan has been getting away with this shit for a while. He is a shill for big business but he likes to pretend like he defends the common man. Tax breaks for the rich was his answer to jobs….give me a freakin break.

  4. Well, I heard it and I was appalled and disgusted. That was the ultimate disrespect on a major news network. While I abhor Fox news, this rates on the scale as far worse. And I didn’t think anything or anyone could get any worse than Fox news. Anyone can disagree with the President’s policies and/or actions, but that goes beyond disagreement. My husband and I watch MSNBC all time. If that statement is not acknowledged as disrespectful and denounced, I think I just may move back to CNN and encourage others to do so as well.

  5. I agree Shannon. I shot off a couple of emails to MSNBC about it and something better happen or I too will be returning to CNN, although they have their moments too. But at least they don’t have an avowed racist like Pat Buchanan on their air…anymore. Dylan is a bully and clearly has an anger problem…and apparently has some deep down racism flowing through his veins too.

  6. And these are the same folks that kicked Markos off? I’ve already sent my email, Jim, a few days ago. I stopped watching any segments with Dylan months ago. As soon as he comes on the set, I grab the remote.

  7. It seems like people are picking up on this story finally. I posted it on about a dozen websites this morning, a lot of people seemed to miss it. MSNBC is becoming as bad as FOX News, going for the ratings, trying to attract the racist crowd apparently. I commented on Rachel’s blog about it but you can bet she will ignore it….he works for the same team. Arghhhhh!

  8. Sorry, but Ratigan used a poor choice of words. He was satirizing the forces that he felt put the damper on Obama actually taxing the hedge funds ( i.e. “eighty year old” white NYC billionaires).

    All of the above comments totally mischaracterize Dylan’s position.

  9. I noticed that Dan and Cenk seem to get along a lot (was even hosting Dan’s show making himself look stupider than ever) so I’m not completely surprised at this one. I for one CAN’T stand Dan and have never really sat down to seriously watch his show. I guess I’m one of the few that see past the bullshit that he comes out with.

    He rails against both parties complains about bills and pretends to know what he’s talking about. Like one poster said he’s obviously a shill pretending to care about the common man but in reality catering to big business.

  10. For me, it shows how the man doesn’t think before he speaks. This isn’t the first time he’s let things come out of his mouth that a little forethought could have prevented. But it is also a sign that he is a racist, he may or may not be, but if his first instinct is to reach for the word “boy”…I’m just saying.

    In an era of people spewing whatever comes into their head, hopefully it will be a reality check for some in the cable news business that you should really keep your hotheaded opinions to yourself until you cool down. Or better yet, keep your opinions to the opinion shows, don’t try to sell it as news. We already have one Fox News.

  11. I think you meant Dylan, right? I haven’t watched Cenk doing Dylan’s show but I’ve heard about it. Dylan Ratigan pretends to be “everyman” but is really a shill for corporate America.

  12. I agree, I saw it and Mika, Joe, Willie and the other guests were all sort of shocked and recognized that Dylan had made that insensitive remark in his rant. Joe even stated that Dylan we’ll have to tell you what you said during the break. An appology is in order, preferrably from Dylan but at the very least from MSNBC.

    I’m a fan of MSNBC and Dylan’s commentary and analysis. Appologize Dylan and let’s move on…

  13. ExtremeLiberal I heard it and I sat straight up in my bed. There was no mischaraterization of his words. In 2010 any fool knows saying “little boy” to a Black grown man is a racist statement. It really doesn’t surprise me I don’t know why they just don’t say what they mean and stop beating around the bush. This type of talk is completely out of place and nothing good is going to come out of this crazy racist talk.

  14. One good thang that came out of this mess is that I now have a new progressive blog to follow. Guess I should say, “thanks dylan and let the door hit you were the sun don’t shine!”
    I will definitely be linking your blogs to some other ones that I follow.

  15. How is Ratigan a shill for big business? And if that is true then all the other 24 hr news reporters, in comparison, are apologists and spokesman for conglomerates and corporatism because most of them won’t touch the stuff Ratigan talks about, on a daily basis, with a ten foot pole, most likely afraid that the conglomerates that own their respective stations or the stockholders might become displeased with them similar to how CNBC treated Ratigan, which is reason he left CNBC to go to MSNBC.
    While Ratigan is obviously not perfect at least he has has passion and is willing to talk about the gambling portion of the financial sector which capitalizes absolutely nothing that creates wealth, unless you accept the deluded belief that fixed gambling and rigged casino style wealth transfer is a creator of wealth.

  16. Yeah I ment Dylan sorry again I don’t watch his show at all. His point of views are really no different than Cenk’s. I’ve seen some brief periods where Cenk shows up and they basically agree on everything.

  17. Noticed that being a military veteran is not one of your qualifications.

    In other words, you won’t put your life where your mouth is. You want my blood and my money to do good, while you keep yours. Liberals have a much lower giving rate than those who believe in our constitution.

    Odd thing is the war in which I had served was a big liberal’s war, LBJ. I am a Texan and LBJ did nothing but shame us, he would have fit better in Berkely, CA.

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