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The Crisis Culture!

Go read this most excellent post by Al Giordano over at The Field. It’s great stuff. Here is a snippet…

What I have often smacked down from this corner as “the poutrage of the week” and the panicked Chicken Little behavior of those who follow the commercial media’s constant feedbag of crisis and attention-seeking, is really, all of it, a consequence of the harms that de Botton describes. Like domesticated oxen, the population is yanked from media stoked crisis to crisis, all of which carry a whiff of apocalypse: an oil gusher in the Gulf now comes with underwater 24-hour live stream cameras, all available online and to TV networks, as experts – real and invented – jump onto our screens to tell us their version of what is happening. “We are continuously challenged to discover new works of culture,” says de Botton, “and, in the process, we don’t allow any one of them to assume a weight in our minds.” A few weeks later comes Israel’s raid on an aid flotilla (the Middle East being, for many, a Pavlov signifier for “apocalypse” and thus an easy ruse for the media to get all sides drooling and barking according to an age-old script) and the cycle starts anew. And next week or the following week, when fatigue sets in on those obsessions, it will be something else altogether.

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Statute of Limitations On Stupid! The “Foxification of America”!!!

Morning Joe always seems to get my blood pumping in the morning. David Gregory and Savannah Guthrie trotted out the ole “the statue of limitations on blaming the Bush administration is over” talking point. Isn’t that a FOXism? Whenever anyone mentions the source of a problem or what caused a particular problem, the right wing and the media trot out that tired formulaic response. It’s so stupid on it’s face, there is some arbitrary time when a previous administration is no longer responsible for what they did? What is it, one year, 18 months, the first 100 days? Using the statute of limitations analogy is basically admitting that they are responsible, but we just can’t blame them anymore. In a criminal case, even if a person is guilty, if the statute of limitations is up….they go free.

It’s just one more example of how the media likes to simplify things, make it black or white, categorize it, compare it to something else so it’s easier to digest (the whole Katrina example). The media has been taken over by the village idiots, it seems. If you listen carefully to almost any newscaster, reporter or “expert” on the cable shows, you can hear so much opinion, supposition and blatant un-sourced information. Hell, a post on a blog or a tweet from an anonymous person is sometimes used as corroboration. How screwed up is that. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a pundit cherry pick a statement from an emailer or tweeter or whatever and use that as a basis for saying “the American people believe this or that”. It’s the “Foxification of America”.

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The Media Gets Taken Out By Rachel Maddow – That’s Great TV!

Oh this is good, Rachel is doing excellent work these days. You HAVE to watch this if you haven’t already. It’s priceless.

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Jane Hamsher Loses Again!

I have to confess that even though I’m not a fan of Blanche Lincoln and wish she were more liberal, I was happy to see her beat Jane Hamsher and her gang of thugs. And even though Jane is progressive on many of the same issues I am, her tactics and attitude completely turn me off and I won’t personally give her any clicks, unless I’m writing about her and doing research. Here is a blast from the past where Jane started her attack against another democrat and says “I dare Blanche Lincoln to join a filibuster….”

She’s so tough, loves to threaten people who don’t believe the way she does and has no qualms about attacking democrats. Watch the clip and notice the look in her eyes, the revenge, the hatred and the sense that she has soooo much power that you better not cross her. Turns out that even with unions helping her, she couldn’t help pull it out in Arkansas, and I’m sorry, but Jane owns this loss after the above statement on Rachel’s show. Now I said above that I wish Blanche Lincoln were more liberal but over the years I’ve come to the realization that the Democratic Party is a big tent and the reason we are the best political party is because we welcome people of all races, beliefs, sexual orientation and people with diverse views. Now Jane seems to want to exclude people, push away people that don’t pass her purity test, run liberals in areas where a liberal can’t possibly win and weaken the president that has the best chance of passing a progressive agenda since…..well, the Johnson administration. She is a disease within the on the “progressive” movement and needs to be shunned.

I went over to her website, which I won’t link to, and read her excuse/positive spin – lame ass attempt to justify taking all that money from her mindless followers. It was pretty pathetic, which she kind of admits with her update linking to Greg Sargent, who spins the same thing.

The polls were wrong, they all showed Blanche Lincoln losing. Whaaaaaa, I thought polls were always right, that they should dictate public policy because they are always so accurate. Spit!

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What I Would Love To Hear President Obama Say!

The other morning on “Morning Assholes Who Talk Shit”, I heard the spin artist Joe Scarborough get his panties all in a bunch because the head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson cancelled her appearance at a democratic fundraiser just one day before it happened. I’ve also heard the media criticize President Obama for playing golf or going to Chicago for Memorial Day. How can they go on with anything in their lives while the oil is still leaking? I wonder if all these critics are stopping everything in their lives while this is going on. Should the whole world just stop until the oil leak is plugged up? Is this similar to John McCain suspending his campaign during the election?

I can just hear President Obama say…

I am suspending my administration until the oil leak is stopped. I will give endless speeches trying to console the media who can’t seem to take their eyes off that little video feed at the bottom of their TV. I will pound my fist on the table for James Carville. I will swear at BP for Keith Olbermann and I will not try to figure out how this might have happened, that would be blaming Bush and we can’t have that now, can we? I will make appearances on every morning news show, except Morning Joe, I’m sorry but they are just idiots. I will be available for the local noon news and cry on queue, maybe Glenn Beck can give me some pointers. I will sit down with Oprah and talk about my feelings, maybe I’ll jump up and down on her couch, she seems to like that. I now admit that I don’t like getting calls at 3 am and I’ve asked Hillary to answer them from now on, it’s usually Vladimir Putin after a half gallon of vodka anyway. But most of all, I will not do a damn thing else for this country until that spill is stopped and every last drop of oil is cleaned up from the gulf, you go create some fucking jobs, you deal with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, you go clean up the two fucking messes that Bush/Cheney propagated on me in the middle east but didn’t pay for and then stuck me with the bill. You try to pass a climate change bill or repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (and I’m talking to you Greenwald and Aravosis) and you try to roll back all the Bush/Cheney infringement on our basic human rights. I’m getting in a submarine and going down to fix that motherfucking leak.”

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Arianna Takes On “The Lizard” Cheney!

I’ve been critical of Arianna Huffington on many occasions, especially during the health care debate but beyond that too. In this clip she is wonderful. She tells it like it is as far as who is responsible for gutting the regulations that led to the gulf mess. Liz Cheney jumps to her father and W.’s defense, no surprise there, and Arianna holds her own with “the Lizard” (thanks Kay) who likes to talk over people when they start criticizing her father. She’s a loyal daughter, that’s for sure. I want to point out that I predicted that Liz Cheney would be making the rounds, it may have been in a comment on Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog though. Here is the clip from ABC’s This Week…

Of course the idiot media is all about politics, so they really don’t want to blame anyone that isn’t running for office, you know the ones who actually did or didn’t do the things that led to the big freakin mess down in the gulf, they have to make a political story out of it.

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Bill Maher Nails It – Again!

I don’t always agree with Bill Maher, but that’s a good thing in my mind. When people start thinking in “lock-step”, then we are in a dangerous place. I haven’t listened to the entire podcast of Bill’s show, which is how I get it…..no HBO for this poor sucker. Crooks and Liars has a clip of it and below you can find some of the transcript. I’d like to hang with Bill Maher, I like how he calls bullshit what it is. One of his “New Rules” from his last show is priceless.

New Rule: Al Gore Must Call His Sequel An Inconvenient Truth 2: What the Fuck Is Wrong With You People?

Bill has a column over at Huffington Post that you can read here. One of my favorite lines from it is below, he is responding to Global Warming deniers. (emphasis mine)

That’s the problem with our obsession with always seeing two sides of every issue equally — especially when one side has a lot of money. It means we have to pretend there are always two truths, and the side that doesn’t know anything has something to say. On this side of the debate: Every scientist in the world. On the other: Mr. Potato Head.

There is no debate here — just scientists vs. non-scientists, and since the topic is science, the non-scientists don’t get a vote. We shouldn’t decide everything by polling the masses. Just because most people believe something doesn’t make it true. This is the fallacy called argumentum ad numeram: the idea that something is true because great numbers believe it. As in: Eat shit, 20 trillion flies can’t be wrong.

You loyal readers know how I’ve been bitching about polling every damn thing that moves, the lazy journalism method, but it’s more than that. It’s crossing over into the realm of upending long established principles that this country was founded on. See Arizona and the “show us your papers” law if you need an example. The media is pushing the polls that show the “majority” of Americans agree with it, the constitution be damned. The media is trying to exert control over the agenda by commissioning polls with leading questions, poorly ordered questions and nonsense topics like the freakin bad call at the Detroit Tigers game last week.

I watched some of Morning Joke this morning and was treated to a constant drumming of the meme that the president hasn’t showed he cares enough about the oil spill, and Scarborough was trying his hardest to morph it into a leadership issue. Leadership is much different than stagecraft….photo ops….empathy….and fake outrage. I love the fact that my president is a serious, get things done president instead of someone standing in front of a “Mission Accomplished” banner. I want him working, not acting. I want him solving problems, not flying around the country to the latest natural or man-made disaster. I know if he were that type of president, the media would be pounding him for being all about symbolism and appearances.

Morning Joke clearly has an agenda to damage the president, why else would they devote their entire show for weeks to beating that drum? It’s not like there were a couple of terrorists captured this weekend or anything else that happened in the world. And Joe and Mika (President of Joe’s fan club and lap dog) keep exaggerating and mischaracterizing what people actually have said. This morning he painted a picture that said that every democrat that’s been on in the last couple of weeks thinks the president is doing a poor job at “managing” this crisis. Which is complete horseshit. I watch almost every morning and it isn’t true. Sure, people have said he should have been “more out front” on the issue or could have tweaked his public performance, but they have all said he is doing everything he can. This morning James Cameron said that exact thing, which Joe glossed over…he hears what he wants and talks over those who he doesn’t want to be heard. Anthony Weiner had that pulled on him this morning too.

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Polling A Bad Call – Galarraga and Joyce Defy All Odds

Now if spending money on a poll to see how the American people feel about a bad call in a baseball game isn’t the perfect example of how the media is obsessed with public opinion, I don’t know what is. I’ve typed about my dislike for this lazy, waste of my time journalism that is overwhelming the media. Who gives a shit, to be honest.

I’ll just add that the response from Galarraga and Joyce was not what people expected, from either of them. They defied the odds and weren’t vindictive or petty, they both showed America how we should all be. Class acts all the way.

Lite blogging today, work, work, work….

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Helen Thomas Deserves A Break! (Updated and Updated again)

I just read a story about unfortunate remarks by Helen Thomas, the White House reporter who has been covering the white house since the Eisenhower administration.  They have gotten her in deep shit with the Jewish community. I’m not going to post the clip here, because I love Helen and don’t really want to “pile on” by spreading her screw up even further. I think she was expressing her anger towards a brutal Israeli government that continues to kill innocent men, women and CHILDREN. Ever heard of cluster bombs? She has issued an apology for her remarks which is here. I had the honor to meet Helen a few years back, the university I work at brought her in to speak. Her niece is a local news anchor. I’ve also exchanged emails with her since then and she is a very kind, generous woman who also isn’t afraid to speak her mind to power. She is the only reporter who held George W. Bush’s feet to the fire. The ONLY one.

Ari Fleischer is calling for her to be fired for her remarks, which of course is an overreaction. Considering Helen has been doing this since 1943, if this is the worst screw up she’s had, I think we can cut her some slack. What she said about Jews going home and occupying are akin to racists in America telling African Americans to go home, she screwed up. The history of that land and who owns it is a long one and it’s not so cut and dry. I’m often reminded of America’s own claims of ownership on this land, in my opinion Native Americans are the original owners of this land but we all know that they don’t exactly have control of it now, do they?

She’s apologized and it’s time to move on. Helen Thomas is an icon and a much needed voice in the white house briefing room, even if you don’t always agree with her. We need her to ask the questions no one else will ask, the ones that aren’t about some freakin’ poll but the issues that are important to the American people.

(Update: CNN is reporting that Helen Thomas is retiring. Thanks Helen for all you’ve done for America over the years, you will be missed)

(Updated Again: Crooks and Liars has a post about it with details on the hate from the right and the Jewish community)

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Arizona – Where Racism Is Alive and Well! (Updated)

I’ve been to Arizona a couple of times, both of them on trips to see the beautiful landscape and of course, the Grand Canyon. My wife and I took a very cool helicopter ride over the canyon, thanks to some wonderful friends who gave it as a wedding present. I think the only state I’ve been to that I think is prettier is Utah, Bryce Canyon and Zion are magical. I have to say that even though I love the visuals in Arizona, I’m not sure I want to visit there again. The blatant racism that is bubbling to the surface there is making me re-think whether it is a state worth visiting. I have a very good friend who lives in Phoenix, he reads this blog sometimes, and I’m sure glad that at least one person in Arizona isn’t racist. I’ve been wanting to go and visit him, but I might have to make him meet me on the Utah border because I don’t think I can stand the stench in Arizona.

The latest odors emanating from the state come from a city councilman Steve Blair who has a radio show on a Fox-owned station. I’ll let karoli from Crooks and Liars fill you in on the idiocy...

This mural is painted on the side of an elementary school in Prescott, Arizona. Recently completed, it features the faces of children who attend the school, but not everyone is pleased with the outcome.

Prescott City Councilman Steve Blair, who also has a daily radio show on Fox News-owned radio station KYCA-1490-AM wants the mural taken down completely. He claims it depicts an agenda, an indoctrination of public school children. Somehow I do not think this has much to do with indoctrination nor do I think he really cares much about public schools. Especially public schools with brown children in them.

Instead of removing it, the school principal asked the artists to lighten the faces of the children in the picture. This request follows harassment of those same artists by drive-by wingers flinging racial epithets at them while they were painting it. Welcome to Arizona.

A little explanation of what the mural is all about comes from Wonkette…

And these children, for the past several months as this happy mural encouraging “green transportation” was being painted by local artists, have been treated to the city of Prescott’s finest citizens driving by and yelling “Nigger” and “Spic” at this school wall painted with pictures of the children who attend the school. And this has been encouraged by a city councilman, Steve Blair, who uses his local radio talk show to rile up these people and demand the mural be destroyed.

Apparently this elected city councilman has a history of bigotry and hatred, more from Crooks and Liars

A few more gems from City Councilman Limbaugh wannabe Blair:

“I’m not a racist by any stretch of the imagination, but whenever people start talking about diversity, it’s a word I can’t stand.” Daily Courier

“I will tell you depicting a black guy in the middle of that mural, based upon who’s President of the United States today …” Daily Courier

“To depict the biggest picture on the building as a Black person, I would have to ask the question: Why?” AZCentral.com

Why depict a black person on the building? Why not, you fucking idiot? The only reason those words could possibly come out of his mouth is because he is a fucking racist. I’m sorry, but these assholes have to be called what they are. Sorry about the colorful language but those fuckers piss me off.

(Update) Steve Blair was fired from his radio gig, no more broadcasting of racist hatred for him….buh bye! And the principal and school superintendent have realized they screwed up. And someone put it on Youtube, here ya go.

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Friday Night Tunes – Peter Gabriel – Sara Bareilles

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Getting Ahead of the Story

I’ve heard Chuck Todd on MSNBC use the saying “they have to get ahead of the story” in reference to the oil spill in the Gulf, but he says it about everything. That expression bothers the hell out of me because it turns everything into just a freakin story. It goes along with the whole symbolism crap that everyone, including democrats, are clamoring for. President Obama is heading down there again but how much do you want to bet that same freaking media is going to accuse him of bowing to pressure (from them) to show he cares. Isn’t that convenient for them, manufacture a meme and then exploit it. Pretty slick.

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Politics Is Politics People!

This whole political game the Republitards are pushing about the Sestak and Romanoff job offers from the White House is so disingenuous and once again, hypocritical, but that is a daily occurence for politicians, especially on the right. But there is certainly plenty of it on the left too, it doesn’t make it a good thing just because both are doing it either. The media is just asleep on the job these days and lets everything go out on the air unchallenged. Crooks and Liars has this clip posted which I recommend you go watch right now, here is a piece of the exchange

Sloan told CNN’s John Roberts that these types of offers happen all of the time.

SLOAN: There is really nothing improper in that. One of the things that is so odd about this story and the Sestak story is that people are surprised that the political appointments are given out for political reasons. Well that’s how these jobs are given out in any administration going back to the beginning of administrations. Politicians get political appointments. Romanoff had apparently applied for a job through the transition office and Messina then called him to check in and see if he wanted those jobs. Obviously, Messina was doing it to try and keep Romanoff out of the primary. Although it was before he had announced that he was definitely running. But Romanoff declined and said he wasn’t interested and wanted the Senate seat.

Republicans are just using the job discussions to attack the administration for political gain, according to Sloan.

ROBERTS: You are suggesting that there is nothing illegal about this. Republicans are taking a bit of a different attitude toward it. They have asked the Department of Justice to investigate the Sestak case. Now that this has Romanoff case has come out, do you think they are going to call for a full-blown investigation, maybe not just the DOJ but congressionally as well?

SLOAN: Absolutely. That’s 100 percent certainly. This is a great issue for them to jump on, part of the reason is the Obama White House has said it was going to behave differently than other White Houses, more transparent, more ethical than everyone else. And this shows they were horse trading, just like everyone else. It is a great issue for the Republicans that want to dirty up the administration.

Give it up Republicans, the only people you are appealing to are the politically naive, the people who are new to paying attention to politics. You already have the teabaggers.

UPDATE: From a reader at TPM, I love it….

Granted the administration has been ham-handed in how it has handled some of this stuff, but isn’t it ironic that a DC press corps that could barely muster a collective yawn when Karl Rove was moving U.S. Attorneys around like political pawns, is hyperventilating about the White House making it known to potential candidates that there are other ways to serve beyond being a Senator?

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Give It Back Big Oil – President Obama Proposes Rolling Back Tax Breaks to Big Oil

Hell ya. Stick it to those bastards. Dick Cheney is probably hyperventilating and dreaming up his next attack, through his daughter. This story is from Raw Story, here is a piece of it.

President Barack Obama says it’s time to roll back “billions of dollars in tax breaks” for oil companies and use the money for clean energy research and development.Obama made the comments Wednesday in prepared remarks for a speech at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

He said the catastrophic Gulf oil spill shows the country must move toward clean energy by embracing energy efficiency, tapping natural gas and nuclear power and eliminating tax breaks for big oil.

Obama said that the Gulf spill “may prove to be a result of human error – or corporations taking dangerous shortcuts that compromised safety” – but that deepwater drilling is inherently risky and America cannot rely solely on fossil fuels.

He also vowed to make a new bid to push energy legislation through Congress, saying the US oil “catastrophe” showed America could no longer be hostage to fossil fuels.

Oh the heads are spinning at Faux News, they will try to ramp up their call for impeachment because of the Sestak thing, fine, spin your wheels you idiot Republicans. I hope you all obsess over this non-story and until the election, us Democrats will offer solutions while you all play your little games. A word of advice, you already have the nuts on your side, maybe you should try to attract the “non-nuts” in the country, I’m just saying.

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