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karoli over at Crooks and Liars had this great quote on the end of this post…

There was a time in this country where people as paranoid and self-focused as Glenn Beck were placed in a room with padding and round corners until the meds took hold.

Now they go on national television. Rupert Murdoch’s epitaph should read “He mainstreamed crazy.”


11 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. you want crazy? how about expanding a war in afghanistan that the majority of americans don’t want and making it the longest war in american history?

    thats crazy.

  2. Now Werk, if you don’t want to be called a Republican, you really ought to stop defending every single Republican and their network FOX or at least responding to anything critical of a Republican with an attack on Obama.

    Are you saying that the president should only do what is popular? We should do what a poll of 700 people with a margin of error of +/- 4.5% say?

    Had Bush not abandoned Afghanistan in favor of moving into Iraq, maybe President Obama wouldn’t have had to go in and clean up the mess. Maybe you aren’t aware, but the plan is to start removing the troops next summer and I firmly believe that it will happen, contrary to what all the so-called experts say….those experts who have been wrong on everything else they predicted.

    I guess you were sleeping during the Bush years because the war started under his watch so blaming the longest war in American history on Obama is pretty lame, dude.

    I also wonder if you know about Pakistan and India both having nuclear weapons? Do you understand how unstable Pakistan is right now, how very close they are of being over-run by the extremist Taliban and Al Qaeda? I’m sure you would be the first to blame President Obama if we pulled out and a nuclear war broke out in the middle east.

    It’s not all cut and dry with these wars that Bush left us. Just simply leaving isn’t as easy as you all like to make it sound. It’s simplistic thinking.

  3. We should just declare a victory and leave. How long will it take for Afghanistan to return to their pre 2000 self after we leave, maybe 30 minutes. Why not cut the ties and get out now instead of 2015. I haven’t read but is Gitmo closed?

    At least Obama appointed a politically correct general to be in charge of the action. Obama may not have a clue what he is doing but at least he stands up to someone who says that, good for him. Thin skinned and WH parties are going to be a great legacy. Maybe if Obama had met with McCrystal for longer than 10 minutes in a year and a half, this wouldn’t have happened. How was McCrystal to know how Obama cannot stand the truth.

  4. EL,
    it’s not about doing what is popular. It’s about not killing people. The Republicans started this war and Bush was so inept he didn’t know how to gain political capital by ending an unpopular war and it seems Obama can’t either.

    Stop the war(s) now, come home.

    I can and did blame Bush plenty, but he’s not president anymore. Bush and all conservatives (Republican or not) are just blood lusting cesspools, man. But I don’t expect anything more from them, they are war-mongers, it’s part of their MO. Liberals and Democrats deserve much more because of the level of hypocrisy in their philosophies.

  5. To put it short, Republicans are bad but they don’t pretend to be anything else. Their policies should be fought with severe backlash. Liberals however don’t really have a real philosophy other than being a few degrees to the left of conservatives, which is constantly moving rightward.

    Liberals deserve harsher criticism because they are hypocrites.

  6. Neither one of you addressed the problem of nuclear weapons in the area and the instability in Pakistan….no bother, no biggie, just nuclear weapons nearly in the hands of terrorists….what’s the big deal? Simplistic thinking…

    Same with the Gitmo comment, if you thought it would be an instantaneous thing, well sorry it’s a little more complicated than that. More simplistic thinking.

  7. Pakistan is a fringe nation that no one knows what to do with. I think Iran is a bigger threat but Hillary is on top of that so I rest easy.

    (HERE IS SOME BULLSHIT FROM RALPH – PURE LIES, DON’T BELIEVE A FUCKING WORD OF IT.) “Face it Jim, it took BHO 38 days to take any action in the gulf and it took him 24 hours to get rid of someone who insulted him. A leader he is not and I question his community organizing skills. I cannot fault BHO because the American voter, dead and alive in Chicago, got what they asked for. An inexperienced lawyer with no accomplishments, no skills, a clouded background, Communist associates and a hatred of business and wealth with a one word campaign and a blame Bush excuse.”(WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THESE REPUBLICAN TROLLS HAVE TO LIE SO MUCH, IS IT TO KEEP THEIR NECK DROOLING FOLLOWERS LAPPING UP THEIR BULLSHIT?)


    Gitmo is not quite at the top of his list, just can’t seem to do anything these days what with a total democratic majority.


    Now the cutting taxes for 95% of Americans looks like it is not really the truth. But I bet he holds firm on raising taxes for the “rich”.

  8. Ralph, if you are going to come on here a post complete lies and history revisions, I’m going to edit your comments and point out the horseshit for my readers. That bullshit may work with your knuckle-dragging Rebublican followers, but it doesn’t fly here. If you don’t like it, move along.

    Let me just respond to your bullshit about “an inexperience lawyer blah blah….”

    HE WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, THE MOST POWERFUL MAN ON THE PLANET ACCORDING TO SOME. What does your resume look like Ralph? Were you president of Harvard Law Review? A US Senator? Do you have the US military under your command? As soon as you run for the highest office in the land with a name like Barack Hussein Obama and win, shut the hell up. You can berate his background all you want but Uh, he’s President of the United States whether you want to believe it or not. I don’t care if he was a dog catcher in his past, he is now POTUS, so eat that shit with a spoon.

  9. Sorry Jim I didn’t mean to offend you because this is your site and I will respect that. As you are aware, nothing I posted is false, it just differs from your views.

    No I was never head of a law review or a US senator. My resume would be weak by comparison to BHO and probably yours. Put myself through college and an MBA. Worked for several Fortune 500 companies and now just a small business owner trying to live the American dream. Put two kids through college, work six days a week and maybe get to retire someday.
    I do not consider myself a Republican, they are far to liberal for my taste.

  10. “An inexperienced lawyer”….president of Harvard Law Review, could have worked at the biggest law firms in the country but chose to help people.

    “No Accomplishments”…ya, State Senator, US Senator, Best Selling author….gets elected President, really, no accomplishments.

    “No Skills”….I guess you don’t need any skills to do the above or run the most successful presidential campaign in the history of the country, raise more money from more people than anyone ever. No skill required there, eh?

    “a clouded background”…only because the Clintons and the Republicans tried their best to cloud it, but he still won. Clouds dissipate and reveal blue skies ahead.

    “communist associates”….bullshit, he lived near a guy who once was and maybe still is a communist and served on a board with him. Hey Joe McCarthy, the red scare is over. I know some communists too, so WTF difference does that make. You think they brainwashed me into thinking like them. Grow up. I suppose you think gay people are contagious too?

    “hatred of business and wealth”…another Glenn Beckism. Tell that to the left who thinks he’s a corporatist. I wish he was more anti business, big corporations don’t give a shit about you or me, they worship the bottom line.

    It’s all bullshit Ralph, there wasn’t even one thing that was close to the truth. And you can claim to not be a Republican, but like I told Werk, if all you post is the Republican party talking points, I’m going to call it like I see it.

  11. “We should just declare a victory and leave.”

    Wha? Ralphie is a cut and runner? Hey, who knew! Ralphie is now a liberal according to his pals under the Bush Regime. Congratulations Ralphie!

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