Jack Welch and Joe Scarborough Defend BP!

The craziness coming out of the mouths of some people seems to have no limit. Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of GE was on Morning Joke this morning and when asked whether BP should be trusted he basically said yes the can, they are just inept. The really crazy thing that came out of his mouth, and I guess we should cut him some slack because he is getting pretty old, but he said the president should have gotten all the oil CEO’s in a room and locked them in it until they came up with a plan. He was very serious about not letting them leave, forcing them to stay in a room in the White House until they came up with a plan. That is a perfect example of the absolute craziness coming out of some people’s mouths. Let’s break this down, he thinks the president can force private individuals to come to a meeting and then lock them in a room, forcibly, and keep them locked up until they solve an unsolvable problem. Does that sound like we are living in America to you? Is that really what he wants the president to do? Or is it just the right wing hyperbole that appeals to the knuckle-draggers in the country. It President Obama were to have done that, just imagine what the idiots like Joe Scarborough would have screamed.

After Jack Welch made these crazy claims, Joe Scarborough, who loves to talk out of all 4 sides of his mouth, jumps on it and sees an opportunity to use it to his advantage. They had a good ole’ time speculating about this crazy idea and Mika attempted to throw some reality into the situation and of course was talked over and diminished. She also went after Rudy Giuliani for telling a whole bunch of lies last week when he was on several TV shows. This was of course brushed off as White House talking points, whether it was true or not didn’t seem to matter, they are talking points. Which brings me to this whole “golfing while president” talking point the Republicans are trotting out, including the Republican commentors on this site who keep claiming to not be Republicans but when the latest talking point comes off the press, they are right there spewing it.

I have to give Jack Welch credit for shooting down that talking point and saying that president’s need to have recreation and downtime, it makes them think more clearly and do their job better. It’s just one more example of how the right and the media seem obsessed with appearances and symbolism. Reality really has no place in most of their thinking, as was shown when Mika pointed out all the real things that the Obama administration did early on in the crisis and that was then dismissed because they didn’t “convey” that well enough. In their pea-sized brains apparently if you don’t convey it, it didn’t really happen. That’s the type of mentality of too many of the talking heads on TV, reality doesn’t really matter, it’s perceptions that matter. I’m sure there is plenty of room to criticize little details that were or weren’t done, but when people make the blanket, exaggerated claims like he didn’t consult with industry experts…..that’s complete horseshit, they assembled a team of people in Houston composed of experts from many oil companies, engineers, physicists etc.

I have to give Mika credit this morning, she did an excellent job pushing back against the bullshit spewing from Joe and his cronies mouths. Mark Halperin was also a voice of reason, although he never goes too far out on a limb for the president.


6 thoughts on “Jack Welch and Joe Scarborough Defend BP!

  1. Jim: I’ve tried to find a clip of what Mika said. Do you have one? I tuned in a little late to see it.

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard Mark Halperin defend the president.

  2. Hey Staci,
    It usually takes a little while before someone posts the clip to Youtube, I hope someone does it because for once, Mika did a great job of pushing back against the flow of bullshit. I didn’t see the whole show either and hope that at least some of it is posted.

  3. If Obama can get BP to anti up 20billion, of course he can get the heads of the oil companies in a room together.

    As to playing golf, that seems to be in response to Obamas bosses remark about the chairman of BP seeing a yacht race. I guess BHO needs a break and the chairman of BP doesn’t. What do people think the chairman of BP or BHO going to do, roll up their pants legs and clean up beaches, not going to happen.

  4. Hey Ralph,
    Jack Welch wasn’t talking about “getting the heads of oil companies together in a room together”…he was actually seriously talking about forcing them to stay in the room until the solve it, which to me is an example of the over-the-top rhetoric. If you don’t think it is over-the-top then what I can I say.

    ON the golf thing, I don’t have a problem with Hayward going yachting either, both men are doing jobs that they get paid for and if people expect them to be on duty 24/7, I don’t think you would want to be around someone who was. Once again, everyone is living in symbolism land and appearances land, give it up people. There are better things to worry about than symbolism.

    And Ralph, since you’ve wished me luck on my business ventures, they are going very nicely. I’m waiting on one very important signature and buy-in and I’ll be a very happy man.

  5. I think Welch was being a little symbolic much the same as BHO saying he was trying to find out whose ass to kick.

    With your business venture, I do wish you the best. It is always exciting to see someone successful with something they devote themselves to. Hope it works out.

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