Never Enough For The Haters!

The Aweseome Bob Cesca found this comment on Balloon Juice that I have to share with you. It sums up a lot of my feelings towards those on the left who seem to want to cut off their noses to spite their face. I have to wonder if they really long for the days of Bush when they could make a cottage industry out of bitching and whining. Bush certainly gave them a lot to bitch about and folks like Jane Hamsher an Cenk Uygur have made a career out of bitching. Without a big target like Bush, they are turning their guns on the current administration and undermining the principles they claim to be fighting for. From Bob’s post from a commenter on Balloon Juice…

I think the frustration that supporters of the president have (at least it is for me) is that his critics give him credit for nothing. NOTHING.He gets a health care reform bill passed that is sweeping in scope and more than anyone has done in decades. And the left-wing critics say “Not enough.”

He gets a stimulus bill passed that pretty much kept a massive recession from getting worse and all the left-wing critics said was “Not enough.”

He’s on the verge of getting DADT repealed through law as opposed to using a reversible executive order and all the left-wing critics say is “Not enough.”

He gives a speech that talks about peak oil, points out how government corruption played a role and begins to lay out the way forward towards an alternative energy future and all the left-wing critics say is “Not enough” while having orgasms to Rachael Maddow’s satisfying-but-completely unrealistic “Fake President” speech.

Never mind Lily Leadbetter, killing the F-22 (something BUSH couldn’t do), expanding SCHIP, credit card reform, tobacco regulation…but no, it’s not enough. It’s NEVER enough with some people.

There is legit criticism to be made when it comes to President Obama, especially in the civil rights arena. But to hear the WATBs on the left tell it, he hasn’t done a damn thing. And that is simply not true.

Bob sums up the craziness with this…

And this kind of thing achieves… what? Hipster cred? Probably. But I assure you, taking down this president and his supporters with exclusively critical screeds every day will not elect more liberals. Certainly not more liberal presidents. If a Republican is elected next time around, even the most centrist policies of this administration will be rolled back and destroyed within the first 100 days. Guaranteed.

But at least some of these firebaggers and PUMAs have vented their self-defeating rage.

Lite blogging this weekend, traveling to Chicago for a premiere of my latest documentary. We’re going in style, so it should be fun. I’ll be checking in via iPhone, so don’t make me type my thumb off you trolls out there.  :)


8 thoughts on “Never Enough For The Haters!

  1. How many kids do you think Obama will kill in Afghanistan this weekend while your off in Chicago?

  2. Ah, you’re one of them trolls? I don’t like the idea that we are killing people, especially innocent ones anywhere. But unfortunately President Obama inherited a couple of wars and has to play with the hand he was dealt. When he starts pulling them out next summer, even though everyone says there is not way he can, we can leave that mess behind. He’s getting them out of Iraq now.

  3. Obama is too busy playing golf this weekend to call in orders.
    You have to admit that it is pretty funny that Obama has played more golf in his first term than Bush did during his entire 2 terms.

  4. I’m not sure what is so funny about Obama golfing more than Bush, but I rarely understand how you wingnuts think. Bush road his bicycle around all the time, that was his thing.

    What makes me laugh is people who use petty things like what a president does in his leisure to relax as some sort symbol or sign of something larger. I always have to wonder if the rules on being a president are written day to day, depending on how it can be used politically to attack him.

    I guess I want my president, whether Rep or Dem, to have some recreation. I know I need to just do something mindless now and then to recharge. When I work long hours for weeks on end, I start to lose perspective.

    But folks like you, thoth, seem to have nothing better to do, no ideas, no solutions….just petty nitpicking and carping. It must suck to be you.

  5. I want him to have recreation too – maybe he should go to Afghanistan and help families rebuild the homes he ordered blown up.

  6. Jim: Enjoy Chicago. Is your documentary only playing tonight? Where is it showing – on what side of the city?

  7. For eight years those on the political right could care less how many kids were dying in Iraq or Afghanistan much like the debt and government spending conservatives all of the sudden are wondering how many people are dying in wars their guy started.

    Directing this comment towards thoth as for President Obama and golf again I remind the conservatives it was their guy George W.Bush who spent a chuck of his presidency on vacation. While commenting on the war on terror once the interview ended he told the reporters now watch this drive. So right wingers spare me your concerns of kids you didn’t mind killing or disfiguring when Bush was president.

    As for Katrina, Bush’s reaction was slow and inexcusable and if you remember his protectors in the right wing press took to the route of attacking the victims to justify Bush’s delay response.

    This is nothing more then right wing fake outrage and hypocrisy.

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