My Review of The President’s Speech!

I think he did fantastic, very serious and in control. I’m sure I’ll get called names by the teabaggers and firebaggers, fuck em and the horse they road in on. The people who are criticizing him are the ones who had unrealistic, fantasy-land expectations of what he would do or say. The President is in a near impossible situation and it doesn’t help to have the left throwing grenades at you. I’ll lift a bit from Bob Cesca’s post about the speech because as usual, Bob says it better than anyone…

3. Anyone who says he needs to show “leadership” needs to define what that means. What specifically does the president need to do in order to fulfill this role? If they can’t define the specifics, then the term is meaningless and is nothing more than a hollow platitude to shout into the nearest microphone. Besides, if the president was somehow bolder and tougher on BP, the opposite-day party would shout “socialist tyrant!”


6 thoughts on “My Review of The President’s Speech!

  1. Your refusal to criticize or attack this president from the left is what has hobbled your party for decades. As the Republicans move right, you keep quite and watch the Democrats run two or three steps behind. The only time Obama, or the Democrats in general do anything to initiate progress is when they are hounded by the left.

    It was the great protests, struggles, riots and organization of the Communist Party, Socialist Party, and the Anarcho-Syndicalist organizers that made your pig, FDR, do anything for the poor, old, and working classes.

  2. wow, that is some revisionist history you have going there. Pretty funny shit, dude.

    You tell me exactly how the right attacks itself and has prospered because of it. Republicans are lock-step, they never criticize each other, well rarely. What was that saying from the puppet president Reagan?

    Your comment gives me hope, because you Republicans are so clueless when it comes to politics. Who is running the government right now, is it 59 Republicans in the Senate, is it a Republican in the White House, is it 256 Republicans in the House or is that the Democrats? Hmmmm….which party nominated a half term governor who has the IQ of a box of Cheerios? Which party elected Michael Steele as its leader? Which party has Michelle Bachman, who has an even lower IQ than Cheerios girl?

    FDR’s legacy is cemented in history, you and your right wing freak buddy’s should really stop trying to relive the past and rewrite it and maybe come up with an agenda for what the hell you want to do in the future. Of course, why bother, your party is in shambles and probably won’t gain power for a long, long time. Sure, the GOP will gains seats in November, if they didn’t it would be very unusual according to history. But they will not gain control of the House and then in 2012 when either Obama runs again or the Democrats run someone else, we dems will gain back most of those seats if not all of them.

    You Republicans just keep doing what your doing, recruiting fringe candidates, nutballs, racists and morons. We’ll see how that works out for you in 2010 and 2012. I’m excited by what I see….go Barton. Barton for president.

  3. It seems like you are the only one who was impressed with Obama’s speech. Even the leftist Matthews and other leading democrats have criticized him for not saying anything. It was not a very effective oval office speech and Emanuel should have done better.

    Weeks ago he said BP is in control and now the federalists have been in control from day one, which is it? The federalists need to get out of the way and let someone who is competent run the show.

    You always mention racist with conservatives. Wasn’t it some leading democrat that said Obama presents himself well for some light skinned black man or some joke of a leftist commentator who said after listing to Obama that he almost forgot he was black.

    Democrats are very good at diverting attention away form an issue by saying people who have an opposing view are racists. That such a simple answer. Someone doesn’t like Obama or wants the government to enforce immigration policy, they are just racist. Easy out

  4. How many goddamn times do I have to tell you I’m not a Republican or a conservative or a liberal or a Democrat, dude? Are you dumb?

    I’m a goddamn socialist.

  5. Well I’m not the only one who thought he did a good job, I’ve seen and read many people who said it was good. Chris Matthews is an odd guy, he’s said a lot of stupid shit over the years and I’m sure will continue to do so.

    I’m not like a republican where I have to agree with everything anyone in my party says.

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