My Review of The President’s Speech!

I think he did fantastic, very serious and in control. I’m sure I’ll get called names by the teabaggers and firebaggers, fuck em and the horse they road in on. The people who are criticizing him are the ones who had unrealistic, fantasy-land expectations of what he would do or say. The President is in a near impossible situation and it doesn’t help to have the left throwing grenades at you. I’ll lift a bit from Bob Cesca’s post about the speech because as usual, Bob says it better than anyone…

3. Anyone who says he needs to show “leadership” needs to define what that means. What specifically does the president need to do in order to fulfill this role? If they can’t define the specifics, then the term is meaningless and is nothing more than a hollow platitude to shout into the nearest microphone. Besides, if the president was somehow bolder and tougher on BP, the opposite-day party would shout “socialist tyrant!”