How About Some Good News On The Oil Spill?

BP has purchased 32 machines from Kevin Costner’s company Ocean Therapy Solutions for separating oil from water in the Gulf. This is great news and I think it gives a sense of hope for the situation that seems insurmountable to most. ABC News has a story about this new technology that could help to save the Gulf of Mexico, here are some chunks of that piece…

Costner has spent the past 15 years and more than $20 million of his own money into developing the oil separator, a powerful centrifuge that he claims can separate oil from water and dump the oil into a holding tank, leaving the water 99 percent clean of crude…

…Costner said BP had ordered 32 of the machines. While he acknowledged that a great deal of damage had already been done in the Gulf, he said the machines could still mitigate much of the problem.

“It’s not too late … That oil’s going to keep coming towards those people. That well has not stopped. So we have to be out at the source, sucking it up … I mean, we have to treat it a little bit like war,” he said. “We mustered logistically everything we had to get the beaches of Normandy. We have to muster everything we can to keep it from hitting our beaches.”

I want to personally thank Kevin Costner for investing in this company and caring about clean water. I’m not necessarily a big fan of his movies, but I love the man for doing this. I have to wonder whether a company that didn’t have Kevin Costner backing them up would have been listened to at all. Those BP characters are something else, they act like Republicans. :) And they probably are too.